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General Art Showoff Place! - GASP!

Originally posted by Zondekel
<a href="""">Sailor... Stan?</a>
The link was broke, it took me to SMWcentral's home page
I'm a pansy. It was extra credit for my art class, the theme had to be love.

oh dear what have i done
fuck yeah meowingtons
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What? :3
This one brought back a memory where I was at a special school. But instead of telling all the details, I'll was show you guys what I drew and colored.

Queen Noki
So over on Jul we have these things called mood avatars. Basically, they are a set of images stored in a folder online somewhere that get called up whenever you what to express a certain mood. Obviously, the images should be similar and have emotion in them. Well I finally got myself to do a set after discovering a sizable collection of images of...well...:P Let me just quote my Jul post.

Originally posted by Jul post
So, I finally found a series of pictures I could use for a mood avatar set. Featuring who else but Miku! (Edit: added four more and changed around a few of the first pictures' moods.)

Respectively, the moods represented are: Neutral, Angry, Tired/Upset, Playful, Doom, Delight, Guru, Puzzled, Whatever, Hyperactive, Embarrassed, Amused.

I'll probably go back and make them transparent when I'm not lazy (and it's not 3:40AM). I'm not sure if the moods I have are the best choices for the images but I think they'll work.

So how do they look? I can't actually use them here but I thought I'd show them off anyways.


I should have something witty to put here (even if it's just to update dated info), shouldn't I?

Advertising Space

Self-Explanatory. A coloring of an old drawing a friend drew.

I did the Queen of Isle Delphino, now meet the King.

King Pianta

What would we be whitout it?
The new me!

If someone could make me a layout to go with this, that would rule ^~^
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Bah humbug.

(ROM compendium is a ROM host I'm creating)

Ok I'll admit, this is a rip-off of a pic I made on Friday the 1st of August, in the SMW Hack Hoax thread. :/ But I'm using it as the ROM site logo now.
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Sorry for the double post everyone. ^^; But I just couldn't resist showing you guys my best pic I ever did up to date.

My Happy Holidays 08 pic

Bonus Melody and Shellette Koopa
@ Dinomar: Thanks. ^_^

I have got 4 new pieces to show.

One from me and three from my fans.

Mine is: Passion On Cloud 9

Bonus From the fans:

sillysimeongurl Art Trade-Street Koopas

person12321 Diamonds :3

and GreggJanus MagiKoopa Cuddle

Enjoy it everyone! :D
unfortunately, this is the fucking truth

As you can see here, I've been starting to work on this a couple of hours ago. It just might be finished by next Thursday depending if they give me schoolwork or other crap.