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I've finished a quick one-level kaizo hack. It lasts about one minute. It's rather unpolished compared to the other kaizo hacks here...

Download link

The title screen, demo, intro, music, and level background are unchanged. There are no custom sprites or ExGFX. And there's nothing inside that was downloaded from SMWCentral. So the quality's not so good.

Enclosed are three TASes run by ZSNESW's movie function. The first is a TAS run-through, the second breaks a few of the puzzles, and the last breaks the entire level. :P


Thank you PatPatPat for the upload help! :)

Originally posted by Timestamp
...How do I upload a kaizo hack to

Click "My files" on the menu to the right (or left if you have it set to left), there should be an "upload file" button
(make sure you make an IPS patch and don't upload the rom!)

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Updated the hack to three levels. Now contains a puzzle and a gimmick.

Download link

Thanks, InitialBN. It's fixed now. :)
You should take out the .SMC from the folder. It's illegal to distribute those, and can get you a ban from the site.
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