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Mario's Silver Land EP1: The Darkland
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Hello everyone!
This is the update thread of my hack. Some information about my hack.
This hack includes:

- 29 levels (13 complete so far)
- 4 world maps.
- Some custom objects
- Some custom tiles (which are mostly made of the normal tiles)
- And 32 exits (including the switch palace and the final castle)


Old maps:

Final map without events:

Final map with events:

---Level names:---

World 1:

1-1 Welcome home! (Complete)
1-2 One level up (Complete)
1-F The new hall (Complete)

World 2:

2-1 Goodnight Mario (Complete)
2-2 Tommorow is big (Complete)
2-3 Drill mario! (Complete)
2-F The lost hall (Complete)

World 3:

3-1 Introducing *Yoshi*
3-2 The mini plants
3-3 Feeling chilly?
3-F The high hall

World 4:

4-1 Let is snow
4-2 Cloudy dream (complete)
4-3 Soft star
4-F The dream hall

World 5:

5-1 Sand road (complete)
5-2 Forest of trees
5-3 Sleeping woods
5-4 A road to me
5-F Outside hall

World 6:

6-1 Drowning sand
6-2 Remember this? (Complete)
6-3 Let me swim
6-4 Dark beach
6-5 At the end
6-F The final hall?

World 0:

0-1 One icy price
0-2 The dark zone
0-F The end (Final level)


0-0 The new land (Complete)
0-P The dark switch (Complete)

I'll make more screenshots and keep this thread up-to-date. Thanks for reading! #tb{;)}

The overworld looks good, but there are some lines missing.


My Youtube Channel:
I like the land formations in the northwest and southwest, as well as the islands in the north, because they have enough variation and curves that they look pretty natural. The only exception there would be the northwest coastline, because it looks too artificially zigzaggy to me.

When I look to the southeast, though, it essentially looks like a rectangle to me, and I think you could make the variation in the cliff edge more pronounced, with wider swings in and out.

Also, the islands in the center, especially the ones with the pipe and fortress- why limit yourself to squares? Maybe it's just me, but I feel like it would be more interesting if the shapes were a bit more complex (like those islands in the north), even if Mario doesn't really travel across them at all.

Overall though, the map is nice- it has a good sense of balance, I think.

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OW actually feels kind of empty and squished against the sides to me. I know there are only a few levels but they are all pushed against the corners, leaving a lack of sense of space. I would center them all personally, gives a better relationship between levels as well rather than disjointed pipes.

Just an opinion though.
I made some screenshots from my 1st lvl. I hope it isn't too flat. I somehow aren't that great at level design.
Mostly the 1st half goes pretty good but then I get stuck thinking for hours making something well... A bit less great.
BUT, I hope this one would be waaaay better than the levels I tried to make at my 1st attempt of making a real hack.
R.I.P. SMW 5, welcome Mario's Silver Land!

Anyways, Here are the screenshots. I think this level is quite "ok" or "good enough".

PS: I would love to hear what you people think of this and how to improve my level.
It seems that it helped making my OW a bit less empty so I can't wait to hear something about my level design. #ab{:LOL:}

Not bad, man! You have pretty cool colors there and the design looks sweet.

I don't see any issues as of now, so I can't help but to say: keep it up, I'm looking forward to see more from you.

I like the foreground, but the background pallet could be better.
And the level design is really good and it's not to flat.


My Youtube Channel:
Thanks you two! #ab{:D} I am glad you liked it.

This time I got some screenshots from the 2nd lvl. Just some story behind this: After defeating lvl 1 you have to look at how it ends because I made the beginning of lvl 2 the same way as lvl 1 ended. (Sorry if it didn't make much sense. I am not english so I am trying my best to make something good out of it, haha.)

Anyways, here are the screenshots:

First it was like nothing.

But then I pressed the POW switch.

What do you think? I didn't include the sky part but if you want to see it i'll make some screenshots about that too. #ab{:D}

I personaly think this lvl's background doesn't fit somehow. Well, half. In the sky part it does it's job very well. Besides that I do like this one alot. #ab{:P}

Oh, cute screenies! Is that BG an edit of the SMW's forest one? It looks so beautiful!

The cave colors are very nice, too.

Design in overall looks pretty appealing and fun, and the cave bonus room adds a nice touch.

Hello everyone! #ab{:D}

I added all the level names to the begin post. I included screenshots from all the maps with it too.

1 thing is sure, the cave map looks a bit simple. :l

This looks vary nice good job.
RMG Productions
(I re-posted this because my computer showed up errors for some weird reason, haha)

Hello everyone!

I am nearly done with my 3rd level which is the fortress... Well I have called them all a "hall" but that doesn't matter. I worked on this one since yesterday and I will finish it today. A little story: Mario's 1st hall was up ahead when he smelled a strange smell. When he entered he found that there was some green liquid in the pits. And by suprise the pits where filled with acid.

Here are the screenshots! I hope I timed them right, haha. #ab{:LOL:}

At the beginning.

Welcome to the Dark Zone Mario (this is part of the level and the adventure as if you go further you'll see this kind of zone way more often).

I thought, why not a little simple puzzle to kill the time.

In the end.

So what do you think? I think it's one of my more enjoyable levels since It's a bit more well... different. Now I beleve I am nearly at 40% completion of the Demo. Have a nice day #ab{;)}.

Oh wow, this hack looks pretty cool ^^
For the castle: I like it's palette, it's really special for some reason. Also, nice background. You are really good at vanilla mixing.
Looking forward to the demo :)
Update! I think I finished the 1st level of world 2! This is also the last level from above ground in the demo version. (That means I am 50% done with the demo! #ab{:LOL:})

Here are the screenshots of the level:

The 1st section is kindof basic with a little twist.

Then we head into a cloud, literaly...

So what do you think? For myself I think it could've been more better if I added just some final touches but it seems my pallet doesn't come along with it, haha. Ohwell I hope you like it. #ab{;)}

It looks nice so far but try to fix the pipe palett in the dark zone.


My Youtube Channel:
Pretty nice screenies there! It reminds me a lot of RaindropDry's design style, which's my favorite by the way. Clever design and pretty palettes - fit the environment extremely well - , though sprites look still a bit strange, because they kinda look "hot" in a regular night setting. SMW King 2000 said something about the pipes, but I do think they look nice.

Other than this little detail, no problems.

And I love your paletting style in general. I see many people that desaturates colors a lot and they don't get quite the right setting for certain levels. But you can make vivid and fitting colors at the same time.

Wonderful work! Keep it up!


On a note about Vanilla-styled BGs that you've commented about on Dark Side thread:

Originally posted by BS187
Do you all create the backgrounds yourself? I need a sea like background with a vanilia style but I cannot find one at the Graphics section. The fact that there are so many pages of ExGFX doesn't help either. Anyways, makes me jelous looking at it.

We mainly explore Vanilla graphics on SMW, so there isn't really Vanilla-styled BGs on the Graphics section (but I may be wrong). Vanilla hackers, in general, use the BG2 & BG3 slots for other GFX slots, and then mix them together by editing Map16 BG pages.

In Dark Side, there are some Vanilla-styled BGs who had a few minor graphical edits just to improve a few details (this BG I did, for example). But aside, SMW might have all there's to it to create such things. It's, like, choose your BG2 & BG3 slots, and start playing with Map16 and palettes.

I already fixed the hot coloring. It was on purpose but it seemed unfitting so I got rid of it.

I updated the screenshots of the map in the 1st post. This is the final map so no more updates the the main map anymore. #ab{;)}

This hack is having an awesome progress, have great maps and submaps, levels with great design, and quality, You're doing a nice jog, keep it up!
Thanks, you made my day. #ab{:LOL:}

And talking about progress, here's the switch palace level. It may look simple but it's easy to screw up the 1st time you play it. #ab{;)}

Seems pretty cool, but I don't like the Cutoff in the Rope and Flying Muchers are a bad thing, You can change the Munchers for a Solid/Unsolid Block if the Silver P-Switch is pressed.

But anyway, seems a pretty cool level :3
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