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Old Dark Side of The Kingdom Thread - Mods please close

Link Thread Closed


Might have something for a general athletic theme. Keep you posted.
Check out my music!
Posting minor progress because why not.

4 seconds of Mushroom Kingdom submap (it'll have ~20 sec when done)
Probable stuff for Grinder Factory

The W8 Fortress theme (Grinder Factory) is unclaimed, so it's possible to be taken away from my hands.

Also a subdomain in would be perfect. I could update signup lists effectively fast.
Not bad, Q-bee! I think it will fit to the scenery, but you could try to bring a more energetic catch into it. Maybe a nice crazy flute melody or something but for now it´s ok. By the way: I don´t have much time in the moment (school bla bla bla >_>) so I´ll need maybe some weeks. But I think that´s ok because we´re not close to the end of this hack. We´re more at the beginning! ^^
I've just realized what I wanted to do. Could I claim level 10D AND Map16 page C?
Your claim is guaranteed. You can already start working on your level (BTW I'm taking the freedom to coordinate the thread during the official leaders' inactivity).

And no need to claim Map16 pages, secondary entrances or the like (they can be moved in the final version). Make your level as if you were doing a normal hack - just ZIP your external resources used (like ASM, blocks, music or sprites) when done.

@mrdeppel: Do you intend to use a subdomain on Let me know - I may not be leading this anymore nor hosting the Base, but I could update signup lists while you (and the others) are absent.

Also I totally need to finish my compositions. I want to make a level.
I'll claim the Level 00B, and the Level Design here is... Vanilla or Choconilla, BTW, I can do this level?

E: BTW, Claiming Sublevel 031.
*checks level list*

It's yours, my friend.

Design is mostly Choconilla, but Vanilla is a choice, too.
Also, Claiming Map16Page 0xF.

You Guys can Change the Tileset if You want, Later...
I don't think that the tileset or the palettes will be changed. That's a lovely work so far!
Thanks, Also, I have a Question. How to make the Tide Layer 3 don't follow the camera? Like in the level 012?
You can copy-paste the code I've used in LevelASM for INIT and MAIN into your level slot. You may want to change certain defines to change the tide height. The patch is within the Base ROM ZIP. Just take a look.

And don't forget to send your edited LevelCode.asm and LevelInitCode.asm with your IPS when done. Cheers~
No more inactivity from tomorrow on.

Btw, I would like to manage the files etc. on my one :)
Well, I'll use this code in another level, ok?


Slow Progress, but I guess that isn't too bad. Also, I'll use the level 031 for the 2nd Part of this level.

Also, NINJ'D
You look inspired, which is great!

And there's nothing bad, at all! Everything is well done. Creative design, perfect palettes, awesome tileset mixing and all good!

Just by its apprearance I can say this is turning out to be one of my favorite levels of this project. Yay, keep it up! Can't wait to play this!
Finished Level :3

Here's the BaseROM

Yeah, just the IPS, I don't insert any ExGFX/Music/Block, just a level and the Palettes.

Okay, that's fine. If you everyone change your mind, though, my offer stands :)
Oh yeah, Map16 pages and stuff... Umm, I already took Map16 Page 3D. And does one of you know a sprite spawning a specific sprite all 1-2 seconds. I also could change some values for this purpose (have little knowledge of ASM).

@ShadowPhoenix Looks beautiful. *_* Keep up thegood stuff! ^^
Glad to see You Guys Liked the Level :3

Also, Maybe I do changes in the Level, because that seems a bit or a lot too Easy.
Great job SP! This was a very good level. Here's a couple things that might need some work.

This might not be immediately recognizable as an insta-hurt object. I might also be being ignorant >_<.

Bad corner tile.

That sign looks weird and could easily be the full thing.

It might just be me, but this level took a really long time. You might want to make the timer a bit higher.

Other than that, great!

On the topic of my level, I just have to finish up sprite placement and decoration and it will be fit to go.

Also, I hate that most of the team updates while I'm at school. :(
some story ideas for Dasiy Kingdom
.*cutsceen after level 13A*
Alcry:Wario we might as well give up.Sorry but I am started to get tired and I am missing my T.V shows like..Wario,Why do you have that
werid face? *Wario and Alcry sees a giant golden saute of Daisy*
Alcry:Why is the saute flying?
Wario:It is not flying.Do you see that ship takeing my treasure with
it anchor.
*Mario jumps on top of the ship*

Mario:Wario, you might have save me and peach from the Evil Sprite but Do you really think just becuse you save me we are NOW friends.
and once I give this saute to Peach She MUST make me the KING of the Mushroom kingdom.

*Airship flys to the Mushroom Kingdoom with the golden saute*

Alcry:Wario is it me or has Mario been diffent ever since we got rid
of the Evil sprite.
Wario:I don't care About the way Mario acts .That stupid ship is
still in this kingdom.I AM GOING TO GET MY TREASURE!!!


Link Thread Closed