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Super Mario Bros. Remix [Demo] v2 - Phantom Kid
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Hack title: Super Mario Bros. Remix [Demo] v2
Length: 22 levels
Author: Phantom Kid
Description: Well This is the Updated version of my first official hack, with most of the bugs fixed, some new graphics and other stuff.

Join Mario In this new adventure!! a very interesting one...

IPS link

First of all, your hack crashed when I tried to open it in snes9x, I don't think this is because of the music, since the game froze instantly, so it must be because of on of your patches. Either way I advise you to fix it if you want your hack to be compatible with accurate emulators. Leaving that aside, your hack seems to have a lot of original ideas, but unfortunately, your level design is quite poor, and you had a lot of graphical issues which it impossible to pass the moderation.

Level design issues

Many of your levels were too short to be enjoyable and could be finished really fast, the best example is probably the second time I enter "Darkness way", all I have to do is hold the key and fall down, with no enemies or anything around. Other than that, most of your levels suffered from the usual empty sengments (no or fer enemies/danger arround), like this or this, empty segments also include parts of the level I can easily go through with a star, note that the star itself isn't the problem, but putting it right in the way kills the whole purpose having enemies. There were also a lot of flat segments (no terrain variations) like this this or
this, these segments reduce the quality of your level design, as all I have to do is run and eventually jump over some enemies from time to time, it also makes your enemies a lot easier to dodge. There were also a few repetitive segments around like this one, but they weren't very common. Finally there's a couple of areas where I have to wait and do nothing: here I'm forced to wait for the P-swtich to end, and here I have to wait for the spike ceiling to go down.

Your midpoint placement wasn't that good. Sometimes, when I die after taking the midpoint I don't appear next to it, but some screens back. In some of the few longer levels, like this one you placed the midpoint too close to the begging, making it pointless. Also, in this level, the midpoint doesn't even work and I'm sent back to the beginning if I die after taking it.

Palette and graphic issues

The graphics inside the house not only look very simplistic, but ugly too, and clash really bad with all the other objects you added in the house, I suggest you replace them.

A lot of objects in your hack suffered from bad palettes, including, warp pipes, cement blocks and message boxes. I can see most of these are cause by the FG/BG palette you're using, but you can use map16 to make these use a better palette or in the later change the graphics to something that doesn't overwrite the message box palette. The status bar was also affected by this and looked different in almost every level, don't overwite the statur bar colors.

There were a few minor cutoffs like the ones circled here. This isn't a major removal reason, and isn't enough to remove your hack, but I advise you to fix them.

Other issues

-the first part of this level os a blattant copy of SMB1 1-1. Most people already played that level, try to do something different.
-Sometimes, it was hard to tell the behavior of some objects, for example, in "Darkness way" some ground/slope tiles were solid and some weren't. Sometimes ropes were passable, other times, they acted solid and sometimes they acted like air tiles, like in the first castle.
-Those koopa killing levels where a bit annoying, because if I fail I have to start over again, you should make it so the reset doors take you back to the beginning of the phase and not to the beginning of the level. Speaking of reset doors, the koopa killing level in world 3 needs some.
-In a few levels you used the bottom row in Lunar Magic, this is something you shouldn't do because the players can't see it and it can be confusing for them.
-Here, the swooper bat ceiling causes some glitches, if I bring a shell and let it go, it warps to a random point on the screen.
-Here the message box made the layer 3 mist disappear.
-In some levels, the status bar is in the top of the screen and sometimes it's at the bottom, this isn't a removal reason, but you should make it stay in one place to make it more consistent.


That's it. Despite everything, I thought this hack had some original idea. Improve your level design, fix the ugly palettes, and do something about the other issues I mentioned and I'll accept this hack. If you need some inspiration for designing levels, try playing some recently accepted hacks.
after beating castle 2 i couldn't go further.
Well, it's a demo. Demos only have a set number of playable worlds.

Disregard my previous signature. Apparently it is called Stickerbrush in the GBA version.
It says 22 levels or exits? I dont remember but 22,there must be another world I think...After that castle there where under 22 exits.But I must be wrong there maybe...
I could continue perfectly fine after castle 2, so I don't know what happened.
when i beat the level before castle 2, castle 2 was destroyed and a path apeared from the castle to pipe,but i will start again from begining and see if it hapens again.
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