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My resignation
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EDIT: Although this thread gives on the impression that I'm dropping off the face of the site, I'm not. I'll still be around, I'll just be much less active than I used to be. I also won't be running anything anymore.

Hi everyone. I don't want to make this monologue-ish so I'll keep it semi-somewhat-maybe-not-really-brief.

Over the past half year or so, my life has not only become very busy, but I've also had a lot of revelations and whatnot with school. I am currently going through my third year of undergrad at university for neurobiology, which means I've been spending a lot of very busy days on campus, at home, with friends, whatever. The stress levels of that are immense, and it's also very competitive. Coupled with the stress levels of assisting in managing the site .. well, I'm sure those of you I've talked to on a regular basis can imagine how difficult this can be on one person.

Having been here for .. oh, 5.5 years now, it's been extremely difficult staying away from the place. I've seen it all - each and every event I've either had a part in or helped with (Arbe's attacks, the Midnight Crew, the C3s, level contests, SMWCP1/2, whatever). I've poured so many long nights and hours into the site. I've found myself spending whole days cleaning out sections, rewriting parts of the FAQ, dealing with drama between users/staff, or whatever. One of my fondest memory is what drove me here in the first place - joining Acmlm's in 2005 (I was just starting high school!) to attempt to hack, and eventually finding Addmusic in 2007. Myself, FPI, and a couple of others really helped start off the custom music scene in the Western world, and it was just an absolute ton of fun. I'm never going to forget my first (horrible) port.

A big question I'm sure some of you are asking is in regards to SMWCP2 and what will happen with it. The hack itself is so absurdly close to being done that pretty much anyone could probably see it through at this point. However, I've contacted a couple of people of whom I know are competent, and I will make sure I do not fully leave until I see that it is in good hands - and trust me, it will be in hands that were equally as active as mine (or so I hope). So many people were disappointed over SMWCP's rushed and clunky nature, and I don't blame them, but having seen SMWCP2 through all the way, I'm just so blown away by some of the talent. A lot (though sadly not all) of you guys are really awesome at drawing, composing, designing, whatever, and you shouldn't let anyone shoot you down. I have such high hopes for the hack and I cannot wait to periodically check in and see the "SMWCP2 is completed" news post. It's going to be something special.

I don't have much else to say. I would like to thank all of you - yes, even the ones who have been a thorn in my side - yes, even those who aimed to shoot down the site - yes, even those who often made me rip my hair out on IRC - yes, even you Falconpunch - for an exceptional 5.5 years on this site. I would not have improved my composing skills, learned about a lot of the games/shows I played/watched, or even learned some life lessons without the site. I am going to sincerely miss it, but it's time to look forward. If you wish to contact me, my email is in my profile, or you can use the random5959 at for MSN stuff).

Stay strong, SMWC.

edit: also, cute ad. it wasn't my idea by the way, but props to that.

edit: lolspampost.

You've been a quintessential part of SMWC, to the point where it's rather hard imagining you not as an admin. I'm gonna miss seeing that yellowish name color :<

Good luck in your ex-staff shenanigans, and whatever lays ahead of you in life. And dont worry I'll get those L3 BGs for SMWCP2 finished sometime <_<
SNN, I'll sincerely miss you, and I'm sure a lot of others will to. I don't know if you liked me or not, but I do know how important you were. I definitely respected you, and will be sad to see such a smart man go. Good luck with life, man. I can't stress enough how much you will be remembered.


[01:37] <Adam> "So...does this mean Keytastrophy is cancelled?"

You might as well be playing this, too. And this. You'll probably need this too. *Sigh*

I'm not really sure what to say that hasn't already been said already.

You were probably the most valuable member of the site. The amount of coordination and talent that you brought to the site was and still is extraordinary, and SMWC just won't be the same without you.

Still, real life always comes before an internet community like ours, and I do not feel angry or blame you one bit for making the decision you made. Sometimes it is better to just let go and get on with your life.

I hope you succeed at whatever you set out to do with life. Take care.


Oh shit, this is unexpected. Well, it's been a pleasure, and we're all gonna miss you (yes, even falconpunch). Maybe I'll see you next year as I'm almost definitely going to Waterloo. Best of luck with your schooling and any other future endeavours.

I'm not really one to make long goodbye speeches, or use words effectively, so I'm gonna keep it brief. I really do appreciate all you've done for us as a whole over the years, and I hope whatever interests you're perusing lead you to happiness.

Adios, So Not Normal...
See ya, SNN...
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You've done well dealing with all you had to for all this time. There comes a time where life takes so much that you really can't do much else.

You have college, and that alone (as many who also have college fully knows) takes a good majority of your time if you want to make even a decent grade. I should spend more time in college myself. So it only makes me wonder how you survived as long as you did with all the things you involve yourself in. Of course, as of late it has been taking its toll.

You've been interesting to talk to for the few times we did talk, and kept a lot of things together on this site. Sure you might have some flaws (as many people do), but you've held your own. Now it is time to deal with what life gives you. The rest of SMWC (I am sure), and I would like to thank you for your service.

Enjoy life and what it gives you. You never know when you might lose something until it is lost.

Its a shame you're leaving after all these years, but I guess things must go on unfortunately.

Everyone on IRC already knows my thoughts about this. With SNN gone, I take claim of the "sarcastic individual" role.

Original role do not steal.

edit: ban ladida he used scripts to slander my name!!!!!!

s-shut up snn...
Hot damn, while you did seem to be less active I really didn't see this coming. Thank you for being such a huge part of the site, I see SMWCentral as having been extremely synonymous with you--and this has probably been one of the most influential sites for me on the Internet. I may have not really known you that much personally, but enough so that you've made a sizable impression on me and a lot of others. Maybe not incredibly life-changing, but it's your ports that really first got me interested in music in general. I'd like to think not, but sorry if I've been one of those thorns in your side as well.

Good luck with your future endeavors. It goes without saying that many people will miss you, but your life is certainly more important.
Originally posted by Sonikku
edit: ban ladida he used scripts to slander my name!!!!!!

Oh come on people, this is S.N.N. trying to say good-bye and share his feelings with us, can you stay serious at least for this time, please? (not just directed to you).

Well, S.N.N., I already left you a post in your other thread, but I guess I can always thank you once more for everything you've done. Take care.

So close to 20,000 posts...

I have a feeling you'll be coming around every so often, especially since SMWCP2 isn't 100% completed yet. But GL in the future! I'm sure it'll be a great one! Too bad you don't use Skype (or at least I don't have you on there...). You sure had a lot of responsibility on the site, and took care of all of it. *Internet hand shake*

My Youtube Channel. 90,000+ subscribers!

My Steam Profile

..Holy shit.
I was seriously not expecting this, at all. It was almost heartbreaking reading this thread, but I understand your decision. I have an enormous amount of respect for everything you did for the site, it must have been incredibly difficult considering some of the events going on in your life right now. I couldn't possibly begin to imagine the amount of stress it would take to manage the site.

It's really saddening to see you leave. You've been a huge help and inspiration for just about everything music-related that I've done here on the site since day 1. I don't know if I could have possibly gotten as far as I have if it weren't for you, so I have to say thank you.

While I am sad to see you leave the site, I respect your decision to focus on what is important in your life, and I wish the best of luck to you in your neurobiology career.

See you on MSN.

Good bye and good luck.

I wish I had words of wisdom for you but alas, I do not.

You will be missed, be sure of that.

No matter what happens in life, keep being awesome!

I can't say much than anyone else could here, other than...
Fuck, you're the most fucking awesome and coolest admin I've ever met on a forum. <3
And I'm part of many forums SO THAT SAYS SOMETHING.

Keep the name color.

Just keep it.


also another thing to add to the list of signs that armageddon is coming-SHOT


I should have something witty to put here (even if it's just to update dated info), shouldn't I?

Advertising Space

Well now uh... I'm not sure what to say about this.

The way you made your announcement implied that you are "leaving forever" as opposed to the standard resignation (and what happens from there is left to time). I just can't see you up and leave like that; you just don't seem like that type of person to me no matter how frantic your life is currently.

I won't say what some others are saying for that very reason and I still expect you'll stick around albeit to a much lesser capacity (see also: Smalls and Pac), but I cannot imagine how things will be (or would've been like) like without you or someone like you being an administrator and a major player in the SMW hacking (not just smwc) community. You are one of the strongest influences (in a positive context) around the community, I will say.

Though maybe I should (finally) take you up on that "offer" you've made a long time ago.

It feels very strange to see you leaving. I'm really not sure what to say, other than this is sad and we will definitely miss you.
Other people put their thoughts into words much better than me, so I hope their posts and this music will suffice.

Thanks for everything, and take care.
Originally posted by aj6666

Oh come on people, this is S.N.N. trying to say good-bye and share his feelings with us, can you stay serious at least for this time, please? (not just directed to you).

I'm sure they're only doing it in good light to add a little comedic effect to this otherwise sad thread.

Anyway, damn, admin for 5 or so years and you're finally pulling the plug huh? One of my fondest memories of you SNN was when I remember I joined up for YI hacking a few years ago and I'd constantly PM you help about my silly YI hack and you'd always be patient and put up with me, heh. I've always pretty much respected you even if there were times that there was conflict present between us (at least I don't think there was any.) Then there were the good old Clannad discussion days, they were great.

Good luck with your life then.
I don't really have much to say, only that we're going to miss you, i'm going to miss you, even if we didn't interact a lot. Good luck#ab{:)}...
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