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Danmaku Mario World - Lunatic Team
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Hack name: Danmaku Mario World
Length: 23 levels
Author: Lunatic Team
Descrption: Actually,we were confused if we would post this hack or not,it's very hard,but is danmaku so it's supposed to be like that,so we say we don't know if people will like this or not.
Maybe this is bad.
Maybe this is good.
Maybe this will be aproved
Maybe this will be a success
Maybe this will be a disaster
Maybe this will be rejected
Maybe this will be removed from the site because is hard.
But one thing is sure,danmaku fans,shoot em' up fans and contra fans will probably like.
Based on Touhou and other games like that.
21 stages and 2 extra stages.

IPS Link

"When you play this game. Do not think about Mario. Think about Touhou, bullets coming from everywhere..Good lucky"

The above quote was taken from the first message of the game (after the intro level), however it's hard to think about Touhou when playing a game like that. This game is a more of a platformer than a shooting game, and a lot closer to Mario than Touhou; actually, it's just a Mario game with a few edited graphics to make them look like danmaku bullets, but that doesn't make it a danmaku game. Touhou has vertical auto-scrolling, enemies shooting bullets, bosses with spellcard attacks, and a big variations of bullet patters and bullets aimed at the player; all your hack has is the original enemies with new GFX, making the same moves all the time and consists mostly on straight forward bullets, there are no patters, no homing bullets and nothing of the sort.

That being said the removal of this hack goes way beyond the being different from Touhou, because not only it's not a good danmaku game, but it's not a good Mario game either. The aesthetics looked really poor and simplistic in general, and the same can be said about the level design, you'll need to improve a lot of stuff before you can get this accepted.

Overworld issues

The overworld looked really simplistic, most worlds only consisted on very geometric Islands or land with next to no decorations at all. The palettes looked really bad, especially the eye-searing green in the first world. The World 3 submap was just a mess of random tiles, cutoffs and Mario walking on water rather than the marked paths.

All the paths were revealed from the begging which makes the overworld a bit boring, try using overworld events to make the paths appear while clearing the levels to have more feeling of progression. Speaking of paths, the second extra level was inaccessible unless I use the .srm file you had in he other .zip file that's protected with a password I don't have; that's a very unorthodox way of placing a secret level in your hack, why don't you just use a secret exit instead?

Level design issues

Contrary to what you could expect, difficulty wasn't the main problem your levels, actually most levels were relatively easy or at least they weren't too frustrating, except for a few levels like the final level, the extra level and the first level. I'm fine with the difficulty of the extra level and the final level, however, the first level of your hack should be a lot easier than that, having a really hard first level will discourage people from playing your hack, how would you feel if you start a game and you can't even get past the first level?

Most of your levels were really repetitive, and consisted of large rooms of the same, for example this level was just about flying and dodging boos, this other level was the same except I had to swim instead of flying, this segment of the extra stage was just about swimming and dodging swoopers/bullets, and I could give more examples. Many levels were very empty as well, levels like the ones I just showed or this one can be passed with a lot of ease by swimming/flying bellow at the bottom (or at the top) of the screen were bulletts and enemies are less frequent.

The levels that weren't designed that way also had a lot of flaws and were also really empty and repetitive. For example, in the third level, I get to this point where I must jump over some floating muchers, and it was like this for a huge amount of screens and what made it even more annoying was that some muncher pits were too large and I had to wait for one of the super koopas from the generator to come so I could jump on its head, and that's not all, after that I must go back through the lower path which was completely flat and empty, so it's just a long straight-forward run with a few mushrooms and forced damage in the way; this was so long that even the time ran out, fortunately I could finish the level because you had a midway point which was conveniently placed near the end. A few other repetitive segments in your hack include this one and this one. Also, there were a few other segments where I was forced to wait and do nothing, like here, I was forced to wait for the P-switch to end before I could use the next one.

All these issues not only make you look like a lazy hacker who puts no effort in designing levels, but is also very boring because players don't like being forced to wait of go through the same all the time.

Graphical issues

As I mentioned at the beginning, your hack looked aesthetically poor, a lot of levels has simplistic backgrounds (letters in the BG and BGs made out of a few tiles don't look cool), eye-searing palettes, major cuttofs (the water cuts ground), glitched sprite graphics (Sprites that don't look the way they are supposd to) and floating munchers as seen in some of the previous screenshots. All these things are considered as removal reasons because they make your hack look ugly and you should avoid as much as you can, actually, it's better if you don't have any of these at all.

Other issues

-The music breaks on accurate emulators, if you were using Romi's addmusic, just re-insert everything with addmusic 4.05
-It is possible to die in the intro level. Even if it will hardly glitch up the life count because you set the life to 99, I recommend you don't do this, because it messes up the music.
-There are a lot of silent bullet bills in your hack. While I don't have a problem with this, a lot of players don't like them because they can be too hard to avoid, I advise you insert the no silent bill patch to give them a sound effect.
-If I die after taking the midpoint in the first level I reappear a few screens back.
-I suggest you take of the switches since they do nothing in your hack. Or at least make it so the switch blocks don't appear in the message.
-You place the goal tape too high here.
-Placing bullet bills in a Reznor battle can glitch up the fight and make dead Reznors float in the air like this.


There's a lot of things you have to fix about this hack, starting with the horrible aesthetics and the boring level design.

The concept of the hack was good, but the way you put it wasn't, for the reasons I explained at the beginning. If you want to make this game feel more like a shooter, you will need to use ASM and custom items, you don't need to make all the things I mentioned at the beginning, but if you can at least insert some custom enemies that through bullets and things like that it would be nice. Although if what you want is to make your own Touhou game, then Lunar Magic isn't exactly the best option, there's a more appropriate tool for that named Danmakufu.
A Danmaku Platformer actually sounds like a novel idea though...

I don't see how that Reznor glitch is even possible, do Bullet Bills override the special tile interaction routine Reznor uses to pass through the ground? (Note that the bridge breaking doesn't update the graphics in a normal level)

Let's milk Sunny Milk. Then she'll have enough money to fund Sunny Milk Real Estate.
Everypony's digging with a shovel
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