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Dark Side of the Kingdom .update new intro!
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Originally posted by Egadd
Dark Side of the Kingdom

I like this title the best.
Altough a very small section is done yet, I really like how it's turning out so far:

EDIT: Some more progress!

Originally posted by Oh Hell No
*le epic images*

That is a good OW. Perfect amount of decoration and the castle really fits in. Great job!

Also, Dark Side of the Kingdom was a joke on Dark Side of the Moon, an album I suggest everyone listens to.
That overworld looks pretty good :) Really liking the land formations so far :D
May I give one or two suggestions for this? I've always been interested in Wario themed hacks and fan games, and it seems very few ever get finished for whatever reason.

But basically:

1. You could try this patch for 32 x 32 player graphics and collision detection:

It lets you use real Wario graphics for the player character rather than just Mario with a different palette. I saw someone use it before and they managed to actually get his Wario Land 1 graphics in unedited, so in theory you could fit his graphics from any of the first five games in and have a more interesting player.

2. Try to vary up the graphics a bit for levels. I've never been a fan of using vanilla graphics for a game with a different story starring a different main character, so why not use some ExGFX to represent stuff like Peach's Castle, Wario locations, Bowser's Castle/Dark Land, etc? There's a ton of neat stuff to find in the ExGFX section if you want to do that.

For gaming news and Wario discussions, check out Gaming Reinvented and Wario Forums respectively.

As for Mario's Nightmare Quest? Well, it's currently on Fusion Gameworks, ROM or the GCN at the moment.
*whoa, tons of posts during my absence*
*also ninji'd*

One thing per time... let's go:

Originally posted by Theonesuperx

Oh, yeah... what people said. Kinda looks plain, and there are perspective errors. I've also expected the palette to be changed. The way it's right now, looks too cave-ish. It's supposed to be an external submap. Give it another try and I'll see what I can do after that.

Originally posted by Daizo, Egadd, Theonesuperx, DarkBones
*title ideas and comments*

As superx replied, 'Dark Side of the Kingdom' is a nice one. We'll stick with this one. By the way, thanks to the rest of you guys for the ideas. You deserve credits for the help given.

Originally posted by Oh Hell No

Looks extremely awesome! Can't wait to see it finished.

Originally posted by Theonesuperx
for Daisy's Kingdom, maybe we can make Daisy's Castle the real last level of the hack. It is just an idea

Hmm... The idea is not bad, but I was thinking about the last level being an Airship. Don't know how to implement a plot for it, though...

Originally posted by cheat-master30
1. You could try this patch for 32 x 32 player graphics and collision detection: Link

While it would be nice, it would be considered "fancy/evasive" for our hack. Since we have decided it to be Choconilla and keep the SMW feel, I think the way Wario and other graphics are now are perfectly fine and fitting.

Originally posted by cheat-master30
2. Try to vary up the graphics a bit for levels.

Almost same as stated above. We will use custom GFX, and we can even use some more detailed tilesets as long things don't clash. But as already said, the SMW feel.

I appreciate your constructive suggestions. Consider credits given.


Also YAY! More progress!

My level, Honey Secret 1 (017) has been finished. I'm extremely grateful to the guy above who let me use his amazing forest corner edge in the level. Man, you surely deserve a pack of cookies and a honeypot!

Also, as Oh Hell No suggested, I've redrawn the Bee's sting and made it a little smaller.

Here's the screenie of the level (click to watch the video)

If the level passes, I'll claim the Honey Forest submap. Waiting on you, Theonesuperx.

Apart from the new level, the updated Base ROM got the Yoshi Coin Fix patch inserted, the Bee sprite and the Hurt Block used for the beehives in 017 and a few other things. Other files were added within the base, so, when you open the ROM in Lunar Magic, you'll easily find the new resources applied for custom use.

Ah, again:

Originally posted by Blind Devil
@Theonesuperx: Edit your first post a little better - delete the first version of the Intro and replace it with the new. Don't keep both. People will get confused.

Whoa, hope everything was covered.

@Egadd, 1UpDudes, Blind Devil

Thanks all! I really appreciate that.


The Submap is almost finished and I can't deny that this is my best OW ever made, why can't I make such in my own hack?!?!?

EDIT: I hope you guys don't mind that two levels are a bit far to the top of the screen and the climbing animation starts too early in the last *climb*

EDIT 2: Well, if I was so far, why not finish it then?
Here it is!

I have one suggestion for the directors:
Maybe we can use the stream in the first submap to merge with the big Cheep Cheep River? Like a small waterfall in the left. That'd give a nice touch to the both submaps I think.
Oh Hell No, Amazing Map! I don't see any Perspective errors, really Amazing!

E: Also, Good Intro Egadd.
@Oh Hell No: Wicked! Also whoa, I had the same waterfall idea for World 2. Certainly it would be pretty wonderful. Also cheer up, I know you'll turn out to make better overworlds in your own projects! And for the level tiles near the border, there's no problem. Everything is nice.

Emphasizing my post on World 2 submap, there's a quick sketch of what I've thought on doing:

What a fail drawing. 5 minutes.

@Oh Hell No: Anytime you want, send me your IPS and I'll insert your submap into the Base. Thank you!


Reposting for great justice.

Nice use of the corner tiles, looks a lot better now :) Liking the palette and whole concept of the level in general.
Can I came the level 9 (Castle 1)


My Youtube Channel:
Blind Devil, your Vanilla Style is Really Amazing! Nice Desing, Graphics, oh yeah, You're Amazing!
I'd like to offer my "services". With giving Blind Devil the Forest Corner tile if anyone else needs any small tasks/requests I can try to help if that'd be ok with you guys working on this? :)
@1UPDudes, Mr. Knoxville: Thanks so much for your feedback, also glad to know you're liking what you have seen so far from the team!

Also @1UPDudes, yes, you're welcome! Feel free to contribute and consider yourself on the team. #ab{:D}

@SMW King 2000: Yes. Your name was added to the list. Good luck!

Oki doki ^.^ I'll do my best for whatever small tasks you need making or stuff like that.

Might take up a level at a later date :)
If anyone needs a vanilla-esque tileset for this, you can PM me or something, as my graphical style is pretty similar to SMW's before I do complex shading, etc. (...and its probably because SMW graphics are what I studied when learning spriting techniques...)

Eh, sure. Why not? Kaizo hacking doesn't seem too ha-aaaaaaand I broke the ROM.
For people who like Graphics Requests (Rips and/or Customs), I'd be happy to help with that.

I won't help with anything other then that though because I have a few things to do this month. But there is always time to rip graphics :P

(No DKC/Lion King/Any Super Large and Relistic graphics, anything from Mega Man/Yoshi's Island/Kirby/Whatever will do though.)

Want progress on 100 Rooms of Enemies: The Nightmare Edition? Go here to see.

Are you a sample porter and wanna help with 100 Rooms of Enemies: The Nightmare Edition? Private Message me or Mellonpizza for details. Expect trading "resources" in exchange. 4 more left.

Originally posted by Blind Devil
The idea is not bad, but I was thinking about the last level being an Airship. Don't know how to implement a plot for it, though

I will try to come up with a plot for Dasiy Castle also I would like to calm level 002.
Wow, that was just a one off name I thought of! Thank you everyone that responded positively!

For the Airship, let's keep it simple. How about
while Bowser was chasing down Wario, Mario stole an Airship as his roaming base. He knew that if his base was stationary, it would be easily destroyed.
Simple idea.

Also, I'm claiming level 22.
@1UPDudes, @DarkBones, @Daizo: Thanks for the support. Might ask you guys to draw something in the future, so stay tuned.

@Theonesuperx: Level 002 is yours. But don't forget you still have your Cheep-Cheep River submap to work on.

@Egadd: Added to 022. And that Airship idea is simple but sweet.

As for me, I'm officially claiming the Honey Forest submap.

Also may let you guys know that I'm not too sure about being active on weekends/holidays. Just saying, because chances are that tomorrow and Sunday I may not be able to log in.

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