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Speck - lightweight ID666 tag editor (not finished)

Speck is something I've been working on for the last few hours. It edits SPCs and includes ID666 tags.

Bugs and general problems

Binary format SPCs work very badly and the ints don't seem to parse properly. (nulls/invalid chars everywhere) Text format seems to work fine though.

The code is a bloody mess, it's probably for the best I fix it, or maybe rewrite it.

Sometimes the FileStream doesn't let go when it crashes - just close Speck.exe when this happens.

The icon is crap.

With these problems out of the way, here's the debug EXE, for science. Source soon; likely when I get a handle on these empty tag problems.


Speck 1.1 NEW (partial support for binary tags)

Speck 1.0 (initial release)
layouts suck
New version of Speck out, better (in the loosest sense) binary support, with binary tags still being a problem, especially in the numbers regard. (I honestly may gut the updown box entirely and replace it with a vanilla textbox or maskededit)
layouts suck
I was planning to make something similar after I read Slash Man's ID666 tag tutorial and felt it'd require a lot of unnecessary manual effort, but you beat me to it. I'm glad I didn't start one now, heh. Nice work.

You know, if the online tools section ever comes back, a tool like this should be a part of it.