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The Joke Entry Contest - Rules / Submissions (TIME UP)

Link Thread Closed


1) It must be possible to reach all possible endings without slowdown.
If your entry does not have an actual ending, the 'dead end' point must be able to be reached without slowdown.
2) Your entry must have any integral number of exits that is between 0 and 4, exclusive.
3) Your entry must contain at least ONE screen and may not be longer than 69 screens
4) You may use any resources (ASM, ExGFX, custom music, costum bossers, etc) for your entry. There are no limitations. There will be no specific judging for these but if used correctly will boost the score on the three existing judging points.
5) Your entry may only contain one level.
6) You may change the overworld or title screen. Like the custom resources, there is no specific scoring but it can add to the existing judging points.
7) Please do not lock your entry. If one of the judges gets stuck, LM will be used to make sure that is not the end of the entry.
8) As long as your entry follows these rules, ANYTHING GOES as long as it's hilarious or jokey.

Note that you should NOT, for ANY reason, submit your entry to the official hacks section. Use a different uploading service such as your files

Laughter (x/10): How much did the judges laugh at your entry?
Visuals (x/5): Did your entry burn our eyes or caused us to crap rainbows or was it some boring grayshade?
Originality (x/5): Did you make something original or have we seen it twenty times already?

- PatPatPat
- xJakku
- Egadd

Deadline: 21/12/2012 (ALMOST OUT OF TIME)

Note that this thread is only for submissions. All posts about this contest that do not contain a submission should be in the discussion thread.

[22:25:05] <%andy_k_250> Turkey and Grease will one day be reunited - that day will be... Thanksgiving
Hello, smwc. I am here to aid Ersanio in his quest to get rid of those HALLUCINOGENIC MUSHROOMS. In this hack you will see just what happens to Mario when he eats a mushroom, and the horror he goes through. After playing this we hope you will show your support and not use mushrooms to make Mario big any more. LINK.

Edit: Mine needs to be patched to the ROM.
Might as well show this entry. No real chances of winning, but I wrote some ASM stuff for it. Also, boss rush (4 bosses) and easter egg, just to make the hack carol's quality. Introducing... Teh Hack 2.09 - the sequel to Teh Hack 2 and SMW Epic Adventures in Test Levels.

Two exits, but I seriously doubt you will find second (that with key and keyhole).
I'm going to submit mine now. I don't think anyone has ever done this before, in fact I hope no one has.

Joke Entry (Unique as well)
Hello! This is my first SMW contest entry! I hope you think it's good.

My joke entry
Enjoy this:

Unplayable level.
Here is my entry
RMG Productions
gotta go left

2 exits

Edit: The level "glitch" in ZSNES (expecially the musics that should be faster instead of slower). I recommend using snes9x.
Your layout has been removed.
My Entry. You will need Python 3 to run it, as I haven't had time to convert it into a .exe file, and even if I did, I have no idea how to. Because putting songs into a text game is kind of wild, you can instead opt into the soundtrack by listening to it here. ORIGINAL COMPOSITION DO NOT STEAL |:

This is a text based adventure game where the goal is to reach the last screen. It asks the bold question "What if Mario was a wall of text only crafted by our imagination?" and then never answers it. It may also have the occasional bug where I said the wrong variable somewhere, but I found all I could up to this point.

The coding side is sloppy and could be far more efficient, plus it's lacking in comments in most areas. Good luck understanding my jargon if it all goes wrong!

(Currently commenting the code as you sit here reading...)
New Version as of the time of this edit, which disables the God command I used to make it...
An even newer version which fixes some horrible grammar and makes the battle system work properly!

YOUR layout has been removed.

I do non-kaizo beta tests!
Check my profile for more details.

A Mario and Luigi Story: The Universe's Star Demo 2:
Status: Dead until I regain interest. Link to hack thread.

It's a link btw.

Updated my submission.

I no longer have interest in SMW Hacking as I did when I first started several years ago.


(First mod guy who spots this: please lock)

[22:25:05] <%andy_k_250> Turkey and Grease will one day be reunited - that day will be... Thanksgiving
Link Thread Closed