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When did you start hacking?
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Like the title, when did you start hacking? What game did you hack?

Personally, the first time I learned about hacking, I saw some videos on Youtube. In the discription there was a link to Lunar Magic, so I decided to try it out. Of course I didn't know I needed a ROM, so it sat mationless on my desktop for weeks. One day I told my brother about it, and in a jiffy, he got me a fresh smw ROM and inserted it to Lunar Magic.

Man, I could not stop. I couldn't sleep at all, I just wanted to hack all day. Then I found this place.

Now I'm creating my own ExGFX and level design, it's been a long time since the first time I've got my hands on Lunar Magic, and look where I am now.


Hack Status: Cat Adventure Deluxe
-100% Undone
Since 2006

I'm guessing an accidental double thread. Figuring that you arn't a spammer.
it happens to everyone with a laggy computer,you hit the post or accept whaen making it 2 times and,it happens

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I found hacking when I was lookung through I saw the emulation section, and having no idea what emulation was, clicked on it. Saw the level editors section and was amazed! It linked me to FoSoYa's Niche, which linked me here. It was a while before I registered though, and I only hacked for about a month before it bored me and I quit for a few months. Then I dug it up on my computer and started again, along with registering here.
I have a computer game called Super Gerball. Its like Super Monkey Ball only with a level editor. I loved it and wondered if there was a level editor for one of my most favorite games, Super Mario World as well.

In June, 2005 I downloaded Lunar Magic. I didn't have a ROM or an Emulator or anything other that LM. So I couldn't do anything for a while.

In July, 2005 I finally figured out what a ROM was and found a SMW ROM. I opened it in LM and was so exited that it worked. I still didn't have an Emulator though but I made my first level.

In December, 2005 I bought the Super Nintendo Ultimate Game Pack Emulator for $20 over the internet. I didn't know I could play hacks on it, I only wanted it because I missed my SNES.

In January, 2006 With a little exploring I opened the ROM with the Emulator almost by accident (I wasn't trying to open it). And I freaked from exitement. I played my first level and it was glitchy!!! : )

And so it began...
i actually saw a site with a bunch of SMW hacks (at the time i really didnt know what they were). i was just googling and i found this site. i downloaded everything i needed and i was hooked, few weeks later i registered to this site. now i'm hooked on hacking snes games.

One day I was at the, looking for SMAS savestates. (big lol)

I found out they had a level editor section and they I found Fu's site and SMW Central. I just started SMW Hacking without knowing too much about the game itself. >_>

Actually, I still confuse the Koopa Kids and I can't get all the secret exits in the original game. :P
Overall, started hacking in 2001. It was Super Mario World. A friend of mine from school back then brought in a graphing calculator, that had Super Mario on it with a level editor. I searched high and low for it, and ended up finding an entirely different editor entirely, Lunar Magic. I liked SMW, so I was happy to find it.

I've been hacking Yoshi's Island since 2004, back when EggVine was in its early development (well, actually, there hasn't been much development on it entirely :P). I became a beta tester before the editor was released to the public, so I helped test for bugs and I compiled the list of levels.
Originally posted by darklink898
Actually, I still confuse the Koopa Kids and I can't get all the secret exits in the original game. :P

Heh, me too. XD
My story is kinda wierd actually...

I was in my Computer Engineering class (2 years ago)

and I rebuilt a Computer, from a pile of Junk parts

and as fate would have it, I selected a particularily shiney 20 GB Hard Drive...

Well as it turns out, after booting up the Computer, I was suprised to find out that there was still old files remaining on the computer!

Sorting throughout the Files I found several interesting pieces..

Nester, and FF1, and the Family Guy movie, but that's a different Story...

After several weeks of getting no results by expearimenting with these files, I had no luck.

Then one fateful day, I booted up the FF1 file just to try one last time.. This time I hit the "m" key, and it took me into the Game!
(yes I was stuck at the intro screen >_<)

After Disovering this amazing tool, I instantly ran to mah skewls Nearest Library (that made lot's of sense), and went to Google..

I typed in Nester and found the emulator, and a link to sites with Games on 'em. before ESAN00b Protection. I was estatic!

After looking some more around (later that night at home) I found an SMB3 hacking Program, and began my life as a H4CK3R...

This was in May(?) 2 years ago... I began SMW Hacking last November.

Your layout has been removed.
Ok, my story is probally the randomessed way to find here. Ok, so I was on youtube one day, and I was watching some videos. Then I went back to the main page (FROZE =0) and one of the video being watched now was ghettoyouths. SO, I saw other smw custom levels and they said they used lunar magic. I searched it, and then a while later I was saying they need a hacking site, so i searched it and ennded up here. The first days I was a guest, then I joined in.

Just back here to browse a bit.
Well, i was playing some Sonic games, and i thought: 'Hey.. I want to hack to!' So i searched for Sonic Hackin programs. But it was to hard for me >.< So,found this website. And SMW was one of my fav games. And hacking this was alot easier. So then i started hacking here.

Mario and the MT.Everest progress.

Levels: 3
OW: 25% Yup, still 25 %

For any idea's,bugs and more, go here:
Originally posted by Boingboingsplat
Originally posted by darklink898
Actually, I still confuse the Koopa Kids and I can't get all the secret exits in the original game. :P

Heh, me too. XD

im trying to get all the exits in the original game.

I've got an interesting story, but it's probably just about as interesting as any of the rest of our stories. I don't feel like writing it so I'll just quote from the Wiki.

Originally posted by FirePhoenix0 on SMWiki
FirePhoenix0 came to rom hacking quite inexperienced, but quickly grew out of that phase. After seeing hacks of Super Metroid, such as Drewseph's Super Metroid Redesign, he became inspired to try his own hand at it. After a very brief and unsuccessful stint into Super Metroid hacking, FP0 gave up on rom hacking for a time.

Towards the end of 2006, FirePhoenix found Lunar magic and began making his own hack. It didn't take long to realize that he would eventually need help at some point so he started to look for it. After remembering Acmlm's Board, where he'd gotten help for SM: Redesign by reading posts, he promptly joined and became a member of the community.

So that's it. I started on Super Metroid of all things! That is one touch game to hack I will tell you...

What the wiki doesn't say however is that when I was probably 12 or 13, I discovered M2Edit, the editor for Metroid 2. So I tried finding a rom of Metroid 2 and an emulator but failed and stuff so it never worked out. I gave up. Then about two years later, the above story started after seeing a picture of SM: Redesign on the internet.
Originally posted by Onyx

before ESAN00b Protection.

So true....
My story will be on the wiki later!
I originaly was using lunar magic to cheat, so I could beat the game quicker (back when I was a n00b).
I found hacking when I was looking through I saw the emulation section, and having no idea what emulation was, clicked on it. Saw the level editors section and was amazed! It linked me to FuSoYa's Niche, which linked me here.
I was also gonna copy and paste your layout but it screwed tables when I pressed "Preview Post".

And I copy'd and Pasted 'cause it's the same thing I did. :O
I have no idea. My twin brother made me after his SMB Utility. (He don't hack SMB1 anymore.) Ever since his SMB1 level made, I started to hack SMB1.

Then the other NES games, but SMW Hacking is not my type.

Not Yet anyway, but I have plans for my SMW Hacks soon.
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