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Tests And YOU: The Resource for Everything You Need in Terms of Testing


Welcome to Testers Incorporated! A new and better way of acquiring testers for your hack!


This will not be tolerated anymore. See Introduction and Rules.

1. Introduction and Rules
2. Types of Testers
3. Apply to be a Tester
4. Hire a Tester
5. List of Testers

1. Introduction and Rules
As most of you know, we used to have a "Testers for Hire" thread; a rather old, unorganized, deprecated, and slightly non-serious thread where hack creators can hire testers to give feedback on their hacks. Due to the oldness of the thread, it has been closed.
This thread will revive the testers for hire idea, only in a much more organized, serious, and definitely regularly updated way. I will not copy the old list from the old Testers for Hire thread; we will start fresh. There will also be a "trust" system. Testers with a "star" Star next to their name have a good reputation of giving helpful feedback. See (Hire a Tester)

You might be thinking what I mean by "more serious", well, it will be clear in these new following set of rules:

1. You must follow the application form and post it in this thread. (See "Types of Testers" and "Apply to be a Tester")
2. You must give proper, constructive (helpful), feedback and criticism. Testers who expect the job of testing as some sort of "fun, sneak preview" and only give "IT WAS GOOD KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK" feedback are not tolerated. Creators have the right to tell me (through PM) if their tester did or did not do their work. Though, I may need some sort of evidence (e.g a snap shot or a file of what feedback they gave). (See Hire a Tester)
3. Testers inactive for 2 months will be deleted. They may come back when they want to. Though, if this becomes a regular thing, you will not be allowed back.
4. Your "transaction" with your Hirer will happen through PM. Do not post your feedback in this thread.

1. I reserve you the right to give feedback to me about testers.
2. Do not overwhelm testers.
3. Make sure you read the testers' "description" before hiring them. (See Hire a Tester)
4. Having your hack tested does not mean your giving away sneak previews of your uber awesome hack, and does not mean you should expect mundane praise to increase your ego. A tester's purpose is to criticize and scrutinize. Expect constructive feedback about your hack, and some may come off harsh.
5. I suggest you at least hire two testers.
6. Complaining to me about a tester and how he "hurt your feelings" with his feedback is not valid.
7. Your transaction with your tester will happen through PM. Do not post it in this thread. (See Hire a Tester)

Rules will be updated as we go on.

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2. Types of Testers
There are two categories of testers in this thread, but there are three types of it.

Bug Testers:
Bug testers look for glitches. They are expected to scrutinize even the most mundane of objects to find possible bugs. Creators usually should do their best to fix these glitches, especially fatal ones. Aesthetics is another aspect of glitches. Bug testers go hand in hand with Play Testers.

  • Test every level as all possible forms of Mario, and if allowed, Yoshi and its variations.
  • Explain exactly how you found/got the glitch.
  • Screenshots of the glitch help. If it was unexpected and is hard to recreate, just explain how it happened.
  • Fatal glitches are the most important bugs to be found; keep an eye more for things that could possibly kill the player or the game.


Play Testers:
Play testers look for level design issues. They are expected to scrutinize level design, from aesthetics to game play. Creators should prioritize fixing level design. Play testers go hand in hand with Bug Testers.

  • Test every level as all forms of Mario, and if allowed, Yoshi and its variations.
  • Never test using tools. Unless the level calls for it. (Then, that's a sure sign of bad level design.
  • Try not beating around the bush, but it helps if you don't just drop your feedback on someone and tell them it's God's word; your task is to help them, not to harass them.


Proofreaders focus on grammar in text boxes, and other places like the Title Screen and some art in-levels. They are expected to scrutinize grammar and spelling, so check message boxes carefully. Proofreaders should also take aesthetics in - meaning, what kind of alignment looks right? Creators should make sure they are telling the proofreader where to look for mistakes. Doing this will avoid making the proofreader strangle for all possible text.

  • Look for grammar and spelling errors.
  • Keep alignment in mind

NOTE: Don't forget about the Castle Cutscene!

Kaizo Testers:
Originally posted by Ultimaximus
I would say Kaizo hacks are typically tested for:
Variety/Creativity: To use techniques or tricks that require the player to respond in different ways, particularly, different than what was required of the player earlier in the level or in other hacks. Repeating tricks that you've already used or copying something from other hacks is frowned upon
Difficulty: That the hack is actually difficult and thus would be considered "Kaizo". Too difficult, where you require slowdown, wall-jumps, etc. and your hack gets considered a "pit" hack (named after Moltov's Pit of Death and Pit of Despair). You also want to avoid artificial difficulty, which is a bit hard to define actually in the case of Kaizo hacks..
Breaks: It is common in Kaizo hacks for players to be able to "break" a level, in which obstacles are skipped or mitigated due to an oversight of the creator, or a glitch that the player can do. Thus, creators and players work to find and prevent these breaks.
Extra: Plot, graphics, and music are generally considered extra bonus fluff that nobody requires of Kaizo hacks. Custom code such as gameplay elements or sprites could be used for new level ideas and techniques, but are not necessary for people to enjoy a Kaizo hack.

Tools are allowed.

  • Keep sane.
  • Look for creativity.
  • Aesthetics are also key.

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3. Apply to be a Tester
Quick Link to Application

I will explain. Your application is you resume or portfolio of sorts. In the list, instead of linking to your profile, I will link to your post. This post will contain a description of what kind of tester you are, and other things. This will also make my life easier by CTRL+F-ing the Key word "Profile".


Currently Testing: Hack(s) you are Currently Testing
Type of Tester: Three categories: Bug and Play Tester; Proofreader, and Kaizo Testers
Max. Amount of Levels/Worlds: Amount of levels/worlds you will test at a time

A short description of whatever.

Originally posted by Sample

Currently Testing: Hack Mario World
Type of Tester: Bug and Play Tester; Proofreader
Max. Amount of Levels/Worlds: 15 Levels; 2 Worlds

I am better at proofreading than bug and play testing. The most I will test as a bug and play tester are 10-15 levels a set, or 2 worlds.


[b]Currently Testing:[/b]
[b]Type of Tester:[/b]
[b]Max. Amount of Levels/Worlds:[/b]


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4. Hire a Tester
Creators should hire a tester either by posting here, or through a PM. Asking for a tester here will open the request up to everyone, though it may get drowned. Through a PM, you will be able to contact your favored tester while avoiding one you don't want.

There is a new "trust", or reputation system. Creators/Hirers have the right to give feedback to me about their certain tester (through PM). If I get enough "positives" about a tester, I will put a "star" Star next to there name to show if they are a good tester. Hirers, as I've said in the rules, shouldn't not complain about constructive criticism. I will ask for evidence for both positive and negative feedback.

The members linked in the list are actually links to their application forms, which contains a description and overview of what kind of tester they are. I suggest Hirers read those if they are choosing to PM a tester instead of posting here.

I strongly recommend that hack creators hire Bug/Play Testers and Proofreaders before releasing their hack. This is to polish your hack.

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5. List of Testers

Bug and Play Testers Star Proofreaders Star Kaizo Testers Star
Daizo Dee Von Zaxxon Daizo Dee Von
--- Koopster ShadowDragon121
Zaxxon --- Mindevous
Koopster Egadd Captain Savage Star
EvilGuy0613 scooter102089 Sayuri
--- omegazeroINFI MarioGamer125
BlackStone187 mario and luigi mockingod
Fornaxus Daboys121 SpicySeaFood
RaindropDry Sayuri
Hailcrash GloriousWater
Egadd mockingod
Kagami Hiiragi
johnsmith41 Star
mario and luigi
Captain Savage Star

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Daizo Dee Von's Profile / Updated: 26/01/15

Currently Testing: Touhou Mario II, Duck Season II, *Free*
Already Tested: (Hover over here)
Available: Free
Type of Tester: Bug, Play & Kaizo Tester
Max. Amount of Levels/Worlds: 50 levels / 5 worlds
Ranking List: Here

I am much better at Play testing than Bug testing, but if you really want me to bug test your hacks, I'll do so. Be warned that I might miss a couple of glitches, considering I'm no dictionary when it comes to SMW's list of bugs that can be polled off. Play testing isn't an issue since I test all hacks without tools. If its anything Kaizo, it will take me longer to test it, and I will say no if it's one of those "puzzle" or "pit" hacks that take a long time to complete. Keep in mind that I will only test three hacks at a time unless its just a one level contest entry or a collab level, or one project is so large that it takes up two or even three slots.

If the creator of the hack goes inactive, I have the right to stop testing it unless the creator tells me he is going to be inactive for a few weeks. You've been warned.

Want progress on 100 Rooms of Enemies: The Nightmare Edition? Go here to see.

Are you a sample porter and wanna help with 100 Rooms of Enemies: The Nightmare Edition? Private Message me or Mellonpizza for details. Expect trading "resources" in exchange. 4 more left.


Currently Testing:Hidalgo Beta 2

Already Tested:
-Hidalgo Beta(Ruberjig)

Type of Tester:Play Tester and Proofreader

Max. Amount of Levels/Worlds:5-15 Levels/2 Worlds

Description:Proofreading is more my thing, but I will also put in a great effort to test your levels. One hack at a time. No Kaizo at all, but I do not mind difficult levels if they are in your hack.

Currently Testing: n/a
Already Tested:
LunchBreak - notgoodwithusernames
VIP 2 - Horikawa Otane
Type of Tester: Bug/Play & Proofread
Max. Amount of Levels/Worlds: None, but if there's enough problems by world 2 I'll stop there.
I'm a bit rusty on SMW levels so I'm probably going to have a hard time with them more than some of the other testers. However, I also believe that hacks should accommodate people that are either fairly new to smw hacks or aren't as good at them as most active hackers here. I test as much as possible as I can as all forms, but if I can't find/obtain a Yoshi coin or secret exit, then it's a good sign it may be too hard. I recommend testing your hack with other people in order to get different views from other people.
If you want me to test something, please PM me for I won't be checking on this thread often.


Currently Testing: N/A.
Type of Tester: Play and Bug Tester, Proofreader.
Max. Amount of Levels/Worlds: 3 worlds/20 levels.

Status: busy, do not send me beta-testing requests.


I like to point out level design and grammar issues, but I won't be trying out each level in every forms possible to try to find glitches. I like to take screens about every minor niptick I find, as I know it makes the bug fixing job easier. I'm quite perfeccionist, so you can expect me to point out everything I see that's wrong for me. I do give my personal oppinion, but of course I won't bother you if you don't agree with what I say.

Sometimes though, I may opt for exclusively writing what I generally think about the hack. I only do that when I don't see anything that's worth to picture, though, so don't be worried; I wouldn't let any glitches in your hack remain unnoticed.

Please do not send me kaizo hacks. Mainly because I don't think I would make a good job in testing them since I don't really know which are considered good and which aren't.

Latest update: 7/21/2013.

Currently Testing: None
Type of Tester: Play Tester & Bug Tester
Max. Amount of Levels/Worlds: No Limit


I'm primarily a play tester but I can bug test if needed as well. I'll test many different type of hacks except for Kaizo. I'll play puzzle hacks but I should warn that I'm only decent at them. I'm not shy of pointing out any flaws I see in the level design or sharing my opinions and I will also test every aspect to the best I can. When it comes to testing hacks or recording, I don't use tools and consider myself to be a decent player.

I'll stick with the hack until the end unless there's something preventing from continuing such as game breaking errors. I can take up to three hacks at a time. When I test, I'll send a progress report per world In order to not overwhelm too much with possible errors. Unless your hack doesn't have any worlds, then I'll send a progress report per 3 levels.

Please note I do not test anything contest related.
My Youtube Channel for Hacking and Gaming.

Currently Testing: N/A
Type of Tester: Bug tester - Play tester - Proofreader
Max. Amount of Levels/Worlds: No more than 6 worlds.
Status: Available

I'm more of a play tester and proofreader rather than a bug tester, but I'm still capable of doing any of those jobs. Level design is the most important factor in the hack, and as such my main duty would be giving tips, hints and potential errors for level design. Bugs are also important, I will do my best at looking for both minor and major bugs. Lastly, even though english isn't my main language, I have advanced english skills and I can easily tell when there's some piece of text that can use some work.

I will NOT accept Kaizo hacks.

Currently testing: n/a
Type of tester: Play tester
Max amount of levels: max 50 in max of 8 worlds


I personaly don't really care what kind of hack I play. I am a play tester so I don't really mind any bugs or minor glitches. I won't play kaizo hacks and i don't like hacks that are made only to be really really hard.

Q-bee's Profile

Removed. I'm no longer accepting requests.
RaindropDry's Profile

Not Available
Currently Testing: Nothing at the moment
Type of Tester: Bug Tester; Play Tester
Max. Amount of Levels/Worlds: Unlimited

Description: As a play tester, I tend to be explorative, by which I mean, look at every corner of the level and pay attention at every resource disponible for me in the level.

As a bug tester, I tend to work with a play tester automatically. If the level, for example, has a gimmick, I'll try my best to break the gimmick as much as I can.

With everything said, I do not accept requests for Kaizo hacks.
I can also stream my test through the hack (Of course, if authorized by the hack's author).

You can see my Youtube and TwitchTV accounts bellow:
Youtube - TwitchTV

EDIT: Just added some more informations and deleted some others.
Hailcrash's Profile

Currently Testing: Nothing at the moment
Type of Tester: Play Tester/Bug Tester
Max. Amount of Levels/Worlds: Unlimited

First, I've beta-tested a few hacks before, which were given to me by their authors for evaluation. I will base this description off of my previous experiences.

I am most focused on exploring every part of the levels, and creating a snapshot whenever I find anything that the author didn't intend to be there. If I'm unable to access any part of the level or overworld, I will inform the hack's creator right away.

Also during my previous experienes, I have pointed out misspellings. I don't think that's exactly the flaws I look for though. That's why I didn't include Proofreader in the application.

The one type of hack that I will not accept is Kaizo. I've never had much fun playing Kaizo hacks. They've always stressed me out whenever I tried.

Vanilla Twist!
Egadd's Profile

Currently Testing:
1)DSotK levels
Type of Tester: Two categories: Bug/Play Tester, Proofreader
Max. Amount of Levels/Worlds: 1FF

Hi, I'm Egadd, and I signed up for the site in late June 2012. I am an active member of the community, and I specialize at critique. I have judged a couple contests, both official and unofficial, and am currently a leader of the Dark Side of the Kingdom hack as official critiquer.

My style focuses on laconic paragraphs focused on pointing out problems in a nitpicky style. I'm perfectly willing to admit I'm a perfectionist, and have a OCD streak. Expect to see the smallest things pointed out in your review. I focus more on graphics and gameplay then bugs, but I can easily spot bugs if I see them. I would suggest someone who specializes in bugs if you desire that kind of testing.

I DO use Save States. If you honestly have a problem with me using them, don't hire me. If you like to see my more through testing than just running through levels, then my PM box is open.

I will also proofread for ENGLISH translations, as to get the English as perfect as possible. I speak fluent English (I am American), and can speak small amounts of Spanish and German (basic syntax, some words). I will not play through the hack if you ask me to proofread. However, I will proofread automatically if you ask me to playtest.

I will accept no Kaizo hacks, but will accept Joke hacks.

I also am usually testing DSotK and sometimes another hack of my choice. Do not be alarmed. I am willing to have up to 4 hacks at one time. Do note that the more hacks I have, the longer it will take for me to finish testing your hack. I upload my reviews as txts via Dropbox.
BlackMageMario's Profile

Currently Testing: Nothing, at the moment. PLEASE GIVE ME SOMETHING! I'M BORED! :<
Type of Tester: Play tester.
Max. Amount of Levels/Worlds: No max, I guess (maybe about 20 levels?)

Hello, I am BlackMageMario, and I've been here since June/August 2011, but I've only really been active in the community since summer of this year (2012)

I'm going to try and give my critism in a fast, and easy to read format; and I'll be using screenshots were appropriate. Please note though, definitely get others to test as well; I may miss something (and I will also probably miss gramtical mistakes and so on due to my dyslexia) Also, I might point out some bugs if I come across them.

I wouldn't be accepting Kaizo hacks, nor super difficult hacks. However, I encourage you to send me puzzle hacks! I love me a good puzzle.

- BlackMageMario
HoorayForJay's Profile

Currently Testing: Nothing major.
Type of Tester: Bug and play.
Max. Amount of Levels/Worlds: Don't mind.


I am only testing pit/kaizo hacks.
I am very experienced with both the creation and tasing of pit hacks. I am good at finding breaks, and have done many times in almost all of the pit hacks I've tased (see my youtube channel for examples). I like it when things look pretty, so I can advise things artistically as well as practically. Proficient in all things walljump/corner clip related, and have a broad knowledge of various glitches you may decide to abuse. If you can't be bothered/lack the skill to test your hack, then I'm your man #w{<3}
Wouldn't it be easier to have a Kaizo section of testers instead of digging through testers for one that takes Kaizo like HFJ?
I was just thinking that a well, considering the large amount of people (including myself) that don't want to play kaizo hacks. It'd be much smarter to make kaizo it's own section.
Or he could put a "Kaizo" header on the chart in Section 5, and have it either say "yes" or "no".

Kaizo hacks are hacks, so it is not inappropriate to have testers sign up here. Both this thread and our forum are resources new Kaizo hackers might think to look in.

World Community Grid: Thread | Team
Someone, enlighten me - what do kaizo testers, uhm, test for?


Also, I updated the first post for Kaizo Testers. Please update your profiles accordingly.
Originally posted by Punk Sarcophagus
Someone, enlighten me - what do kaizo testers, uhm, test for?

We sort of have 2 things Kaizo aims for. We test for Difficulty and Creativity. Sadistic Designer can explain more of what we do to test Kaizo.

All I can tell you is that we search for is using a not so well know or known sprite in the hardest and most creative ways you can do with it. For example, the level is based around chucks. So we use the chuck sprite in the most difficult and creative ways possible. We try to find what new uses of the chuck does, maybe we get to learn new and interesting ways on what it really does. If its just using the same trick over and over and over again, that's bad.

E: Typo's are devilish to man kind.

Want progress on 100 Rooms of Enemies: The Nightmare Edition? Go here to see.

Are you a sample porter and wanna help with 100 Rooms of Enemies: The Nightmare Edition? Private Message me or Mellonpizza for details. Expect trading "resources" in exchange. 4 more left.