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Old Dark Side of The Kingdom Thread - Mods please close

Link Thread Closed


Well, about that w2-overworld:

Red: Cutoffs, 1 false line, 1 false colour

Yellow: That's where paths could be (and should be) with the right tile

Blue: Is what I don't like. First, the thing up there near the fortress. I just hate when you go 2 8x8 steps higher, only walking. The other blue things are boring areas, because it's like ten time the same tile after another.

Then, we need more different and also not default palettes. This map, right now, is boring, and does look like the mushroom kingdom map coulourwise.

Then, the thing I circled purple down there is used to often.

Also, it isn't really a river, because there are the standard sea waves.

Sorry, but I think the overworld needs much work. If the creator has no problem with it, I can edit it. Because I don't want any overworld of this hack having middle-level-quality (if that's the right word).
Well, I can do the Submap Again (this submap, if RealMarioGamer agree)?
Well my level is not dead it's almost finished now.
But yeah I'm still very busy and finally some new screens:

My Youtube Channel:
Originally posted by ShadowPhoenix
Well, I can do the Submap Again (this submap, if RealMarioGamer agree)?

Yes, I don't see any problem with that (well, if he agrees).

@SMW King 2000: Well yeah, nice to see more progress on your level. It's progressing well, it seems. No complaints. Keep it up.


Since you talked again about W2 submap, I just remembered that I was playing out of boredom to see if I would come up with some palette ideas a few days ago. That's what came up:

It's Honey Forest recolored, but the idea is meant to be for W2. What do you think?
The Map is Awesome, but will be a bit strange cloning the W3 Map for the W2, I guess.

Also, Great level SMW King 2000!
lol, I was meant to just show the palette that W2 could have, not the entire thing.
rofl, okay. Let's wait for RealMarioGamer, and I'll use this palette in the OW.
Shadow, when you remake the overworld, also make it more interesting, more hills and stuff ;)
Also, Q, nice palette, but why always the damn standard smw palette? xD There are better options.
Particularly no problem with generic palettes, but we can change those in the end.

Also, the consistency, because the warp tile from W1 to W2 is an exit tile. It wouldn't make much sense to abruptly leave a dark grass place and then appear on a light grass place, or mud, or sand, or... whatever.

Well, depends on the occasion. In this case, both W1 and W2 are open, daytime (?), sunny (?) worlds. It's kinda like entering Forest of Illusion from the Main Map on SMW, though in this case, FoI could have darker palettes due to being a more closed place.
Yeah, basically, I'm very critic overworldwise, it has to be a great submap, not boring.
Lol my english is worst today xD
alright ShadowPhoenix you can do OW2's overworld have fun. #thp{:s}
RMG Productions
Sorry if I've missed something, but you actually have to send us the overworld as an ips patch please xD
Sorry if I've missed something, but you actually have to send us the overworld as an ips patch please xD

EDIT: Lol, Bugcentral I think. Also, managed to double post ! Hooray.
Okay, I just need the link of the newest BaseROM :>

fffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffff, Ninj'd
I'll be absent tomorrow, but the Base will come on Sunday.

I'll be sure to include my custom palette there, but you may feel free to edit.

Gonna put your name in the list, then.
Hey, this week was very shitty really busy. That means I had not eough time for hacking! Now I have time again, so I will work on it. ^^
Here you go sorry about that.
RMG Productions
Thanks. No problem.
Okay, I'm doing the Overworld Now ;D
@RealMarioGamer: Update downloaded. I'll playtest it when possible.


I said yesterday that today I was about to be absent. Wrong. Tomorrow I'll be. I thought that it was Friday yesterday. How nuts.

Anyway, just came to say that I'm almost done with the Base. Playtested all levels again so far, with the new edits. All levels had some little fixing so far. I'm just about to modify a bit of Buried's Hell Valley level to fix some weird objects, busy screens, cutoffs and the like. As I'll be busy on the next three days, only on Monday I'll be able to rework on my Heaven Level composition, just to keep you tuned.

One thing that I've noticed is that we have like 5 levels which make use of Volcano Lotuses, and that Levels 001 and 007 are extremely similar in design (not that 007 is a blatant edit of 001, but the enemies and patterns are mostly distributed in peculiar formations), so, what I just want to say is that we should make less use of those tileset-specific sprites used in those particular levels, unless in very well done, gimmicky cases. I've even tried putting a different BG for 007, but no real avail on changing the design feel at all. Anyway, it may be kept.

Well, that's it for today. It comes on Sunday - remember it!


Link Thread Closed