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Old Dark Side of The Kingdom Thread - Mods please close

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Originally posted by mrdeppelman

Guess you meant levelengine.

Yeah, the design is good, but the level is really hard. I don't think this could be made the Heaven Castle - it fits nicely as a Fortress (plus I was planning on doing a Castle level and this came as an option for me but meh I can't claim it now).

I guess MrDeppel can make sprite adjustments on his own, and I'd like to offer myself to work with palettes since the Fortress' inside BG has a little bit strange colors.
I should give you an update:
I claimed sprite C0. It is now a shooter (shoots grinders, line-guided). The problem: All grinders are on highest priority... I think I should insert an extra sprite, or not? line-guided grinder with the second highest priority. I hope this is okey for you...
The Level doesn´t have any new stuff. But I work on it today until 8 pm. :3
If you excuse me. I have to shovel snow. I FRICKIN LOVE SNOW!!! Snow storms in Germany...
Yes, it's fine to have an extra Grinder sprite for this purpose.

Bonus idea: I know that Metal has even coded some tiny and giant Grinders - maybe if he accepts to hand them out for you to use, we can have some other nice gimmicks? Don't know, I just had a brainstorm (BTW I can draw SMW-styled Grinder variations if that's the case).

Okay. Now go shovel your snow quickly so you can get back to your level soon, haha.
Back from tha snow!
@Q-bee Okey, good to hear that I can use some more sprites. Before some days I also had this idea with the different kinds of grinders but I am still not quite sure. But I firstly should hack now! ^^
Vink, ich will auch Schnee D: Schäm dich ;w;

Of course I could give you guys the 64x64/16x16 grinders. :3
osu! | Super Mario World Nyaa :3

Formerly known as MetalJo
I have two idea for a grinder.what about a bouncing grinder and a on and off grinder.Also I am going to clam level 005.
I Saw the First Post of this thread and I think... Can You insert the link of the video of my Level, deppel?

And more two things, this image is better than this image, and why Wario's name in Status Bar is Light-Blue? Just Wondering...
Okey, it is 2 am and I should go to bed, but I think there are many grinder ideas and all of them have their charme. BUT: If I would use all of them I would make the level too "grindery". My level concept is that you have to keep some produced grinders from time to time to get over holes and stuff.

Metal, ich weiß, dass du Schnee willst... Soll ich dir welchen schicken? ^^
Originally posted by ShadowPhoenix
and why Wario's name in Status Bar is Light-Blue? Just Wondering...

That's the color of Wario's W letter on his cap, according to Q-bee.

And speaking of screenshots, could you put this one up there?
Ehm sorry, I'm not going to show all the levels there, because the first post would be to long xD That's enough I think... but I can update it from time to time. But I'm going to put the video there of course ;)
About screenies in the first post, I'd say it's fine to put them there, but using links instead of direct screenies. I'd ask to link SPCs as well... but yep, MrDeppel is right - it'd be soooo much content for a first post, especially because if there are people wanting to join.

They won't be really looking for tons of pics (I mean, they will be looking for some to know how things may look like, but not tons of them), but the guidelines and the Base. We can have things there, but not in excess.
Can I claim the Castle of Smash Mountain (Level Number 107)? I could do something with minecarts or something like that. ^^
AddmusicM rocks!
Yours. The minecart seems to be an interesting idea, but do keep in mind that this Castle may have some "smash" things as well as icy details/features. I had even an idea: instead of minecarts, you could have Ice Toboggans?

Well, random idea. Good luck, and remember the Choconilla style!
I will claim the Green Switch Palace.
What needs to be done with my level (Divine Acropolis) before it is complete, besides difficulty adjustments?
Minor palette adjustements, mainly in the Castle Background and some other things.

I remember a wooden platform thing (maybe made of Ghost House Window tiles) in an internal Fortress section that has flashing yellow colors, and that looks strange. You could change its palette or even use ExGFX to recolor those tiles.

And the unenterable black doors, I think, could also be a bit improved.
Okey, I have a really slow progress. I am just done with 6 screens in the second part but I will finish the level. I just need time.
There will not be an update evry day because it is good enough for giving a report at important progress states. ^^
So far, I've got different palettes for the wood ledges (they don't flash due to magic any more) and I've adjusted the castle background palette for the interior segment.

About the difficulty, I don't know what to do since each of us may have a different skill level and say radically different things about the difficulty. For example, I thought it was fine while Egadd thought it was much too tough.
Originally posted by levelengine
About the difficulty, I don't know what to do since each of us may have a different skill level and say radically different things about the difficulty. For example, I thought it was fine while Egadd thought it was much too tough.

I think the problem is less skill and more a focus on run tactics and trial and error. I tend to play cautiously, too cautiously for this level. If I can play the level without having to run and memorize enemy positions (just look at my log to see problematic ones) then it should be fine. There's also the fact that you're the level designer.
Shoryuken has been absent for 2 weeks. I was so hard expecting something from him. What's up?

Also, SMW King 2000 is on charge of W1 Castle for over a month, and it's been a few weeks since his last progress showoff.

Guys, what's happening to you?


On another note, I need to compose the factory thing... but I'm having a headache instead of inspiration. =V

If I don't get something done until Sunday, I may drop it.


Link Thread Closed