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2nd Annual Strawberry “Short and Sweet” Level Design Contest [Results Announced!]

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Last year the contest I held went pretty good so I thought I’d give it another go.

Submission period is now over judging period has started.

If you want to play any of the submitted levels you can find all 12 in this Zip file

I’ve changed a few of the rules from last year see them below in orange.


Please read ALL of these rules carefully quite a few were broken last year.

• length can be only 15 (0F in Hex) screens max (keep in mind screens start at 00 in LM)

• Can use multiple lunar magic levels if desired but total screen amount must be 15 (0F in hex) or lower.

• intro screen, title screen, and cutscenes do not count toward the screen amount. Note however that they will not be judged.

• Can use as many ExGFX files as you see fit.
Last year I restricted the amount of files for tiles to four but no more!

• Only permitted to use 1 FG map 16 page and 1 BG map 16 page, however you can use whatever is there by default in the 1st two map 16 pages (vine tile, lava, turn block etc).

• Ghost house/castle/no Yoshi Intros do NOT count towards the screen limit.

• Feel free to add a credits level/ending just make sure it is a separate level on the overworld. (Note that it won’t be judged)

• Please name your level and put the name in the same post as your submission

• Please ensure your level is satisfactory prior to submitting it, you will not be permitted to update your level after the deadline.

• Can be vanilla or chocolate. (I will not favor one over the other!)

• Please do not submit old levels created prior to the start of this contest

• Can use any version of Lunar Magic

• Entries MUST be in IPS form and submitted using the file bin (or other method for instant download access)

• Post a link to your ips patch in this topic, if you decide to update make a NEW post

• Leave your level unlocked in lunar magic

How a level will be judged

Level Design -/10
How interesting or unique was the level? Was it original or something we’ve all seen before. If custom sprites were used how well did they fit the level? If Vanilla did the person make good use of original resources?

Graphics -/10
How did the level look? Did it have an ugly palette, has the palette been used a 100 times before? Is there any graphical or color clash?

Difficulty & Funfactor -/10
Is the level actually enjoyable or does it just annoy or stress the player out? Is it super easy to beat or borderline impossible?

Functionality -/10
Does everything work like it’s supposed to? Are there sprite limitations, or does slowdown occur?

Maximum points possible 40


Besides a little image of a trophy for the top three level designers I will give out a $10 Amazon gift card for the winner of the contest.

I’ll up the amount to $15 if I get a least 20 Quality entries.

Winner will be paid by two $5 Gift Cards (via 2 codes). Unfortunately I can’t get or any other type of Amazon gift card. You’re welcome to give your 2 gift card codes to a friend but you will have to send them the codes yourself as I will only send the codes to you (the winner).

After the contest has ended and the winner is declared you must claim your prize simply by responding to a PM by me. I will then send you the two codes and you can do whatever you like with them. You have 30 days after results are announced to claim your prize before I declare you uninterested and you forfeit the cash prize. Unclaimed money will go towards funding next year’s contest.


I will judge in this contest and would like 1-3 people to help if they can. If anyone is willing to judge for this contest please PM me. Please only contact me if you are seriously interested in judging and keep in mind that judging will not start until the end of the year (December 31st). I will ask judges to not judge entries as they are submitted in case the contestant decides to update later on.

I believe that covers everything if there are any questions feel free to ask. Good luck everyone!
Can the amazon gift cards be given in £ or not?
My entry, Wreck it Mario. I remember last year when I rage quit this contest due to frustration about the rules.
This level uses the "teleport if all onscreen sprites are defeated" custom sprite, and you get a different ending depending on which screen you wreck all onscreen sprites. Credit also goes to Archie and Daizo for testing.
Kaizo hackers, feel free to make a Kaizo version of this level's gimmick if you want. I'm not sure if I even have any plans for it right now.
P.S. See if you can find the secret exit. The credits level has a stinger.
Legacy custom music
A site where you can watch my YT videos AND be able to hit that dislike where your dislike will be visible to other people and not have to rely on a browser extension

Originally posted by JDC
Can the amazon gift cards be given in £ or not?

Sorry but gift cards will only be of use to people in North America I believe. I really wish I were able to make the cash prize available to anyone in the world but I’m not currently able to.
Bowser's Chimney

Here is my entry, "Bowser's Chimney".
Wait, so there are no restrictions on things like custom sprites, blocks, graphics, etc. so long as we limit our Map16 usage, and it doesn't matter what arbitrary ice cream flavor category the level would fall under?

Just want to make sure I understand the rules, since I may actually enter this if I have time.
Youtube (Main) | Youtube (Alt) | Bandcamp | DeviantART
Originally posted by AxemJinx
Wait, so there are no restrictions on things like custom sprites, blocks, graphics, etc. so long as we limit our Map16 usage

There are no restrictions at all on custom sprites, blocks or graphics.

As long as the level is 15 screens (0F in Hex) or lower and you follow the Map 16 (default pages plus a FG and BG) restrictions it’ll be all good.

Originally posted by AxemJinx

and it doesn't matter what arbitrary ice cream flavor category the level would fall under?

Originally posted by Rules

Can be vanilla or chocolate. (I will not favor one over the other!)

Okay, here's my entry for the competition:

Cataclysmic City

NOTE: About the background in the "bonus" level, I edited the original background graphics, so I don't believe it counts towards the MAP16 limitations.

- Signed, LuigiTime
I've got my entry for the competition finished:

Stagnant Isle

Ignore the random smoke above the level tile in the overworld.

And oh yeah, I've decided to go through all of these entries as soon as the due date is reached (hopefully I finish them ALL this time).
Whether I can judge this contest or not, I'm planning to LP through all of the entries since there aren't too many (that might change by December 30th). Am I allowed to become a judge despite the fact I'm already a contestant in the contest?
Nothing like waiting till the last minute!

(Click Image for patch)

The name is "U View"

I’m disappointed in myself I basically waited till the last minute to work on the actual level design. Well anyway enjoy!
...and time is up!

Thank you all for participating in my 2nd contest! Judging will now begin.

EDIT: This Zip file contains all 12 entries for anyone who wants to play them.
I should have the results ready tomorrow morning (no promises). For now you can have a look at the new trophy case: (Remember they’re unofficial)

Edit: Actually there might be a little delay now since Snifit is preparing another top 5 video.

Edit2: Improved the look of the trophys.
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