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Tip: The music in SMW's default castle/ghost house intros and boss battles can be changed by hex editing. See $0584DB and $0584E2 in the ROM map.
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Mario's Enigmatic Tales 1 - The Betrayal [REVAMP!]
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The in-ground bushes have those little white spots. They look a little weird in this scenario, I would personally see what they look like when changed.

Everything else looks pretty swell! It'd be nice to know what those special pipes do though.

Thanks for the comment, I tried to fix it. But now I have some more images to show: A preview of the concept of the castle known as #10 Bulldog Bowser:



Dream team (feed them, please):

The concepts you develop here are excellent. I am going to assume that the rooms with the pictures above have those enemies though I suspect there is some sort of nasty twist there that will surprise players who enter those rooms. Assuming the quality is like your previous levels, it will probably be a good level so I will enjoy waiting for the surprise of that level.

Well, the progress of the hack slowed down a bit because I'm trying to code some bosses and sprites, but I'll show here a small update: A room of #10 Bulldog Bowser with some of my tweaks (thanks for the cool disassemblies, imamelia #smw{:peace:} ):


Dream team (feed them, please):

New Update: #10 Bulldog Bowser complete and a video showing Master Chuck WIP:




Dream team (feed them, please):

Finally, it's done! Ladies and gentlemen, a boss I coded:


Now, I have only Master Chuck Dojo to finish before I start world 9 and coding the last boss. There are 5 or 6 levels left so I can finally complete this hack!
I really liked Master Chuck.He reminds me japanese bosses.

I'm too lazy to edit this.

The boss seems really well coded and I like how it seems to steadily increase in difficulty as the fight goes on with each hit it takes.

My only question: why exactly is it a floating Charging Chuck head?

You can call me Dark for short if my full username irritates you.

Answering your question, DarkComplexion, I have a message box explaining. It's in the screenshots below. Ladies and gentlemen, I proudly present the last stage of world 8: Master Chuck Dojo. Now, I have only world 9 and probably 2-3 bosses and the soundtrack to finally COMPLETE this hack. ScreenShots:


The gimmick of this dojo is simply: Pass through the rooms, but there's a catch: The red area has the same atmosphere of Red Reversal Scarlet, the yellow area is like Yellow Flight Wrath, and the blue one is like Blue Low-G Hilltop. And at the end... the mighty Master Chuck!


Dream team (feed them, please):

This one looks really REALLY good.

I also love the unconventional storyline!

Can't wait for the release!


Voice actor. Composer. Musician.


Well, as I was thinking about features of W9, I released the Demo 4 of Mario's Enigmatic Tales (is currently under moderation). This demo goes until world 8, so you will be able to fight Master Chuck #smw{^_^}



Dream team (feed them, please):

Well, after a long time (over a month, I guess), I'm now able to present you some updates (yes, this hack isn't dead yet #smw{^_^;} ). And I hope you're enjoying the hack, folks.

I have so far 2 levels done for W9, and I'm currently making the 'extra info' hub. After this, I'll still have to code two more bosses (one of them is almost complete, though).

Now, the screenshots:




Until the next update, people.


Dream team (feed them, please):

This might be a bit too late but you should really work on the colors, almost every level you showed so far consists of a single color with varying brightness, which looks really boring.
Look at this for example:

The color variation is almost nonexistant, you coud really throw some blues or yellows since these colors work well with green, but instead it's all almost the same color, only darker/brighter.

Dude this is almost gameboy-tier monochrome, the colors are so similar that the FG and BG blend.

Seriously, work on this stuff (the design itself looks solid though so good work on that).

your hack has a lot of custom palettes, just like my hack! this is looking excellent. see no problems.

Currently: Starting college!
The level design in the latest screenshots seem pretty solid as I already said in my review. As for the palettes, they do not seem bad but a little more variation between the background and foreground would be best for this hack.
Everything seems to be ok for me, love the level design, don't have a problem with the palettes they seem fine but in chase have a check to them as those above said.

And the Void map, add some little variation especially around the final level (that tower thing), so the map will look more final-ish. This is something called a preference tough If you want to leave like that I have no problem!

Keep going on! I like how it's turned out, it gives sometimes a feel of the VIP series, especially that Chuck's head boss style!

3 months after... I decided to come and dig this thread up. News: I'm not finished with this hack (yet). As I'm still having some difficulties with boss coding, I started to design the 9th castle - #11 Shadow Showdown. Well, some screenshots for you:



I promise this castle will be EXTREME... just wait #smw{>:)}


Dream team (feed them, please):

Ehh, I've seen the Master Chuck, and why doesn't he have his body with him? #tb{XD} Anyways, your level design is great! Just amazing, and.. do I see some custom sprites, or is it me? :O
Originally posted by S.R.H.
Ehh, I've seen the Master Chuck, and why doesn't he have his body with him?


In a different note, I'm really glad you're still working on this hack, and as well getting closer to finally finish it. Good luck then!
Originally posted by Mirann


I know, but it doesn't make any sense imo. Maybe a flying Chargin Chuck would be better?
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