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Old Dark Side of The Kingdom Thread - Mods please close

Link Thread Closed


Hi there! The Base is here for ya!

@Purple Rex: Added you to the list; it's here as well. Good luck!

@levelengine: I'm kinda busy today, but I'll download your level to test tomorrow and maybe comment on by Tuesday.


Still waiting for K3fka's response about the subdomain.
Ok then, I'm now going to start with my submap for splash mountain ;)

Also, are you going to create a new thread or should I remake the title and first post of this one?
Hey, this hack looks cool! Good work ^^
Thanks. :3

Also, Smash Mountain without events (which are not done yet):

Yeah, Alpha Version.
@sandinderbadewanne98: Thanks, my friend! Well, if you ever decide to join us, as well, you're welcome!

@Deppel: Awesome! Very impressed by your palette originality. Can't wait to have it done so I can insert it.

About a new thread, maybe I'll do it. I was expecting to get the subdomain for all the leaders to update things and stuff (and in this case, this thread would be kept)... but if I don't get an answer until 18th, I'll be creating it.
@mrdeppel, nice submap! Looks fine to me.

@levelengine, noticed one thing that might be an issue.

The three blocks make it hard to jump in there and get a good jump out with the Fuzzy.

Your level will probably be edited all around when Q-bee adds it to the baserom. And speaking of which...

@Q-bee, I noticed you changed Divine Acropolis. That didn't really help. While the level was challenging, the changes didn't benefit the level and ultimately made the level a lot more empty and easier than it should have been. Not to be harsh, but I believe some stuff should be added to make the level more challenging. Also, bg palettes in the third sublevel could still be improved.

e: posted a new baserom update. Welp, ninja'd. Also, no progress on my song :(.
e2: You seem to forgotten a new ips for the new baserom update. Unless you just updated your footer for whatever reason.
e3: Ah, it just says 2012-21-15. I get it.
You should still create a new thread, the domain doesn't matter I think.

@Buried Alive
Well, sorry, but I didn't like your level too much. First, the palette doesn't look well mixed together, I'm sorry. If you want I can improve it for you. Then, the level design was, like in your other levels, sometimes a bit too random and not very fun to play.
Sorry for bad english
Originally posted by Egadd
I noticed you changed Divine Acropolis. That didn't really help. While the level was challenging, the changes didn't benefit the level and ultimately made the level a lot more empty and easier than it should have been.

Hm, okay. I'll bring the sprite modifications back again. I'll see what I can do about palettes. I've changed the BG in both internal sublevels (or so I thought), but I shall revise them anyways.

Well, seems like that you have replayed all levels from the new Base already, and... are the edits in overall satisfying?

Also weird dates on footer/IPS file. I made the file in a day and the upload in another. It's funny enough when those things happen. Nonsense shit.


So okay about the new thread. I'll probably have no time today to come up with a wall of text for an introducion, so I'll just do it at home for tomorrow.

Or either copy-paste a chunk of the first post from this one and that's it.

Ah, yes, K3fka is setting up our subdomain. All the leaders will be able to make changes and whatever else there. I'll send you a PM with info for you guys when I get the completion confirmation.
I've already got this level (the Cairns) completed, but this circled block should be removed.

As for Acropolis, I have no idea what to do for the BG color and the boss so I'm going to leave that level in the hands of one of the leaders.

By the way, when I LP this, I hope I can recognize my levels.
Nice that we got the subdomain.

Yeah, good idea to remove the block.
No qbea I will not join sry. Im not good at hacking :(

Events. All of them. I would've liked to draw more paths, but I wasn't able to do it because they are so close together. But I think it's okay. Before I send you the ips, tell me if everything is good though.

Also, we are near finishing world 1. And I want to do a level for this world, and no, I'm not claiming the one I already had ^^ But:
006 W1 (Cave) -unclaimed-

This one ;)
It's on! I mean, spot-on! Excellent job there. When possible, post your IPS here.

And good luck with your level! Added to the list.
Click for ips-patch of smash mountain!

Also, what do you think about this palette for level 6:

EDIT: Thread has 8888 views! Hooray! If we were in China this would be even more awesome...
The thing about thread views/postcount is that in the new one we'll start from scratch again. But we can do that all over again, heh.

BTW nice palettes. Looks very natural, even for a grassland cave. I like it a lot. And thanks for the IPS.

Not really sure about it, but meh. I hope that using this BG is okay, because it fits well IMO.
Yeah, using this BG is all fine. Everything (at least the things which I did) is free for all to use and edit to whatever people please, as long as things do justice. And your level does it pretty nicely!

'Lovely' defines your work so far. And the design looks amazing though Volcano Lotuses again < please ignore that in strike.
I think in the sky world it's ok that we use lava lotuses again.
Also, holy wow, this level looks great (as your other levels Mario's Hat [why does everybody change his name???])!
The Lotuses are fitting indeed. I did the previous comment just for the lulz. His level is using Lotuses pretty differently from the others... in a more gimmicky way.


Link Thread Closed