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a discovered glitch *solved* (not a glitch)..

when playing around with the turn blocks, if non-standard mario (cape, fire, and super)spin jumps on them when a sprite is near, the sprite gets flipped like mario hits them with a cape. is there a way to disable that?
Give thanks to RPG hacker for working on Asar.
That's not a glitch, and the only way I can think of as of right now would be to check the box in tweaker saying "invincible to fire/bouncing blocks/cape"
That's not a glitch. This is like punching the block from below or destroying a brick block. No glitches.
That's no glitch, it's like When i bounce on the note block and a goomba or koopa gets near it and that sprite dies.
See, no glitch.
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Ok, he know, this is not a Glitch ¬_¬'

You must be try making a Custom Block.