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Old Dark Side of The Kingdom Thread - Mods please close
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Originally posted by ShadowPhoenix
Originally posted by New List
005 W1 (Green Switch Palace) -unclaimed-


Buried Alive dropped this level recently. But...

I forgot to add him to 01B... oops #smw{-_-2}

Let's get that fixed now.

EDIT2: The promised Base update didn't come (yet), as well. I'll probably get this weekend to set up a Base, as well. Unless if MrDeppel comes with it before next Monday.

If I ever get the power to host the Base again, I guess I should create a new thread, too.

EDIT4: Fixed. Again.

Not exactly what I mean... it's because Buried Alive finish the Green Switch Palace, and the list shows the level is unclaimed, anyway, I'll wait for Buried Alive's updated BaseROM and I'll work (or maybe do the level in another ROM and pass the level for the BaseROM, duh).
He did finish his Green Switch Palace level, but Deppel and Egadd decided to scrap it and reopen the slot for somebody else.

Oh I'm so sorry for not updating bare and lists etc. I got like no time. Also now I'm officially the worst leader of all time. Q-bee, please come back into the leadership ;(
Don't feel bad; leading a hack is hard and not everyone has what it takes to do it.
Man, no need to feel bad. I believe that you put your max effort to keep this running, and it went pretty well in the beginning. I can see that you did your best when you could, and it was very kind of your part to take leadership just to let this project alive...

If it wasn't by you, I think that we wouldn't reach the current status. Thanks from the bottom of my heart. I shall be back onto leadership next week, when I finally come with a new Base update. That day, a new thread should be created, as well.

Well okay, also, I'm going to drop my actual level in World 1. When you're going to create the new thread I will make some levels for this hack, because this is what I can do better I think ;)
Hm, so... here we go with the list again.

I love you. Also, updated in the first post ^^
Think of it this way, Mrdeppel. After Q-bee had to drop out because of irl problems, you instantly signed up and have kept the project running since. Without you, this most likely would have fallen apart!

Also, you might want to add Q-bee's name into the first post so project newbies don't say "who is this strange man?".

I'm going to go back to SM8 to do some updates, based on Q-bee, K3fka, Cou and Ixtab's recommendations.
Originally posted by X-cniS

While the start is good, some of the transitions don't flow well, and the second part is pretty boring. Keep working on it, but the first part sounds great!
Here is the first look at OW2.

What do you think I would like your opinion on it like what I should fix and stuff like that.
RMG Productions
Your OW looks pretty good. I'm not really experianced with OWs however, so I'd wait for an opinion from Q-bee or OHN (if he pops back in).

By the way, I forgot to nitpick your update. It was much better, though it definitely needs some decoration and some more filling in of space. It feels rather empty compared to the first few levels.

This jump is a bit annoying. I think if you extend the width of the mushroom, it should be fine.

This area in particular is rather empty, until the Lakitu shows up. I'm not really sure how to make the Lakitu more visible, I was sort of surprised by the sudden Spiny falling.

That's it for nitpicks, though your level needs some touchups on the things I mentioned. It was good, though.
I would like to claim level 11A (in world 6), sublevels 1FD and 1FC, and 1/8th of Map16 page 43.

I've already got the background and the level's main idea set up but the ground palette is pretty much questionable.

Of course, this is only the very first screen with only a piece of ground to stand on as to not fall in the lava.
Originally posted by RealMarioGamer

-Path below fortress is mispalleted
-The red and cave levels are too close to the edge. You will not be able to add the circle around the level, as you have with the other levels. Consistency issue.
-wrong corner tile for bottom right of top-most landmass
-The decorations have more of an effect if they actually respresent something, usually the type of level a nearby tile is. Personal nitpick, as the decorations seem to have no rhyme or reason.

@levelengine, added to the Sublevel list. Please don't use that ground palette >_<. I also think the bg could use some more stuff, but that looks pretty good.

>The decorations have more of an effect if they actually respresent something, usually the type of level a nearby tile is. Personal nitpick, as the decorations seem to have no rhyme or reason.

We only have 3 levels finished so far for that submap, so he/she wouldn't know what to decorate with anyway.

Also, if I'm correct, the cave level doesn't need a circle below it.
Hi there! Before we move on to my comments on the most recent stuff, let me say this:

I'd like to announce that I've started replaying most of the levels that were sent after the latest Base update, and I began porting them to the ROM. I've made, and am making several edits to a few levels, as well, being some aesthetical or even heavy modifications on design, like moving/removing sprites, modifying boring/unfair sections and so on. It's also important to mention that I'm modifying Map16 pages and moving/modifying Sublevels, Secondary Entrances (meaning that Egadd's Sublevels list may be obsolete, at least until the ROM comes), inserting the most recent custom compositions and GFX slots. Yeah, a darn awful load of things. According to my current progress on the new Base update, it might be done by tomorrow. Though it may be a bit experimental regarding the level modifications. What I want to say is that their official designers should take a look at my edited versions to point out new suggestions or add something they'd like to be restored.

With the warning about the Sublevels list being made, I'll be making a new list to go easier on Egadd, and once we have everything established, I'll ask K3fka to create a subdomain for us.

The current leadership (Mrdeppelman, MetalJo, Buried Alive, Egadd) of this project will be kept, but I'll be amongst them in this group now. I'm unsure about my activity after about the end of December, so I don't really know if I should create a new thread when everything is ready. We may keep going with this one until I come out with an answer about my future for next year.

I'd like if Deppel linked this post on top of the first page for more people to get those news. And my thanks to everybody for accepting me back again, and Buried Alive at first for letting me get this project started in the first days he joined the site and wanted to make a team hack. Leading this project is a dream of mine coming true, and I'll be more than glad to see this fully done and released. I must thank all the contributors, not just the leaders, by the way. If it wasn't by you, guys, we wouldn't be here now.

Yep. Dark Side lives!


Now it's feedback time.

@RealMarioGamer: It may be just me, as well, but I don't like when there are paths that go through over vertical cliff tiles when there's elevation (I mean, near the Ghost House and the Fortress). And the same thing as ShadowFire mentioned.

Originally posted by Egadd
Also, if I'm correct, the cave level doesn't need a circle below it.

For me, I don't mind if there is a circle or not behind a Cave Level tile. I tend to use them when I have absolutely free terrain space for that, or either I just do something like you can see in several paths of Honey Forest and Heaven/Hell Valleys.

@levelengine: I've added you to the list. I like the BG idea, but I think it could be slightly improved. The said improvement wouldn't be adding more stuff - it'd be just using better tiles, because the pattern is a bit odd with non-flipped going together with X-flipped. And the ground palette is kinda weird.

@X-cniS: let's type backwards Gonna hear your SPC now to comment on it tomorrow.

Q-bee, just so you know, I'm still working on the General Athletic Theme, so be sure to make a note of that in your list.

Check out my music!
Uh, man, totally forgot about that...

Changed your name from Spirit's Lair Fortress to General Athletic theme.

Thanks for pointing that.

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