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Most annoying memes
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YouTube memes:
-Thumbs up if you're listening to this in (insert year here)
-The likes/dislikes are bigger than Justin Bieber's penis (or any other jokes about Justin Bieber's penis)
-X people are Bieber fans
Other memes:
-Over 9000!
-Rick Rolling
Can't think of any more ATM.

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Can't we just say all of them and call it a day?
I can't stand the "Wild X Appeared" meme, even though I'm a huge Pokemon fan.
Originally posted by Derpy Backslide
Can't we just say all of them and call it a day?

Except well-executed ones can actually be quite good. See Troll Science for a great example. Heavy, heavy emphasis on "well-executed" though, and, let's face it, Sturgeon's Law is in effect here.

For memes that I hate, just any YouTube comment-originated memes, really. Especially "like this post if you are a fan of [whatever is featured in this video]" or "57 people thought [opposite of what was shown in video]". Also any stupid, copy-paste no-effort memes. "THIS IS SPARTA" was funny (at the time) for its out-of-place spontaneity in its context, not because it was funny on its own merit (though because of this, it is possible for someone with skilled hands to retool them into being funny again by reusing what made them funny: out-of-place spontaneity. But again...).
I should get a new layout.

Probably won't, though.
It's not the memes that are annoying, it's the idiot rapers who think they know what they're have fucked the origin and art out of a meme that's annoying.

YouTube, Reddit, 9GaG and Facebook are the main sites that killed memes.
Well eventually I'll end up hating all the current existing memes due to them being worned out to death, then new memes will exist and....yeah it kind of just repeats itself from there. But until that happens-

-Over9000 (I can't believe people still say this.)
-Thumps up if -Insert Text Here--
I use to like memes until I took an "Arrow to the knee".
-insert name related to the video- Disliked this video.
-Anything involving that stupid rainbow gassy poptart cat. (If that's consider a meme.)
-Like a Boss. (I have the urge to destroy anybody I hear saying this around me.)

Those are the ones that stand out most to me at the moment since I don't know about a lot of memes.

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What? "It's Over 9000" is an age old meme. Where do you guys read that? I haven't seen anyone use that a for a long while.

Also, done to death YouTube jokes aren't memes, as they are limited to YouTube only, and not used outside of it.

A meme is something that went viral all over the internet, not limited to one site.

Originally posted by Derpy Backslide
Can't we just say all of them and call it a day?

Just noticed this post. Bandwagon effect, eh?

Half of meme hate is just bandwagon effect, while the other half are those pissed off by raepers.
Ponies. Never understood their appeal, and they're just everywhere.

I heard two extremely greasy nerds wearing fedoras and trenchcoats walk past me yesterday saying "DOUBLE RAINBOW ALL THE WAY ACROSS THE SKY. LAWL. YOU CAN'T UNDERSTAND ITS EPICNESS, CLEARLY".

So my answer is that one. That is the most annoying meme ever.
Originally posted by Jacob
Ponies. Never understood their appeal, and they're just everywhere.

Definitely this. I have no idea why ponies went so popular with memes. They're just everywhere. :x
Can you identify the character in this meme?
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I used to know the answer to this question, but then I took an arrow in the knee.

Seriously though, this one just makes me angry whenever I see it. Can't stand it.
I used to take arrows to the knee, but then I got knee pads.

Overused memes don't really annoy me though. Except the bigoted ones.

Let's see:

- Arrow to the knee
- Rage comics, most of the time
- Anything from YouTube
- MLP FiM (yes, i love the show, but i'm tired of the unfunny image macros)

i just lurk sometimes
It should be noted that the vast, vast majority of memes are actually quite good jokes or whatever. However, any sort of wit repeated ad nauseum will get old, so what was once novel and unique becomes commonplace and mundane. Ya'll are just complaining about the ones that have fallen into that pit.
Annoying memes remind me of this.


and the second image of:

It is him!!!!

I hate annoying orange, though: that mouth creeps me out!

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To me the most annoying ones are those that take reference from shows almost nobody/only nerds watch. Seriously, making a joke nobody would understand is NOT funny; it ruins the fun of the talk. I've had to hear a lot of this stuff on a near past with people from here (won't give names).
Usually I'm okay with memes, some are really quite funny, Bel-Air (when used correctly) for example. Some, like This, I just hate, though.
Fucking forever alone (among rage comics). My friends just found memes on Facebook and now they're OVERUSING THAT FUCKING MEME IN REAL LIFE. What the flying heck is wrong with them?

Also arrow to the knee and ponies.
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