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Mario's Silver Land EP1: The Darkland

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I made a introduction level! (This was somehow really hard while this is really simple so simple in fact that I feel dumb about it, haha.)

I edited the begin post a bit and that's kinda all that happend... I can make some screenies from the intro level if some of you want to see it. #ab{;)}

Well, would be nice if you posted some screenies. Maybe someone can see something which could be improved, or give some other ideas?
How stupid of me to ask for it while I just could post it. Sorry for that.

Anyways something I want to add:

-I am not sure what happens when you die so I didn't put enemies because of that purpose
-The image is too big so I justed added a link... Well here.
-Oh and the image just covers nearly everything. There isn't much more intresting to show really it's kindof a 30 second long level if you don't want to get everything.

When you die at the Intro level, it gets resetted, though you can go further and die countless times, causing a bug in the Lives counter. But it's fixable if you use some kind of LevelASM code or a custom generator. Though, depending on the workaround, may be a bit complex.

Anyways, you have a pretty interesting setup. It's not every hack that has a playable Intro level, and the design is pretty good, as well as the simple palettes.
I've always liked those abstract monochrome levels, the Castle Bleck-inspired ones. For full effect, maybe you should get rid of the dirt dots and have only bright white outlines? Otherwise, good level design.
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Hey everyone!

I finished level 6-2. Even if it isn't included in the demo. Well... It basicly is but you can't play it. Anyways, I made some screenshots from the level:

Look at his eyes. Seems there was a bubble in the way and now it looks really funny. #ab{:P}

Anyways, here is the rest.

I hope you like it. SMB (from SMAS) feels very nostalgic to me because I played it alot when I was a little kid. I personaly like this level alot. The only downside is that in the end there's supposed to play a beach song but I can't find any. If anyone can help it would be really nice. Nonetherless thanks for reading. #ab{;)}

Hi everyone!

I made my 1st ExGFX! Yay! It's a beach tileset... It's not done yet but here's a screenshot of it. I made it with graphics from SMB (SMAS).

I like that tileset a lot. All hazy and laid back. Reminds me of Icegoom's work, wherever he went. (I'm honestly be more shocked if he returned than if SNN woke up one day before the New Year and said he was quitting hacking for good!*)

*And I mean totally quitting, not just stepping down from admin status.
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Current project: Mario's Kool-Aid Acid Trip
The tileset looks really good way too go. #smw{:TUP:}
RMG Productions
The hack looks pretty good! Level design seems alright and the OW is good. However, I think it could be a bit more decorated. Maybe add some more decorative land masses/islands?
Update! I made a title screen. It took a while to get everything fitting but it finaly worked out and here it is:

I still am trying to fix the frame but this is it. #w{=3}
(Oh and sorry for those blue bits in the letters, I used paint to make the image more clear but I forgot to color the gaps.)

Background is a lot empty, You must be add some things in the Title Screen, ohg, and the fonts seems pretty cool.
This is a printscreen from Lunar Magic. That's why it's so empty.

Update! (Yay)
Here are some beta screens from lvl 5-1:

I made... Well, traced the tree myself because I couldn't find them in the graphics section of this site so yah I hope I didn't make any mistakes drawing/tracing them.

Yay for quick sand! I don't know if there's already a block from it but this asm coded block is made by RonaldCoLtd. And I have added the GFX. The only problem is that the sand does not have any animation since I don't know how ExAnimation works.

Besides that I got an updated final map:

I hope you like it. I seem to have a little slow progress due to school but I have christmas holiday now so I might complete the demo soon. #ab{:LOL:}

More good stuff. That last submap is fantastically ominous. World 0? Spoooookyyyy!

Your traced tree looks great. Did you just open up a screenshot in another window of SMAS and copy what you saw in YY-CHR? I can't tell it from the real thing, so use it!

I like the concepts--just remember to combine them with enemies, obstacles, and keep the design interesting.
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Current project: Mario's Kool-Aid Acid Trip
Merry Christmas everyone! I hope you have got a nice time. #ab{;)}


I made a new level. This is the 6th level of the demo which includes only 7 if I am right that would wind up just to be enough time to be accepted. Anyways screenshots:

1st segment:

2nd segment:

In the 3rd segment there is a little message for you:

And finaly you emm...:

Anyways, I hope you like it. This level is short but I wanted to introduce you to the Light Zones. #ab{:LOL:}

Hello everyone!

I want to say that I will publish the demo around December 30. Then I'll stop working on it for a while since I want to try something else. I want to do a couple things with a new project and do something with my profile. Anyways, I hope you'll enjoy the demo when it's ready.

Thanks and have a nice day. #ab{;)}

Looking forward this project...It has some fun segments! Why don't you finish first this one fully then starting another project?
That's because I am out of level design and want to make a short hack with an own created character and I would love to make a team hack out of it but that's mostlikely not going to happen because of what I want to do with it. I do have the whole idea in my mind and I didn't had that at Silver Land. Silver Land was going to be a short hack but it seems to be too heavy for me alone. I like to make small hacks more than 20+ exit hacks. That's why I wait a bit until I have a reason to continue.

I have something importnant to say.

The demo is done. I just need to wait for the upcoming review of the hack and then, when it's a success, I'll publish it at the hacks section and hope it will be accepted. I've worked on this since the authumn break and I did my best to make the hack fun to play. Thank you all for the feedback I've had to improve my hack. After this I'll might start a smaller project too. This project will probebly not see the light of the day until Februari or with luck in late Januari. #w{=3}

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