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My resignation
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Since the day I first joined four years ago I always remember you as the important, fair, humorous, yet somewhat mysterious figurehead of SMWC. Although over my four years I've appeared and disappeared numerous times, and we've never really spoken to any large extent, there's no doubt in my mind that everyone on SMWC including myself are going to miss seeing your name around here quite a lot. You've done a fantastic job with the site and it's a bit sad and shocking to see you go but enjoy wherever life brings you next.

It's been great, SNN.


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See you in another life, Brotha.
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Originally posted by S.N.N.
Also, fuck losing the name color. I'm going to be a slightly different blue to be SUPER COOL or some shit.


Hey, it is the least you deserve after all. You've been around for so long and worked as hard as half a staff team put together of most given sites. Glad to see that you are at least around in the sense of just being a bit inactive rather than just disappearing. You never returning would be even more of a foreign thing for me to think about. Like even more than me enjoying vegetables. #ab{O_O}

It's hard to imagine this site without you. I've known you to be a great administrator since I joined the site. Seeing you leave is just kind of... strange.

Enjoy life, and I wish for your well-being and success.
Originally posted by SNN
I want to make it clear that I am not going to up and vanish (frankly, I don't think it would be possible for me to do that after sticking around and doing so much over the past several years), but I will hardly be as active as I was in the past. You'll still probably see me posting now and then on the forums.

Nice!, you are not leaving!, still, we will miss your sarcastic, yet wise posts #w{=)}
This might sound a little silly, but I been trying to think of what to say about your resignation and I really can't come up with anything. I mean, words cannot describe how much you poured into the site, and you are like the guy that always get the job done. And well, I would like to say thank you for all of your hard work and I wish you luck with your studies.
Well, I never talked with you SNN, but from all that I had (and listening) bout you, you're the master of SMW Central. Everyone will miss you for sure and SMWC will never be the same as before without you. But take care :)

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I'm not sure what to say, so all I can do is speck my mind and say thanks. You have been the blood and sweet SMWCentral for a very long time, without you in charge I think we are going to see a much more different SMWCentral for now on. The staff on the site are going to have to fill the shoes you've left and bring their own quirks and characteristics along with them.

For all the years you have put into this site thank you, cheers for all the competitions you hosted, thanks for giving me chance with the SM64 hacking forum and thanks alot for just about everything related to this site since it wouldn't be the same without you.

Hope to see you come season 3 in that MLP forum.
This has been a dark day in my hacking life to learn of your resignation. Even though we've never corresponded (outside of a few comments on YouTube), you've been on my radar since you first announced Keytastrophe in 2007, and you've become the face of the site in my eyes as well as the entire community's.

Does this mean you've given up hacking and composing forever? Please tell me you haven't ;_;

Farewell, SNN, and may your extraordinary talents never cease to inspire new generations of SMW hackers.


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Well, that was kind of sudden, though I guess it was bound to happen eventually. Also lol at everyone acting like you were actually leaving forever.

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Heh, well, it has indeed been a good 5 years, S.N.N., hope you can advance further in your life and achieve your goals, but like others said, you will be missed..

- ignore the watermarks, working on a fix for those
Might as well make a post.

Didn't think the day I checked up on this place would be the day SNN would be leaving the staff. We had some good times SNN (and some bad times) it's sad to see you won't be coming here that often anymore. Of course, everyone matures from the site eventually, though no one ever truly leaves it... anyway, I hope you enjoy some free time away from SMWC, though I don't know what this place would do without you. Seriously, you've been a great help here, i'd say the most important user that has ever registered.

SMWC and it's various shenanigans can be tedious, but somehow you helped out all the way.

Until next time, seeya!
What this feels like

In all seriousness, it's hard to imagine the site without you, but that's probably because you were always there, from the first level design contest we held to the enormous SMWCP2 development workload. It's funny- we've both been here for 5+ years, yet my lifetime postcount still doesn't exceed your postcount when you opened that first set of contest threads, which really puts the amount of work you've done for this site into perspective. SMWCP2 ended up being what brought me out of "reclusive mode" and turned me into more of a vocal, headstrong member than I thought I would ever be (for a time, anyway), but you've always been here tending to the site's goings-on with the patience of a lone gardener in a massive castle garden where people trample the flowers every day playing sports. Take a second look at the posts in this thread: people aren't here because they feel they should say something, but because they want to say something. Remember that, and be proud of all you've accomplished here.

...You know, I really wish I had finished rearranging the RttC soundtrack before you resigned. I'm currently working on the last of the original 15 tracks, which incidentally is the first track I shared (during the first C3) and the first track you commented on: Night Neophyte. What odd timing for you to leave just as I'm returning to that song, coming full circle to improve the work I started so long ago. You're no small part of the reason I composed even after those 15 songs were done, the reason I decided I'll never stop composing, ever, and I won't soon forget those 1-hour challenges we threw ourselves into with reckless abandon. I hope you won't mind a few messages from me here and there when I have songs to show you :b

Likewise, putting your admin duties to rest is all well and good, but I hope you don't let school interfere too much with your composing! I'm still looking forward to the day you release Project Pixlar on Bandcamp, or whatever arrangement you end up choosing.

Anyway, I know this post kind of makes it sound like you're just packing your bags and skipping town, but I understand it isn't that absolute. If you ever want to chat, compose, whatever, you know where to find me :b

To a brighter tomorrow~

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Oh wow, this is... a sad surprise, haha. I cannot exactly say something significant considering I barely talk with people around here, let alone the staff! I think I only contacted you once for a name change, but heck, it's a true shame to see you 'go.' You're one of the integral bricks that holds the site together, and possibly the entire SMW scene as a result. I also looked up to you as an inspiration considering your works and sweat put on this site thing altogether. It'll be left in awesome hands of course, but as far as I recall you've always been there, so, again, it's a shame to see you go! Thanks for all the effort and everything else, guy!

Life can be scary. Good luck~

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This is shocking, to say the least. So much that putting down my thoughts about this is near impossible.

But, like the others have said, you will definitely be missed, SNN.

Good luck for what lies ahead, and may the force be with you.

And yes, the overused Star Wars quote was necessary.
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S.N.N.--he spent but five short years upon this earth of ours, blooming up in brief splendor, then just as quickly scattering on the winds like the blossoms of early spring, and yet he chose to devote the entirety of brief life to the service of our fine hacking community. Few others have ever succeed in accomplishing so much without even reaching primary school age. For that, sir, we salute you. I thus hereby propose that the fourth of November henceforth be known in the central as S.N.N. day, a holiday to observed by the act of pissing in and on cars while reciting lines from Goof Troop. A noble tradition in honor of a noble man, who died so that we--and Mario--might live.
Bye S.N.N and good luck
(Nothing to say :P)
It must have been tough to part and say goodbye. You've given so much to this community, and to part with it is like removing a part of yourself and sealing it away into history.

With that, I wish you well, and always go after your dreams. Be safe, be well, be blessed.

I haven't had the time to know you well (if not at all), but I'd just like to sincerely wish you the best of luck with your life.
And thank you, for being active behind the scenes of this site, helping it become what it has been and it still is today. And I'm definitely happy to be part of this site!

Anyway, see you around! #ab{;)}
Originally posted by Rextep
Also lol at everyone acting like you were actually leaving forever.

I didn't. Well, for the most part.
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