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Old Dark Side of The Kingdom Thread - Mods please close

Link Thread Closed


@MrDeppel: So there's the TXT file for the Cheep-Cheep River submap!

@Moose: Hooray, be my guest~ -- However, I don't have the TXT here now... well, by tomorrow I'll PM you with it.

EDIT: I'm getting time stability once again, so I could, maybe, make unofficial Base updates of everything accepted by the leaders. Or even official ones again. Becoming leader again-- no, I guess, at least not now. I'm not ready to lead this again yet.
Do I name my level or do you guys name them?

Edit: I also using sublevel AA in my level.
RMG Productions
Originally posted by RealMarioGamer
Do I name my level or do you guys name them?

I didn't name either one of my levels and they're in the baserom now. I'm assuming if you had a really clever name in mind they'd use it but having a name doesn't seem to be a prerequisite.
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Hm, firstly I have to say: I MADE PROGRESS IN MY LEVEL! That´s good because I am very lazy right now... But now the first section is done! ^^ My idea is to have different sections. In every section you have something new. And you should see that they´re very close...
Second thing: Moose, I think you´re track is pretty good! I like this energetic feel (I kinda like all energetic tracks btw...). I hope you can compose something good for my level. Do you want some screenshots? I can send them per PM if you want. ^^
I think that level names in this collab work like this:
You may put them if you wish to do so. Otherwise, the leaders of the project will do it for you, I'm assuming. I plan to give my levels for the collab unique names.
Sorry, guys, for the lack of showing off progress. It happens that I don't really have internet at home, I'm on the same boat as Q-bee, except that I still go to school and don't work. Anyway, now I'm here at my sister's house to send you some pics and the complete level.

Note that I've decided to leave my comfort zone, and actually made a vanilla-type background. Turned out cool, I think.

Level is here
Level names, as some guessed, yeah, will be defined in the final phases of the project if designers don't decide anything about them when submitting their levels. In other words, they're not mandatory, but would be nice if we had a wide variety of ideas coming out from different users rather than just the leaders/helpers doing it.


@Shoryuken: Holy Mother, your skills are really superb! Design looks very beautiful, and the palettes are sweet. Awesome to know that you had decided to create and use a Vanilla-style BG - the Dysis one would also be pretty good, especially with custom palettes, but many hackers already do use it, plus it'd be a shame to see this *hidden* ability of yours being scrapped.

I have to say, it was really worth the trouble/patience.

In general, well done and stuff. Gotta playtest this right now.
Looks cool, even though I don't work at your project. I do want to ask something. Do you all create the backgrounds yourself? I need a sea like background with a vanilia style but I cannot find one at the Graphics section. The fact that there are so many pages of ExGFX doesn't help either. Anyways, makes me jelous looking at it. O.O

@Shoryuken, very good level! No serious difficulty problems, no unfunness, just two little things.

Cutoff from ledge.

Slowdown here sometimes.

@Moose, the song sound perfectly fine. I do like the new part you added, it fits nicely.

I'm also taking the Grass/Dirt/Stone Caverns theme.

And we still need a new baserom, even more so now. And here's the missing mwl file 33, which is the sublevel for level 105. I seem to have forgotten to add it to the 7z file.
Base Rom comes today or tomorrow, trust me.
Here is my level

Can I take W2 OW please.
RMG Productions
Originally posted by RealMarioGamer
Here is my level

Can I take W2 OW please.

It's probably not a good idea to force the player to be big to complete the level.
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RealMarioGamer, your level seems well done, but it is a little bit to simple I think. It would fit better as a first level IMO, so you may make it a little harder. Just a few problems though:
1) Please guys, don't make bush longer than 6 tiles because I hate this (I think I'm the only one) and don't spam with bush in the ground.
2) The background somehow doesn't scroll. I can fix that in the base rom update.
3) What Sockbat Replica said.
A few other nitpicky things about 004:

That looks ugly.

The side of the cliff is walk-through, unlike the other side. The coin guide could also use some work.

The bushes don't look good side by side.

Other than that, your level was good. It could use a serious difficulty boost (I breezed through it, while the actual first level I had a tad bit of trouble on). It could also use some more variance and just more of decoration.

And Good Lord, I missed a baserom! No wonder I was wondering where one was.
First off, so far, the level is good, RealMarioGamer. Naturally, I agree with Stockbat about not requiring the player to be big. There are other issues as well, however:

The music crashes in this part. What port was used in this part?

Minor thing, but the player can touch the edge of the grass, which looks awkward.

Anyway, I'd also, like Egadd, suggest a difficulty boost (not too much though, make sure it still is in World 1 difficulty), and maybe a length increase. Some more decoration would be nice, but that doesn't matter too much. The other issues are more important, in my opinion.

- BlackMageMario
Would this fit as the honey forest map theme? I wrote it a while ago...
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Originally posted by Moose
Would this fit as the honey forest map theme? I wrote it a while ago...

While it's a good piece, I personally think that it wouldn't fit the honey theme. I don't know about you guys, but I would think the honey music would be smooth and flowing. I do like it though!
Here is an updata to my level.
RMG Productions
Erm, you sort of messed up your level.

Invisible blocks aren't good ideas.

That looks weird, and this tunnel is really claustrophobic.

Getting down here is a blind jump.

Try to put your midway point thing farther away so we can't see it.

Music screws up here, and those mushrooms are solid. You can still jump through the tops though.

Enable Vertical Scroll in here.

Bad sprite palette.

And here's where I had to end because of the solid mushrooms.

First, always test your levels. Don't just throw them up. Once I didn't test my demo for a hack, and it had around 10 different places you could stop the game. Also, you only have to give us the ips of the level. Don't give us a full zip file.


Link Thread Closed