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Old Dark Side of The Kingdom Thread - Mods please close

Link Thread Closed


Speaking of similar W1 levels, we seem to be coming up on the end for W1. Once W1 is done (which will most likely be in a month or two) I will start playtesting the whole world to check for consistancy, difficulty curve and also just to nitpick more. I figured I would go ahead and tell you guys that.

I was about to say something about my level and Volcano Lotuses, but my level uses them in a somewhat gimmicky way, so I should be fine.

We also need to start discussing bosses for the W1 castle.
SMW King 2000 is making a kind of varied sprite setup for the Castle level, it seems. So it might not be hard to think on something. Or does it?

Anyway, we could start thinking on ideas for Divine Acropolis, as well. Reznor is just a placeholder. I've been thinking of something winged for this level, but I don't have an exact idea.

As for your level, Egadd, I do think it's all fine. My main complaint is with W1 levels only. Don't really know what Lunar Mario 17 would say about that, but I think that we should change all the tileset-specific sprites for his level to something else. The most fitting gimmicky sprites that came to my mind now were the Boomerang Brothers or Para-Goombas/Para-Bombs. RealMarioGamer's level has some Bob-Ombs, though, so we could just use Para-Goombas on Lunar Mario 17's. Maybe changing most of those sprites in this level could make it look more different in comparison to the first level?
My castle level is a level with many grinders and much lava.
So a boss could be a big grinder with a level with much lava around there.
Maybe I could try this after finishing my level.

My Youtube Channel:
A Grinder-related boss is an idea that Vink had for his Spirit's Fortress level. As for something fire-wise, I thought of a Fire Snake, but it fits better in Hell Valley Fortress. Something smash-wise, like a Metal/Rock Sumo Brother, fits better for Smash Mountain Fortress. There must be something that fits a general purpose Castle... but I couldn't come up with an idea.
What about a sceleton?
Could be fitting. If we don't get better ideas, let's just stick with this one.
Sorry to disapoint You guys...

I'll Really be a bit busy, and I don't want to delay the project, if I found time tomorrow, I can finish the submap, I guess, if I can't, my apologies, and I guess I can't do the level 006 for now, and also, I don't know if the map seems a bit great, You must be judge.

Again, I'm really sorry...
No need to rush, my friend. I'd rather go on slowly but in a organized way than rushing with no organization at all. By default, claims are left open only if you don't make showoffs/send your full work in an 1 month period. SMW King 2000 has had his level for 1 month and a few weeks. He still didn't finish it, but he's making his showoffs, proving that he's working on it. And even if the slot goes open again, you can still work on it before someone takes it over. This means that you're basically all safe for now to take your time and patience to come out with something nice.

So don't be afraid. Also, it's looking pretty nice so far! Please continue it if possible #ab{;)}
Looking nice, but there are many perspective errors, missing lines and false line. I can fix this later on if you want.

Yeah, as you may recognized, Q-Bee is going to be the main leader of this hack from sunday on. But, I'm still going to make levels, give my opinion to overworlds and levels and such, just not being the master of baseroms and lists. Because I like to give my opinion to things ;) Also, I'm going to claim the Smash Mountain Submap, Q ^^ But I'm going to start working on it with the new base sunday.
Level/OW List updated!

Oh, yeah, Deppel! Your post just made me remember a little change I have made on two little paths on Smash Mountain (the ones that link a pipe to a Level Tile and the Blue Switch Palace) so yep, it's really better to start this one when I set up the new Base.

I'm already sending K3fka a PM to make a subdomain for us right now, so I can directly upload the new Base there on Sunday. All of us leaders will be able to update any list and the Base. So things may be always up to date even when one or two of us are absent.
I'll fix the Perspective errors and finish the Map tomorrow (if I found time tomorrow).
I assuming that Mrdeppel meant to say Skeleton for the boss? I suppose that's fine. Here's an simple idea. The Skeleton (I'd call him either Tarsals, Tarsal or Tarsus) flies around at the top (let's say he was a dead magician). He throws 3 Magikoopa magics and then a spring. He'll then swoop down, during which you can jump on his head and damage him. He gets a little faster each time, and dies after around 3 hits.

I also say we provide a short cutscene before world-end boss battles to add a little story and to signal that a boss battle is about to begin.

Hmmm, where is MetalJo?
I'm going to send this idea to Metal tomorrow in Skype ;)
I found a name for the level (might change it if necessary) and managed to complete it.

If one wishes to playtest it and level constructive criticism, then go on ahead.

Lavaval Cairns (6-3)
Darn you, right as I'm going to bed. #w{>=(}

Anyway, I had another thing I was thinking of. While using fancy words for level names is nice, it's already being used by SMWCP2. I suggest, like the title of the hack, we make all of the level names popular musical references.

I'll have critiques first thing in the morn.
Yeah, if you think it's possible to find music references for all levels we can do that.

Man, in terms of graphical style, this level was awesome. I love the atmosphere ^^ Leveldesign is sometimes a little bit enemy-spamming, but overall it's nice and well thought of. Also, hooray for the difficulty! Egadd won't finish it.
Originally posted by Egadd

Anyway, I had another thing I was thinking of. While using fancy words for level names is nice, it's already being used by SMWCP2. I suggest, like the title of the hack, we make all of the level names popular musical references.

I'll have critiques first thing in the morn.

That sounds like a good idea makeing all the level names based on popular musical references.We could also make some levels' name be
based on another idea:Some of our songs could be based on
popular music.(if the composer want his music to be based on one)
Hey, that's looking pretty cool! I guess I'll try to do a level or two, too.
Level 115 + Sublevel 36
What I do with the Map16, custom sprites, blocks and Graphics used? Is there a specific slot for me to use? I can't see claims for those :p
@Purple Rex, added to Sublevels (not that it will matter anymore soon). There's no claiming system for Map16, custom sprites, blocks or gfx, just take what hasn't been used. If I were you, I would wait for the new baserom update that comes out tomorrow.

@Buried Alive, I don't know about other comps, but my Spirit Caverns comp derives heavily from Primus. It's a choice whether you want to base your comp off of popular music, some people don't listen to anything except VGM (sadly).

@Mrdeppel, don't worry, I'm one of the biggest music nerds on the forums (not as knowledgeable as say, ergazoobi or maybe Hobz, but I'm good enough).

Originally posted by Mrdeppel
Also, hooray for the difficulty! Egadd won't finish it.

Bitch, I will Atomic Fire yo ass back to Doc Wily.

@levelengine, I did finish the level, and I must say, good job! The difficulty is definitely much more balanced than the early stages of your other level. I did notice a few parts that could use changing.

I'm not sure if you meant to do this, but Chuck digs the rock out of the decoration rock. While that actually looks cool, he's heck to get past. I would suggest making the ceiling a little more spacious as to allow a wider range of ways to beat him.

While the Koopa at the top is annoying too, the real bad part of this jump is that the platform is a little too high for Mario to reach without some good running and other tricks. That would be fine if it wasn't such a tight space.

A shell comes out right here with absolutely no warning. While I wasn't too fond of the shells, this one stole the show for Most Random and Most Unavoidable. I would lighten it up a bit.

The aesthetics for the level were good, but the music instantly broke (seriously guys, are you guys using Romi's or Carol's Addmusic?). I feel as though the Sprite palette could use some changing, seeing as it's Hell down there. The sprite selection felt a little random to me, but I suppose it will work fine.

Whew, long post.
I took into account the very few things mentioned to make the proper fixes and even out a few other improper balances.

Here we go again with the Cairns.

This should be fine now.


Link Thread Closed