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Mario and the Quest for the Switches *Demo* - by HackerOfTheLegend

Hack Name: Mario and the Quest for the Switches *Demo*
Length: 6 levels
Author: HackerOfTheLegend - Submitted by: HackerOfTheLegend
Description: This hack is probably (as of right now) the hack I've put a lot of effort into. Should it get rejected, I'll try again and again until it's accepted!

This demo features:

*Custom music
*Custom overworld and levels
*1 boss fight
*6 levels
*Seasonal changes. In the final product, the overworlds will switch between Winter, Summer, Spring, and Fall. That's also why half of the OW in this game is green and brown, just to clear that up.

Thanks for playing and have fun!

Sorry, but this looks like the typical "first hack" to me, and not in the best way imaginable.
There's lots of mistakes most beginners make, such as using wrong corner tiles, inserting the midway bar from the Direct Map16 Access menu instead of the extended object, having linge-guided platforms move before you step on them, making munchers/black Piranha Plants float in midair, using diagonal pipes without blocking its right side like SMW did allowing for glitchy interaction and using water riles with no edge in midair like square bubbles.

Then there's the level design, which, unfortunately, is this hack's real weak point. Half of the first level can be skipped just by running on right, the entire second level consists of nothing but note blocks with a few Koopas thrown in (as well as a section of tedious muncher jumps), the third level is an incredibly bland muncher run, and the castle is literally nothing but a set of doors where finding the right one is not only pure guesswork but extremely tiresome. No offense, but it seems like no effort at all was put into the level design.
Avoid long, uneventful stretches of land as well as tedious and repetitive sections (and everything boring in general) and try making clever use of land formations and sprite placements. In general, make fun stuff. Play through some other hacks if you need inspiration, or better yet, give these two threads a read. Don't think of either as rules set in stone, though, but rather as guidelines and helpful tips.

Lastly, although your positive, "I'll work on it until it's accepted" attitude is great, maybe you should consider putting this hack to rest, gaining some more experience on how to make a hack look and play nice, and then starting a new one from scratch.

Good luck.

Just let me say these things:
I've been working on this hack for a while and this is just a DEMO so don't expect it be be the Second Reality Project Reloaded style quality.

Also, this is NOT my first ever hack. The first hack I've ever made
was a hack I made and submitted (it got rejected, you'll find it deep in this forum) was called "Hooray for 2011!" which I made in December of 2010.

Edit: lol
I've been working on this hack for a while and this is just a DEMO so don't expect it be be the Second Reality Project Reloaded style quality.

You don't have to create a TSRPR to it get accepted here. If it got removed, all you should do is improve the stuff stated on the removal log. What's something helpful, by the way, not something hateable (what seemed like what you think about them by reading your post).
It's easily the best thing I've done
So why the empty numb?
There's actually a line-guided platform that moves automatically, it was used in Donut Plains 3. It breaks chainsaws for whatever reason...
Let's milk Sunny Milk. Then she'll have enough money to fund Sunny Milk Real Estate.
Everypony's digging with a shovel