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Old Dark Side of The Kingdom Thread - Mods please close

Link Thread Closed


My level uses them in a gimmicky way too!!!!!!! Yeah, I know ;)
Hey, the subdomain should be all set up now. Q-bee should have the details in a PM from me.

In other news, due to real-life stuff, I'm gonna have to drop my level. I'm sorry about that. :/
@K3fka, glad (and sad) to hear it! A subdomain will make everything a lot easier (though sorry you had to drop the level #ab{:(})

@Q-bee, it's about time we call the hack TVLC (the Volcano Lotus collab, not Vanilla Level contest). It makes a lot more sense!

@mrdeppel and Purple Rex, both levels look nice! I like both of the palettes, especially mrdeppel, it even has a subtle change to the sprite! Great job!

@Buried Alive, the level is boring, I have nitpicks, yada yada yada.

Bad palettes. Not smooth at all.

That bee hit me out of nowhere. Please use markings where enemies come out. You can always edit hive graphics.

Sorry, honey has no green in it. That also really isn't a good shade of yellow, it needs to be creamier.

That hive doesn't look particularly good on the branch. Try to position it below, and if that doesn't work, use priority.

That shell comes out of nowhere. A little more warning would be nice.

This isn't suppose to happen.

Put a marking where the plant comes out (though it isn't that important), and consolidate the ground.

Consolidate the ground.

Why the sudden change to these extending block sprites? Keep the level somewhat cohesive.

The key was in a easily reachable block right after this part. It took me all of 20 seconds to get the exit.

This level needs some serious work. Please go back and fix these things, and also make the level a little harder and a little more interesting.

I think that's about it #ab{:P}.
*Tried* playing levelengine's level. Epic fail. Either the level is way too fucking hard or I'm just worse than raocow. Seriously.

It's very well made and has a pretty creative difficulty format, but I've found some little unfair parts. Couldn't take screenies from the exact place, but there's a Koopakick section made of Note Blocks in the sublevel after the Midpoint, where I died plenty of times because I can't really time my jumps nor rely on Note Blocks. It's an instant shell in my face which leads me to a fiery pit of death.

Meh, I should have let this level to be the last to be playtested. This way I'd have time to really test Deppel's submap and Buried's new level with no time loss due to... uh, deaths.

Also I remembered other tons of things I have to do apart from Dark Side. Almost totally forgot about a port requested by ShadowAlexandre... and I still have that Heaven composition unfinished...


Originally posted by Egadd
@Q-bee, it's about time we call the hack TVLC (the Volcano Lotus collab, not Vanilla Level contest). It makes a lot more sense!

I agree. When I make the new thread I'll be sure to put this as the title.
Well, SMWKing2000, I have to say, your level was pretty well done. I liked its classic atmosphere and the difficulty.
But I think there was too much spike spamming.
Also, I could puke when I see p-switch-waiting.
Time for the rundown on SMWK2K's level.

This looks a little weird to me compared to the rest of the scenery. You could also consider using a different palette for the walk-through blocks.

Jumping to here was a instant hit. Remove some spikes.

Go a little easier on the spikes. The main problem with this level, however, is that it has no main concept. It just throws every possible Castle thing at you. Give it some consistency. I would also suggest changing up the palettes a bit. The level seemed to bright to me imo. The difficulty was spot-on though, something we've been having trouble with.
Okay, there we go, guys.

The new thread is here.

And this one shall be... Buried Alive, heh.


Link Thread Closed