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A Sense you could live without?
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If you had to choose, which of your five senses would you pick to live without? I know some people are born without certain senses, like being born blind, or without hearing, or not having the ability to feel (extreme pain and such). So, which of your 5 senses would you give up?

-Or Smell?

I would have to go without the ability to smell. Although I do love walking into the house and smelling my mother's cooking, or the smell of the natural surroundings, I think this would be the least concerning one for me. Definitely would not give up taste, because I love eating food so much hahaha. Now, how about you, what would your choice be?

I'd hate to go without any of them.

Smell might seem like a relatively useless sense, and it kinda is, at least practically. However, its hidden usefulness is with memory; smells tend to associate with memory more than any other sense, which is why certain smells (like your parent's cooking) can bring out strong emotional responses. Ex: I associate s'mores with Disgaea: Hour of Darkness, because I ate a ton of s'more pop tarts when I first played the game. The moment I smell a roasting marshmallow I have Gordon screaming "Jenifer!" in my head.

So my pick would be taste. I don't really get much pleasure out of eating, so healthy stuff tasting like cardboard would probably be an improvement.
without hearing i can't hear myself think
without taste i can't taste victory
without sight i can't see my dreams
without touch i can't touch the skies
without smell i can't smell a girl's panties

Ok, honestly, I'll probably go with smell, or touch. Not sure how important those two are to me, so that's why.
Without Hearing I can't
escuchar los gemidos de las mujeres

With Tasting I couldn't
lamer la dulzura de las mujeres

Without Sight I wouldn't
ver los segunado labios del los mujeres

Without Touch I can't
sentir el amor con los mujeres

Without Smell.....
I think I can live without smell for anyone that knows what I'm talking about ;)

Spanglish! #smw{;)}
Smell probably, if not, taste.
Taste, that way I can finally enjoy things like cabbage.
Definitely smell, I could live without it. Unless there's a gas leak and I can't smell it, then I'm fucked.
Originally posted by S.N.N.
Taste, that way I can finally enjoy things like cabbage.

I'd say this, then i wouldn't eat as much, since i only eat for taste.

Working on a hack I probably won't even finish.
Smell is the only sense that frequently strikes me as a liability, so I'd say it's pretty clear that if push were to come to shove, that's the one that gets the boot.
Reason 1: I think other senses are more important.
Reason 2: I hate smelling my school's bad cafeteria food.

I'd either not have taste or smell, but if I had to choose between the two, I'd pick taste.
I could totally live without smell.
Yeah, smell is mostly useless IMO. Taste IS important (it does have to do with memory (although you could say that about smells as well (but my nose is mostly fucked anyway))), and so is touch.

- BlackMageMario
Smell, definitely smell.

i just lurk sometimes
I would say taste. While being able to enjoy certain meals is a wonderful thing, I feel I could eat anything and not get sick from my dislike of the food.

Plus I find the others senses more important.

Sight is obviously the most important one for me. I like being able to see what I'm doing and other things going on.
Hearing let's me communicate.
Smell let's me know if there's a gas leak or smoke.
And touch allows me to feel the soft comfort of my plush blankets and let's me know if a part of my body is in pain.

I no longer have interest in SMW Hacking as I did when I first started several years ago.

Definitely taste so I can eat 250% healthier stuff
I would miss the mouthgasm homemade pizzas and stuff, but almost anything else only takes away a ton without any returns.
secondary choice would be smell because meh

[22:25:05] <%andy_k_250> Turkey and Grease will one day be reunited - that day will be... Thanksgiving
This is a relatively impossible question to me.

I cannot imagine a world where I do not have any of the basic fives senses. I see a lot of taste and smell, but I utterly don't want to forget Mom and Dad's cooking (and as those two go hand in hand). I can't imagine a world where I can't taste anything - it extremely saddens me how people let go of it easily, as food is an amazing and easily took advantaged aspect of cultures. Food is like a language, and as someones who has lived in two different cultures, it's amazing what people come up with. I think people wouldn't understand where I'm coming if they look at food as just something to nourish and get you living. I would rather train myself to eat bitter-gourd someway or another than taste utter blandness and lose out on the beauty of what is food.

Smell goes hand in hand with food, but really, smell, as Kaijyuu said, is the most recognizable sense in our memories. Who doesn't like coming home and smelling your mother's cooking (unless you have a horrible or nonexistent mother)? I can still remember the fireworks show from when I was...3 years old, and how it smelled liked burning rubber.

Most of my cherishing of my senses comes from after reading The Giver.
It's a story about a utopia future where everything - color, taste, music, pain, smell, words, etc - is nonexistent, to make a "perfect" world.
But the main character...let's just say starts to experience these
"human" aspects
that we always take advantage of in our everyday life.

It's an amazing story. And I would cry myself to death if I lose any of my senses. The world is just too amazing (YES, the world is beautiful if you look for the beauty) to take your senses so lightly.
Originally posted by Giant Shy Guy
(unless you have a horrible or nonexistent mother)

Or perhaps a mother who doesn't like to cook.
Originally posted by Delta
Originally posted by Giant Shy Guy
(unless you have a horrible or nonexistent mother)

Or perhaps a mother who doesn't like to cook.

Eh - I meant "horrible" and "nonexistent" to be vague.
Except a mother who doesn't like to cook falls into neither of those, no matter how vague your definition of them is.
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