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Dark Side of the Kingdom .update new intro!
Forum Index - SMW Hacking - Works in Progress - Dark Side of the Kingdom .update new intro!
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The hack is now called the Dark side of the Kingdom .Now heres the NEW awsome intro to this hack:

The new intro made by Egadd.
Originally posted by Egadd


[we open in pitch black]

???: Don't you understand? Come with me. We will be better together.

[it switches to Wario's Castle. He comfortably sits in a recliner, with a tattered purple robe on him. His chest hair sticks out in every direction. A red muncher is sitting next to him, a bandage over it's right lip]

Wario: Ah, a full month just to relax. We barely ever get a chance like this, eh, Alcy?

Alcy [the muncher]: Totally! I can just sit back on my stem and munch to my hearts content.

Wario: Up for table tennis?

Alcy: You know it!

[scene cut to a fully clothed Wario and Alcy about to play table tennis.]


Wario: Who is that?

[A IRS Toad appears]

IRS Guy: Billionare Wario... uh, I can't read your last name.

Wario: *grumble* *grumble* It's...

IRS Guy: Yeah yeah, I'm collecting your Taxes for the Mushroom Kingdom. Gotta keep the defense up!

Wario (thinking): And yet Bowser always gets Peach...

[reaches inside his grubby pocket] Wario: This should be enough.

IRS Guy: Actually, your taxes have gone through the roof. 10 billion coins.

Wario: WHAT?!?!? What kind of country is Peach running?

IRS Guy: Well, if you don't have the funds, I'll let you slide til next month. But I'll be back...

[IRS guy leaves]

Alcy: If only Mario still had his gold suit.

Wario: Mario... let's go see what's available in the Mushroom Kingdom! Peach obviously has a hoard of taxes.

Alcy: YAY! It's adventure time!

[meanwhile at Bowser's castle]

Bowser: It’s so booooring being cooped up in this fortress all day. There has got to be something to do.

Koopa Troopa: We could play a board game. I’ve wanted to play Candy Land for ages. Let me get it out--

Bowser: No, no. Anything but that. I hate that game. I want to do something fun and exciting.

Koopa Troopa: You could always wreck havoc on the Mushroom Kingdom and steal away the Princess again like you’ve done a million times before.

Bowser: That never does get old, does it? Sure, why not? At least it will get me up and out of this place. Koopa, pack your bags. We are heading to the Mushroom Kingdom.

[outside Peach's Castle]

Wario: What? She's missing?

Toad: Yep. Mario took her.

Alcy: Crap, I was totally going to st...take a walk around the castle...

Wario: Shut up Alcy. Toad-person, did you say MARIO?

Toad: Yep. We're offering a reward for anyone that saves her.

[Bowser knocks Wario out]

Bowser: Great! I'll just walk over and get it.

Toad: Yep. Wait, BOWSER? AHGHHHH!

Bowser: Oh yeah. BRAARRRARR WHERE'S THE PRINCess oh wait. She's in another castle...

[Wario gets up]

Bowser: ...that's not mine. Well, Koopa, we're going to kill Mario! Yay!

[Wario knocks out Bowser]

Wario: Haha no. The rewards mine, Bowser, and I solemnly swear to save the sovereignty. C'mon, Alcy!

[Bowser wakes up]

Koopa: Candy Land will make you feel better! Did I tell you I've wanted to play it for ages?

Bowser: Yeah. Yeah. Let's go play...

We would like some ideas based on the story intro.

Also this hack is going to be choconilla (while custom resources are allowed, we'll be keeping the SMW feel alive)

it will have 94 level 120 exit(Not for sure the first verson of the
map accidental deleted. The OW still need testing.)

pics of the overworld and submap.



I would like to hear your opinions on the story intro and the overworld paths and submap.

So what is your opinion on the new intro.
A new thread has been created by MrDeppelMan. I advise you to check it for updates and whatnot, and use it for feedback, as well. Thanks.


All right. Right there I am. I'm the Base ROM host. Let me explain how things will work (be sure to read everything before saying you want to contribute):

To claim a level, the only thing you need to do is to say what level you're going to create (level number), or what OW submap you're going to create. Don't claim more than a level or more than two submaps at once. And neither a level and a submap together at once.

Make your level/submap as you please, as if making a normal hack. Make whatever you want with the Base ROM, then post your IPS here. But please follow these guidelines.

Or if you want to make a tileset, or compose a song, just post here saying what you will do and start working. But to make it clear: if you simply do something, finish it, then post here, without letting the leaders know before, you have chances of having your work denied. So, please, never forget to warn us you'll be composing a song, and which theme it'll be based off, for example. Again, follow the same guidelines.

Read the same guidelines again if you're interested on helping with other things, like playtesting, giving ideas and whatnot.

Base ROM
Level and Overworld Signups
Possible Compositions

Base ROM last updated at: 2012/11/11
Level/OW Signups Lists last updated at: 2012/11/14)
Compositions List last updated at: 2012/11/15
(text color also changes when updated)

Sublevel Database (hosted by Egadd, always updated together with Base ROM)

I'm in charge of the hack from now on. But Buried Alive is the creator anyways, so he can give opinions and whatnot when he feel like, too.


Since I need to follow the rules, too:

I'm getting Level 017. I might compose a Water theme for my level, too. But since I can't claim more than one thing at the same time, I'll take the level and hope the Water theme slot is free until my level is done.


@Blind Devil: Okay. You're added to the list. As for the Water composition, the slot will be kept open for everybody.

@Theonesuperx: Claim something, too, mister.

Ah, hey, guys: We need ideas for the hack title. Storyline is in the first post. Thanks.

Yeah, no. Showing a very beta overworld and the story doesn't count as progress (I've made that mistake once, so I know). I think what we do need is levels.

The story isn't bad though, but we want some real progress.

Want progress on 100 Rooms of Enemies: The Nightmare Edition? Go here to see.

Are you a sample porter and wanna help with 100 Rooms of Enemies: The Nightmare Edition? Private Message me or Mellonpizza for details. Expect trading "resources" in exchange. 4 more left.

@Daizo: We posted a beta overworld so, if there's somebody interested on designing the landscape, there is a space for designers.

Things here are open not only for level designers.

By the way, I already have some progress on my level. Still a little, but it's progress anyways.

Hope tomorrow I can show off my work. And hope people don't feel discouraged for the lack of things to show off by the moment. Theonesuperx and I are going to work hard, trust me.

EDIT: Overworld is a WIP, and just to assure you that these paths are definitive.

If someone wants to lend a hand at the Layer 2 landscape, be my guest.

I read the story and looks interesting Idea! Later after I have do some work with my hacks, I will help in this project! Mainly levels and maybe OW? What style will be the hack/OW? I want just to know but I will do one of those later...
@xImseiken3: As Theonesuperx and I mentioned in the first posts, this will be a Choconilla hack. But we'll aim to keep a solid, consistent SMW feeling in all levels.

We'll mostly follow Ninji Jump and Mario Wants His Mushroom style as examples.

I see... I am looking forward to contribute to this hack not now because too busy with my three hack series and school stuff.

As soon as I do mainly the hacks (finish half way) I will contribute on a submap maybe or in a level!
Ok I am getting level 001 and Cheep-Cheep River.#ab{:)}
Okay. The list was already updated.

Another edit: By tomorrow, the Base ROM will be updated. I'll just remove the path placeholders from the Layer 1 path tiles to avoid confusion. But don't worry: you don't need to redo all over again because of the update. Stay fine.

I don't think that BD mentioned this, but I'm the official writer for this hack, so I'll be editing the story at the top and make it dark and edgy a little better and make more sense. I'll see if I can fit in a original comp or a level here or there.

Wow. 94 lvls and 120 exits. Wow. That's more then the ASMWCP.
]Heres some pics of the first levels

Edit:Heres a video of the first level here
@Egadd: Oh, yes. I wasn't sure before because after I sent you a PM, I expected a return, but didn't get any. But that's all fine and dandy.

Feel free to drop here all your ideas. ^^

@Theonesuperx: While design is pretty simple (but, no doubt, it's acceptable), there were some little flaws I could notice.

> You used the Direct Map16 tile for the Midway Checkpoint, and this causes it to respawn every time you enter/reenter the level even after it's collected.

> There were a bit of stretched, boring parts throughout the level. I don't think that using a lot of long slopes/ledges enhance the design greatly. Fortunately, this isn't a big problem - we can workaround these parts a bit and the level will look a lot more well-polished.

> Aesthetically, this feels very plain. Yes, it has decoration, but they're very minor. Perhaps adding some big bushes could stand the visual a little more?

> Aesthetically again, while level is well done in these terms (there are no cutoffs or bad palettes), ledge edges don't look as people may expect; I mean, having corner tiles to "connect" the ground.

Aside from that, the level is good, there are no big issues. I just have to mention this (and this applies to me and anybody else who wants to work here):

> Let's avoid rushing just in order to make quick progress. Let's take our time and be patient.

If we rush, it'll be harder to make something really outstanding.

By the way, could you link your IPS here for me to take a look and put my ideas on practice?

Thanks in advance.


As for me, I have updated the Base ROM (just removed OW path placeholders on Layer 1), and I have things to show:

A bee (I'll tweak the Swooper Bat or modify its disasembly to make it non-stompable and use palette 8):

And some palette test/showoff (click image for video):

I really need some suggestions on these, as I'm not sure if that looks pleasing/good or not. And I must confess, I kinda rushed in just one hour of time I could get, too, just to have something to show. Looks like Theonesuperx is not the only one who needs to be more calm and patient.

Also, right below there is a very old screenie of a project I've lost when my computer decided to self-destroy:

I'm showing this because I think Peach's Castle would be acceptable to use in World 1 submap. If it is, I'll re-rip it.

And random title ideas for the hack:

-A Hero Just for Money
-Wario - A Mercenary Buddy
-Inverted Sides
-Evil Wicked Mario

Other big fat note: I would like to ask people that, if using custom blocks, insert them on Page 0x03. This page will be used for their behaviors/generic "global" blocks only.

Originally posted by Blind Devil
Also, right below there is a very old screenie of a project I've lost when my computer decided to self-destroy:

I'm showing this because I think Peach's Castle would be acceptable to use in World 1 submap. If it is, I'll re-rip it.

Wow, please re-rip it, it looks gorgeous! With that said, I'm considering if I feel like to participate for the first submap. With the Peach Castle's GFX I already have some ideas to use them.
@Oh Hell No: All right! Mushroom Kingdom Submap is yours! Also, your name was already added to the list.

That being said, tomorrow I'll be updating the Base ROM again, including Peach's Castle tiles in the global tileset. I just can't do it now because I'm at work. By the way, anytime you see me connected on SMWCentral means I am away from my computer.

@Blind Devil, Thanks! Those Graphics you used in your screenshots look very nice too, I'd really like to use them. Tomorrow I'll be away until the evening, but I'll start desinging the submap this evening with a pencil instead of a mouse.
Question: Can I modify the location of the levels and paths in the submap?
Oh, that's okay. There's no need to rush. Take your time. #smw{:TUP:}

As for the paths, yes, it's fine. Just one thing: please, don't move Level 1's tile. I've configured a Star Road to teleport to there.

EDIT: Er, I've changed my mind. You can do what you please with Level 1's tile if you wish.

Wow, looks pretty nice so far, my only real complaint is the story. If Bowser isn't involved in the story whatsoever after the intro, why have him in the game at all? I really see no point unless there's some plot point I don't know about. I'm just saying its a bit misleading to people playing, as they might think the hack is about Bowser (I know I did...).

Also, I would be complaining about there being ANOTHER Wario hack, but so far this one seems more polished than most, at least graphically and level design-wise. Are you going to be adding powerups and stuff from the Wario Land games, or are you just going to be using the vanilla mushroom, fireflower, and cape?

Eh, sure. Why not? Kaizo hacking doesn't seem too ha-aaaaaaand I broke the ROM.
Thanks again. I'll show you some of my previous submaps I made.

This is a submap I made 11 months Ago

* A youtube screenshot: My PC crashed last year :D

This is a submap I made 7 months Ago

Here are some screenshots from my own hack's OW:

I think I improved a lot since last year ;D
Originally posted by DarkBones
If Bowser isn't involved in the story whatsoever after the intro, why have him in the game at all? I really see no point unless there's some plot point I don't know about. I'm just saying its a bit misleading to people playing, as they might think the hack is about Bowser (I know I did...).

Yes, I get the point, and I agree with you. But what if I say that Bowser won't appear just in the first cutscene?

In the final level, there will be a Battle against him before Wario enters the real boss room, which is Mario/Evil Spirit. All the plans for his appearance were already made. I'll post the ideas we had while planning this project further later. I am almost sure you'll enjoy it. For now, it's a surprise.

And regarding elements from original Wario games, there might have some, but they're hardly necessary. Powerups? I think we'll not have custom ones. We'll stick with the default ones, at least for now.

Once we thought on adding an SMG element to the hack, precisely the Bee Suit, but coding it would be a tiresome task. I still think on incorporating a Metal Cap from SM64(DS), which makes the player able to break some hard bricks that a regular big player cannot. Not making any promises, though.

On another random note, I've never played Wario Land. Tragic.

@Oh Hell No: Indeed. And for that I'm expecting a high quality work from you.

Ok heres the ips:IPS
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Forum Index - SMW Hacking - Works in Progress - Dark Side of the Kingdom .update new intro!

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