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New Super Mario Bros. : Isle of the Twin Falls - by shreerocks1324

[download zip file]

First off, I'm really sorry that moderating your hack took so long. Personally, I had a lot of personal affair (mainly college), so I couldn't concentrate on moderating hacks. Hope you understand.

Let's see the problems with your hack, now...

To begin with, you didn't submit your hack's length. It's not a removal reason, but it's handy if you tell the player the length he/she should expect while playing your hack.

Sadly, your overworld has many problems:
- you used wrong tiles at the top of the island (upper red oval)
- what is a pipe doing in the wall? (red circle)
- it's waay too blocky and seriously lacks decoration.
- the palette isn't the best, either
- there aren't actual paths or anything

I noticed that your level design has a pretty big flaw: huge, flat spaces in levels. You could definitely fix these by putting here some blocks, enemies, whatever you want.

This part was pretty poorly designed, too (no offense). Jumping from block to block is not that exciting after a while...

While the boss battle was great, I don't think that the purple lava looks that good here.

This part reminded me of Kaizo Mario way too much, and though using these "mini-tornados" to get through a Muncher-field isn't a bad idea, it could be a lot shorter.

Bad level entrance FG/BG index - this diagram should help.

After finishing this level, Mario was sent back to the fortress, so I couldn't access the later levels (if there were any, actually). Are you sure you've tested your OW events and paths? If your hack was going to be only 2 levels, I have to say: it's not enough.

Also, I didn't mention the smaller cutoffs and things like that, but a decent beta tester should mention these. I recommend you to get a beta tester before you submit your hack again.

Finally, you should definitely do these:
- Read the Hack Submission Guidelines
- Watch this video
- Read other hack submission logs
- Read AxemJinx's level design guide
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I am horribly sorry for you having the trouble to take through my hack.

The hack was not ready as yet, and I have rebuilt all flaws as you have mentioned.
I had submitted that Icy Peaks part by mistake. (The name of the overworld)

I have made some MAJOR and minor edits and tweaks, because the day after submission, I myself found my hack demo horrible.

It might take some time to create the complete hack, as I still have like 3 Worlds left to make, so it might be around christmas before complete submission.

Thanks, and sorry for the trouble!

There's no trouble for the moderator if you submitted it honestly. You seem to be new at this and that's understandable.
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