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My resignation
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The one guy I thought would be around forever.

At the time, I tend not to believe that things can change, but they really do. All we can do now is see how things go without you, so here's to the future.

Here's to a whole lot of memories that'll hopefully never seem too long ago.
Oh, I didn't expect this day would come so soon... #ab{;_;} Well, I've already said goodbye in the other thread, good luck with everything. I just can't imagine how SMWC will be without you.
Oh wow. You've kind of been here so long, become probably the "head" of the userbase, the most famous and iconic person on the site, it's difficult to imagine what this site is going to be without you. Who's going to take over the massive workload you took on, who's going to be the new leader of the userbase, who's going to be the next fun and personable staff member that everybody likes and all that stuff. I guess we'll find out eventually.

Good luck on your studies, future careers, future relationships and overall life, sir. We thank you for your almost-hyperbolic contribution to the community as a whole, and even in the off chance that you do end up forgetting about us, I'd say there's no chance of us forgetting about you.

Time will tell if you end up being the second person to successfully get up and leave and not come back.

May we meet again outside the battlefield.
I came so close to crying, not kidding.

I know we haven't always had the best relationship, what with how horrible I was when I joined, but I always looked up to you, and still do. Your dedication to the site, your constant interaction with the users, it made me respect you. And now, this.

Man, it's just impossible to imagine the site with you as a regular user. As much as I don't want to accept it, I know that it's not going to change.

Regardless, good luck in life.
I just noticed SNN's lack of a layout. It took reading a PM for me to really take it in.

Of course, that's the smallest thing right now to take in. Man, after so many posts from SNN, it just feels weird for it to be short of 20k. Then again, MOST of those posts came from all the responsibilities he had at this site. (posting relating to moderating, SMWCP1/2, various events and contests, etc) Which is to say, quite a lot.

Need someone good at CSS site/design for a free site software forum/wiki project I am working on! Please contact me for more information and if you're interested!

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Goodbye SNN... #w{=(}

I'll miss ya.
Originally posted by Megafonzie
The one guy I thought would be around forever.

I thought that this guy is Kieran Menor. But seriously, o S.N.N. did much for site and I'm surprised that he survived so long - SMWCP, moderation, level contents, composing and porting music, his hack Gimmick and more while learning at university. That's really much work, so much that I was surprised that he didn't resigned before. None of other admins did as much as him.

But well, I think that SMW Central can work without o S.N.N., even considering his work.

Oh, and thanks for unbanning me 1.5 years ago.

Legacy ports zip (now that those went down because Dropbox)
I'm glad that I saw SMWC in its heyday and in its infancy and I'm glad that somebody like you were able to provide me with the opportunity to be a part of a scene. While I wasn't as active as I may have hoped, the times that spent here were great and I have you to thank for it.
Let SMWCP2 be your going away gift and sorry for the anguish over my level.

Happy trails, man.
Quite sad to lose such a helpful and important user which I've always been looking up to. You have been guiding the site for so long. Not that I was here all the time, but I still noticed how much work you put into this site and I want to thank you for that! This site wouldn't be what it is today without you.

Now, enjoy what life has in store for you. I wish you the best of luck.
Originally posted by WhiteYoshiEgg
Welp, this day came sooner than would have been comfortable. (Not like there's any time where it would have been comfortable though.)

Well, good luck with life then. I'm sure you already know, but man, you can be proud of yourself and the things that you did for the site. I have a hard time imagining how SMWC will shape up to be without you around... this is going to be an interesting time to say the least.

Good to hear you're leaving some contact info behind and not completely and mysteriously disappearing like, say, icegoom and mikeyk did. This may sound silly, but the thought of you checking in every once in a full moon gives me some kind of... hope?

In any case, see ya.


I know you have been talking about this for a while, but I must admit that I was still kind of hoping you'd decide to stay. As long as I've known this site, you've been that one staff member that was always there; even though we never interacted much, it's going to be kind of odd not seeing you around the site.

Still, best of luck with your future endeavours. And maybe we'll still see you visiting every once in a while?

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I always felt like you were the glue holding this website together, putting users in their place and making sure everything was running smoothly, so I look forward to seeing who is going to step up and take on the load you've been dealing with for the last few years. You've done a great job in nearly everything related to this website and I know that with all the experiences you've had here it'll only further help you with whatever you wish to do in the future.

I know we didn't end on the best of terms but, regardless, I bid you a friendly farewell.

All the best.
I've never interacted with SNN, but these years hanging around in this website showed me how much he deserves to have a friendly good-bye even by a "stranger" like me. Well, it can't be helped if I like group hugs. It's as if he's been by our side even if he wasn't talking to us directly. I'm sure most members will miss such a determined and helpful admin. May life treat you well.
Sooo...this is it. #smw{T_T}
Wow, I guess nobody or almost nobody expected this...
Ah, well...
It's bad when something happens and nothing can be done about it.

See ya.
S.N.N. its really been a pleasure. You really have been an inspiration for me as far as hacking, and I really enjoyed the music and Mario's Keytastrophie. Good luck with your degree and the medical degree afterwards. I know how difficult school is (I'm a candidate for a Ph.D. in Astrophysics). Hope you're equally successful with all your endeavors

Check my page to find more updates about my hack Super Mario: The Epic Journey.
I don't think ever had a conversation, but you were always THE member of SMWC. Sort of, the face, if you will. This is incredibly saddening. Why have there been so many changes on this site recently?

I also have another question. Who will fill your place? Out of our 3 admins, one is active in SMAS and a couple other forums, one is only here to keep the site running, and one hasn't posted in forever (I think). Are the staff going to have to play Musical Chairs to get it all sorted out? Or will we only have 3 admins?
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Even if I did sort of expect it sooner or later, the reality that it has happened is still surprising. It really sucks to see you go, but real life matters are always more important. You've been a major asset to the site, and a big help to me personally. You're a real bro. I hope your future career is everything you dreamed it would be since you're working so hard for it.

Catch you around sometime, yes?
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Goodbye, S.N.N. I'll never forget you! #ab{:(}
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I give it a week.
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