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Legend Of Darkness One 0.3,5 - Neo carld923
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Hack name: Legend Of Darkness One 0.3,5
Lenght: 43 levels
Author: Neo carld923
Description: This is the last demo of the hack... sorry, but is cancelled.. i got lazy whit ths and in dont translate to english... so i remove the history of the hack.

Thanks to every that make every resourse to make this hack... i really apreaciate (and sorry for the really bad english)

(Mods, please delete this version and this mesage

IPS link

Your hack wasn't that bad, at least it was better than most of the hacks I removed, but it was full of mistakes that reveal lack of proper testing and the level design could also be better.

Level design issues

Unlike most of the hack I have removed, your levels generally didn't suffer from emptiness, flatness or repetitiveness, at least not in the same way it appears in other hacks. The main issue in your levels about level design was item babysitting, as it was present in many of your levels and I had to go back and forth several times in order to take different items with me, in this level; sometimes I had to babysit items through long segments where I already killed all the enemies in the way, making the level not just repetitive but empty as well. Personally, I think these situations are alright if the player doesn't have to travel long distances, but doing the same segment back and forth several times is really boring.

Another issue with this hack was the difficulty. Now difficulty itself isn't a problem, but unless you want to make a really difficult hack (which doesn't seem to be the case), the first levels shouldn't be that hard. You seem to rely a lot on places where the player has litle time to react like this and narrow spaces (both screenshots taken in world 1!), not to mention many levels in the later worlds are really long and don't have midpoints until the end, or don't have midpoints at all, I advise you to use the multi-midway patch for this.

The ghost houses in your hack were really annoying, they are full of trick doors that take me to the begging and there's no way to know which one if the right one; that's just a cheap way to make puzzles. The ghost house in the cave world was the most annoying one, I had to take a door which could only be found by jumping on a pit with no indication at all to get a P-switch and take if back to the first room, then I had no indication at all of what I had to do, it took me hours to figure out I had to use the P-switch to take the key and then take back the key to the entrance and use it to enter the floating door, which was also more item babysitting and backtracking.

There's a couple of situations I found plain unfair: the first one in "Rio cascada", where you hid enemies behind the waterfalls, leaving me clueless about where I should jump. The second one was here, as this is an auto-scrolling level, if I take the upper path I'm forced to kill myself.

I don't know if you have tried to play your own levels without savestates, but if you haven't you should definitely try and you will see how annoying some of them can get.

Lack of proper testing

While playing your hack, I noticed a series of mistakes that show you didn't test your hack properly, and make it impossible for me to accept it. The most obvious one was in "cueva subterranea", where you left a goal sphere, a key and a keyhole at the begginning of the level. Similarly, in this level not only you left the test midpoint a the begging, but you also blocked the way forward, forcing me to take the midpoint and kill myself with the muncher in order to go on. A few more of these issues include

-here part of the twomp disappears because of sprite memory issues.
-here you left an empty message box.
-Yoshi coin of subscreen boundary
-Entering this door kills me instantly.
-If I walk right in the bonus game this happens you can fix it by disabling horizontal scroll on levels 0 and 100.
-In this level, if I press the P-switch too soon, or don't make it to the other side in time, I'm forced to kill myself, I think your forgot to add a reset door.
-you forgot to add a level tile here
-In one of your levels (I can't remember which, since I apparently forgot to take a screenshot), I die instantly if I enter the level after taking the midpoint.

Finally, the most important issue in your hack: in "Peligro - Alturas", when I reached the end of the level I couldn't find a way to go forth, meaning I had to quit here.

Other issues and observations

There is a couple of removal reasons I haven't mentioned yet. The first one: in some levels, the music crashed in accurate emulators, I don't know why you were still using Romi's addmusic, but you should use either addmusic 405, addmusic M or addmusic K instead. And the second one, this is not a suitable replacement for thwimps, actually, I don't get why you didn't use the thwimp GFX since you didn't use the platform with chain sprites in that level.

Also, this isn't a removal reason, but why did you use a cloud as midpoint here?


And that's about it. I don't feel like writing a Spanish translation of this because it takes a lot of time, and I have seen you posting in English and I think you can easily understand this; let me know if there's anything you don't understand though.

I remember you said you were quitting this project, but if you ever want to work on it again, I advise you to test and play your own levels without savestates and see how you can correct the things I mentioned. Also if you ever need some inspiration, try playing some recently accepted hacks. I know you are a good hacker and I have seen you making way better stuff than this, what happened?
Something I've noticed about your removal logs, although nitpicky, and not really affecting anything, I thought I'd bring up. As of late, you seem to enjoy making the images clickable links instead of embedding them in the IMG tags. While this isn't necessarily a bad thing, the embedded images break up a removal log in a much nicer manner and make it easier to take in feedback since it's all in small chunks, rather than staring at a text wall and having to click off to new tabs for images every few seconds.

As I said, kinda nitpicky, but I wanted to suggest you have the images contained within your actual posts rather than linking them off.
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Actually it was WYE's idea. He thought it was better to make a review-like removal log explaining the main issues in the hack rather than just posting a screenshot for every little thing in the hack. Right now me and him are the only ones who do removal logs this way, but personally, I think it's better.
Well.... i expect my hack not gona make it this time... I'm rushed with summit it and cancel it... but this happend

Originally posted by Aj6666
lso, this isn't a removal reason, but why did you use a cloud as midpoint here?

palet problems with the midpoint thingny

thanks to everyone play this hack... maybe... in some point of time.... i give ashot to this hack and fix al the mistake

Made you look. Now Breath Manualy.

Originally posted by MVS
As I said, kinda nitpicky, but I wanted to suggest you have the images contained within your actual posts rather than linking them off.

I actually enjoy it as a review. It's less choppy than your standard removal log and allows more explanation of topics. It does get annoying sometimes to have to click each one, but I would probably do it like that if I was a hack mod.
I've only beat World 1 so far awhile ago but the difficulty kind of seemed to be a bit unbalanced. The first two levels were easy enough for World 1 but the level after that kind of seemed difficult, (Those cannon's from Kirby are a pain to deal with.) Then came the water level afterwards which was really difficult and hard to make it past some of the munchers without getting hit. (Good thing you offered a good amount of power ups.) Then came the level after it, which was a lot easier then the fortress which was difficult. (The second part of the Fortress was confusing to me and didn't know the intended method for it.)

Unbalanced difficulty kind of makes it seem like levels were just made for the hack and thrown together in any order a little bit.

Other then that though, I've enjoyed the hack so far and still need to finish it. (Been a bit busy.) Good luck on your future projects!

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I'm curious as to how difficult it'd be to CSS in some tags for these logs. If we could produce a little something that will display the images when you hover over the links or something, it might be a nice idea to take away the need to click off every picture.
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Based on the removal log, it seems like this hack has the exact same issues as SMWCP. So when you suggest that the user plays featured hacks to get better, you should probably also make the user check the hack reviews. If the user needs level design improvement, I think SMW2+3 and TSRPR is a good way to go.

don't click this link...
Nobody suggest the users to play featured hacks because featured hacks don't even exist anymore. I usually suggest playing recently accepted hacks because they're the ones that reflect our standards the most.
nice hack a little hard but good overall. the boss in sky world castle has glitched graphics.

and in the t fourth world castle is too difficult.

and something i dont like its unfinished,why not making last castle after the sky world?
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