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So Nick - nickofzo
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Name: So Nick
Author: nickofzo
Descrption: So nick gets in dkc worlds.
So nick must save the princess and the slugs try to get Yoshi's eggs.

IPS link

First of all, apologizes for the long moderation, but I hope you can understand not all the hack moderators have to time to take hacks as long as this one.

Your hack had a lot of issues which made it unacceptable, it seems you don't really know our hacking standards very well. Your hack had problems such as graphical clashes, forced death, empty level design, Blatant level edits and there was a game breaking problem that made it impossible to clear; along with other issues, I'll detail everything in this removal log.

Overworld issues

Your overworld not only looked a bit flat, with a really monotone and unappealing palette, but it didn't even give any sense of progression: all the paths were revealed from the beggining which can also get confusing at time, use OW events to make the paths reveal while clearing the levels. The overworld was also very misleading, some levels had red dots even though they didn't have a secret exit, the ice submap didn't lead anywhere and was basically a dead end, and this path wasn't even maked, so there's no way the players will know where to go without looking in Lunar Magic. Finally, your submaps looked like blatant edits of the original ones.

Graphical issues

Even though I usually don't care about aesthetics, I must say your hack was really poor in these terms. All your level had overly detailed backgrounds that clashed with the simple SMW foreground, which looked even simpler thanks the mostly monotones palettes you used. Not only this, but you also repeated your backgound and foreground palettes a lot, which makes the hack look really repetitive in graphical aspects. Also, a lot of pipes look bad because they share their palettes with the background.

The graphics you used for your sprites weren't the best either, you made a lot of sprites look like they were not supposed too: rexes, goomas and spinies shared their graphics with the buzy beatles, bob-ombs looked like bony beatles and some twimps looked like balls; while some of these things may be acceptable in some cases, I recommend you not to do it since you're giving many different behaviors to the same enemy, and players aren't really used to see things bony beatles exploding. There were times where the graphics were plain glitched, like this P-baloon which looks like a Dino rhino head, or the cutoff ground here; another example of this would be the snails which give me a crushed koopa's graphics when I kill them and when I throw their shells, their animation looks a bit odd since some frame still look similar to the original koopa shell.

The player graphics didn't look that great either, Sonick small form is just a blue circle, his waking animation is a bit weird and the cape is cutoff during his flying animation.

Level design issues

Your level design had a lot of issues as well. A lot of levels had flat and/or empty segments such as this one, this one, or this one, and many more, it happenned mostly in those P-switch run segments. There were also a lot of repetitive segments like this one or this one. And there were a few areas like this where I had to wait for the P-switch to end in order to proceed. Things like this are boring for the players and make you look like a lazy level designer.

Your level had a lot of unfair segments as well, In parts like this I'm forced to kill myself since I can't go back, similarly here you made a death trap with invisible coin blocks. In many parts of the game I'm forced to kill myself if I don't bring a certain item (like a P-switch, springboard, etc) or a powerup with me, make it so I can go back or place a reset door so I won't be forced to kill myself, similarly, a lot of levels required a specific switch palace to be activated in order to continue, forcing me to kill myself if I didn't activate said switch. A few other unfair issues included blind jumps into munchers/enemies like here or places where I could die after the goal, like here. All these are things you should avoid.

Most of your levels where really long and you didn't use midpoints, so I'm forced to do the whole thing again if I die, and the time limit was usually to short for your levels, so many times I finished them with less than 50 seconds left. Also your levels don't have much consistency, I start in an area and I end up in a completely different one, sometimes I start in a cave and the first pipe leads me to a sky level, try to give a specific theme to your levels.

Many of your levels were blatant edits of the original levels, for example, this level is an edit of Iggy's castle, "Vrij hoge hoogte" was an edit of Cookie Mountain, "mysterie onderwater", was an edit of Forest of Illusion 2, "Richting de sterren" was an edit of Vanilla Dome 2, "Koud water" was an edit of Donut Secret 1, just to give a few examples. You shouldn't have edits of the original levels in your hack, press ctrl+del in Lunar Magic and make your own levels instead.

Game breaking issues

As I said at the beginning I was unable to finish the hack because of a game breaking issue. The thing is some levels require the blue switch palace to be activated in order to be cleared, and in order to get there I most find the secret exit in "mysterie onderwater" (I know this because I looked in Lunar Magic) which is impossible to get since the green switch palace blocks block the way to the key, and I can't enter that level without activating the green switch since it's required for the previous level. In other words, I can't take the secret exit in "mysterie onderwater", so I can' activate the blue switch palace and I can't go beyond the cave world.

Particular issues
here I will list some issues that weren't so frequent but are still warrant a removal:

-You should remove the rope here since I can go above it.
-Here I have to take the bottom row in Lunar Magic which doesn't appear in game.
-This level was pointless, all I had to do was to guess the right order to take the doors, this isn't the kind of level design we expect to see.
-here you added an invisible wall, making this whole room pointless.
-This isn't exactly the palette I'd expect to see in a snow level.
-An indication about the fact I could climb on these would have been nice.
-It's easy to get through this part if I go bellow the fishing lakitu.
-This isn't a removal reason, but I noticed you only used DCK2 music, I advise you to use soundtracks from other games as well to have more variety.

So that's all for this removal log, as you can see you have a lot of things to fix before you can get it accepted. I advise you to start over this hack with your own levels instead of using the original SWM levels as a base, but first play some recently accepted hacks so you can get an idea of the standards we expect to see here.
First of all, thanks for your time. Second of that, since I've posted this hack I've started something in English and much better (I promise)
I fully understand this hack is being rejected. (it was my first production) thanks for your feedback.

Oh, and I'm working on a secret project.
This finally got put up. Yay.

Anyway, I played this right when it came out, and it has serious issues. I felt the difficulty on some of the levels, especially on the autoscroll, Dual-mushroom-rise-and-fall level, which was nigh impossible without a switch palace. Lots and LOTS of cheap shots. Overall, it was not well designed.

nickofzo actually was working with me to fix it up, but I think I'm going to suggest he make a new hack.

e: welp, ninja'd, and he is starting a new one! I'm behind you all the way, man!
Seen this on Youtube(RIP foul BSOD Site). I actually quite liked some of the graphics. The snails were an interesting idea.

Let's milk Sunny Milk. Then she'll have enough money to fund Sunny Milk Real Estate.
Everypony's digging with a shovel
Wow, a lot of constructive criticism! Just from this removal log I know better about hacking. BUT, you have a lot of spelling mistakes...
I hope that cyphermur9t will accept m2w2v...
Layout by x-treme

Originally posted by Chargin Chuck
Wow, a lot of constructive criticism! Just from this removal log I know better about hacking. BUT, you have a lot of spelling mistakes...
I hope that cyphermur9t will accept m2w2v...

If I don't, aj would be able to fix the problems in a few minutes. They're really simple errors.

But it's nice to see the hack creator of this hack fully understand the properties of this hacks removal log and accept that it got rejected maturely. Props. I know Nick will be able to create an amazing hack with just a lot of practice and experimenting. That's all I did because I (just like everyone) started out the same way.

My Youtube Channel. 81,000+ subscribers!

My Steam Profile

Hehe, Thanks Egadd.

The snails and fish were drawn by hand (the fish I've submitted to the graphics section) maybe I'll fix the snails later and put them online too.

Oh, and I'm working on a secret project.
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