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Old Dark Side of The Kingdom Thread - Mods please close

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I'm working hard on my new hack and I'm going to release it in december.
But I think I can finish the castle in a week.
I'm posting screens tomorrow.

My Youtube Channel:
Sorry I haven't shown anything; I've been kind of busy with work lately. I am going to get some serious work done on my level soon, though.
Oh, nice to hear that. I was kinda wondering if you were working on your level or not, as nobody really replied to you shortly after you did your claim, though your name was added to the list.

Well, good luck both to you and SMW King 2000.

Only Shoryuken now...
Please, man, give a signal of life here instead of using YT to do so.

DUDE, I'm too late... but I'm Still waiting for the guys with the finished levels for I do my. My Apologies about that #ab{:(}
Welp - nobody imposed you to do it for a certain due date. You shouldn't feel sorry for something that you've imposed yourself.

Cheers up and don't worry - do it whenever you please. If you choose to wait, well, decision respected. We're not enforcing you to work, so yeah.
That's Okay, when Buried Alive finish his level, I'll claim...

... Claiming Level 004 and Sublevel 034.

Also, Cheers ~
So, uh, how does one go about claiming map16 space, blocks, etc.?
@ShadowPhoenix: Yours!

@K3fka: When I was running the leadership, things like that were completely open source (like, nobody needed to claim anything, but could make use to whatever possible, that later would be reorganized and ported to the Base). I guess it's still working the same way, but if I'm wrong, MrDeppel will let everybody know later.

Just the thing about external resources is that you may ZIP everything you've used together with your level. Anyway, I think there's no need to worry about slots and the like.

Relevant reminder edit: Custom block behaviors should be inserted on Page 3. Actual tiles that you may use in the level may be used in any other page, but with the custom behavior.
Okay, also, I just remembered that back when I was trying to make my first real hack (which was Wario-themed), I ripped a garlic sprite to use as a mushroom replacement. It turns out I still have it if you guys are interested:

Having it would be cool, but I prefer to keep the Mushroom. Because yay, Choconilla, pretty much the same SMW powerup setups...

But the decision is not up to me... eh...
I go with the garlic sprite. it make more sense that Wario would eat
garlic instead of mushrooms.
My official opinion is that I'm neutral about the garlic. I could go either way. It does look nice though.

On the topic of my composition, the composing is done (and has been done for days). Sadly, I'm having trouble getting it to work as a mml. If someone could fix it for me, that would be great, I'm no good with Music Code. The mml is right here. Also, if anyone would like to listen to the midi, it's right here.
Originally posted by Egadd
My official opinion is that I'm neutral about the garlic.

I wanted to say this. Well, let's go for it, then.

Well, man, I'm getting your MIDI and MML files. I'll lend a hand to make the song work, and it shall be done this week.

Also, I should announce that I'll be absent here tomorrow, but I'll have a great amount of time to make such musical things. Maybe with some inspiration I can finally put my hands on my composition and finish it. Actually, priority on Egadd's.
Originally posted by Q-bee
Well, man, I'm getting your MIDI and MML files. I'll lend a hand to make the song work, and it shall be done this week.

Thanks man! If you could send it back after it's done, I can fix up the mixing and instruments myself.
Ok guys, showing that I'm here ;) I'm going to update the Level and Compositions lists today. Also, the progress on my grassland level is very slow, because I'm actually working on my private hack to finish it.
About the garlic, I think it's nice to have it, but I also like the mushroom better. But of course my opinion doesn't matter, we'll see if we use it ;)
Also no problem about not finishing levels in a week or two, there are also private hacks and also reallife to be managed (my grammer sucks pretty much lol).
Finally, I think with my inactivity the last two weeks and not showing screenshots of my level now I'm the second worst hack leader of all time (after Falconpunch). Hooray! Meh, it's going to get better.
We could search for inspiration for the powerups in the old Wario Land. There were these different hats which gave you different powers!

Aw, don't worry Mrdeppel! At least our project is freeform! And people are still doing stuff right! (sometimes)

Vink, first, could you use the URL button on the top row of the post creator? Just a pet peeve of mine.

But yeah, hats might be an interesting idea in the future, but keep in mind we're still in the salad days of this hack, we can decide less game changing things in the future.

Now I want to know what hack FP led...
Originally posted by Egadd
Now I want to know what hack FP led...

SMWCP, I think
Originally posted by me
Might have something for a general athletic theme. Keep you posted.

and here it is (wip)
Check out my music!
Originally posted by Moose
and here it is (wip)

Wow this sounds awesome! I am very impressed because it sounds even in the work in progress state catchy! ^^


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