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Tip: When determining a time limit, remember that players won't be as familiar with the level as you are. If you normally complete the level with around 100s left on the timer, others might run out of time on their first try.
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Tests And YOU: The Resource for Everything You Need in Terms of Testing
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So some sort of specialized level design "guidelines" specific to Kaizo?

Okay thanks!


EDIT: I will like to point out that I renamed the category Bug/Play Testers. This is to emphasize that they are one category.

I'd like to sign up as a Kaizo tester, as well.

Professional frame-by-frame time wizard. YouTube - Twitter - SMW Glitch List - SMW Randomizer
Originally posted by Thomas
I'd like to sign up as a Kaizo tester, as well. the first post then.
Originally posted by Punk Sarcophagus
Someone, enlighten me - what do kaizo testers, uhm, test for?

I would say Kaizo hacks are typically tested for:
Variety/Creativity: To use techniques or tricks that require the player to respond in different ways, particularly, different than what was required of the player earlier in the level or in other hacks. Repeating tricks that you've already used or copying something from other hacks is frowned upon
Difficulty: That the hack is actually difficult and thus would be considered "Kaizo". Too difficult, where you require slowdown, wall-jumps, etc. and your hack gets considered a "pit" hack (named after Moltov's Pit of Death and Pit of Despair). You also want to avoid artificial difficulty, which is a bit hard to define actually in the case of Kaizo hacks..
Breaks: It is common in Kaizo hacks for players to be able to "break" a level, in which obstacles are skipped or mitigated due to an oversight of the creator, or a glitch that the player can do. Thus, creators and players work to find and prevent these breaks.
Extra: Plot, graphics, and music are generally considered extra bonus fluff that nobody requires of Kaizo hacks. Custom code such as gameplay elements or sprites could be used for new level ideas and techniques, but are not necessary for people to enjoy a Kaizo hack.

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Shamelessly copypasting. Thanks Ulti!
ShadowDragon121's Profile

Currently Testing: Nothing
Type of Tester: Kaizo Play and Bug Tester
Max. Amount of Levels/Worlds: Not relevant

Description: If you have a pit hack that you need tested, I'm your man. I will test kaizo hacks as well. If you have asm, I might be able to fix any screw-ups (I don't have the hang of sprites yet) in your file. I have a knolwedgebase of just about every currently known SMW glitch, so if you fear that your hack will be broken then I will make sure to explain how to anti-break it.

Your layout has been removed.
Originally posted by Punk Sarcophagus
Someone, enlighten me - what do kaizo testers, uhm, test for?


Also, I updated the first post for Kaizo Testers. Please update your profiles accordingly.

Potential breaks like having too many items, being able to go over/under a level, making sure everything is actually possible, things that have cutoff/don't look nice like flunchers or painful palettes.
Unavailable for play-testing at the moment. I'm probably going to edit this post once I have some more free-time.
I'd like to add a suggestion for people who plan on requesting hacks to be play/bug tested: if at all possible, make it so the top secret area is accessible from the start. It's nothing much, but it makes it much easier to test with all forms of Mario.
I updated my profile. I'd also like to thrown in something for people looking for testers: try to get as many people to test your level as you can! People have different views on things so it's best to try to get different opinions to see if people have common mistakes, as well as be a precaution in case a tester finds something another tester missed.
To add to Derpy Backslide's post, Please get at least a Play Tester, a Bug Tester and a Proofreader. So mistakes are almost impossible to miss.

Want progress on 100 Rooms of Enemies: The Nightmare Edition? Go here to see.

Are you a sample porter and wanna help with 100 Rooms of Enemies: The Nightmare Edition? Private Message me or Mellonpizza for details. Expect trading "resources" in exchange. 4 more left.

Updated as needed.

Currently Testing:
  • mario vs bowser and some mighty 9
Already Tested:
  • Euphoria Isle
  • Luigi lost in Telinc's World by telinc1
  • Mario vs. Bowser and Mighty No. 9, 1.1 by Roberto zampari
  • Mario vs. Bowser and Mighty No. 9, 1.6 by Roberto zampari
Status: On hiatus
Type of Tester: Bug/play tester
Max. Amount of Levels/Worlds: ∞/∞

I'm not really good in describing yourself. If you're going to send me a hack, please review me after I'll complete testing your hack - it could be only few sentences if you don't like writing and send it either to me or Punk Sarcophagus. I really would like to improve in time, and constructive criticism would be useful to me.

The emulator the hacks will be tested on will be Snes9x 1.53, but if SPC engine will crash, I will move to ZSNES and will give you information about this. Hacks will be played savestateless, unless the level will be so hard I couldn't beat it savestateless (but if this happens, I'll inform you about level's/levels' high difficulty).

As for limits: I'm going to accept only one bigger hack at once (more than one level) and ∞ one-level hacks (mostly contest entries). Also, I would like to place limit of one hack per person at once (the length doesn't matter). As for what I'm not going to play - intentionally insanely long boring hacks like "Enter that pipe at end of slowly autoscrolling 0x1F screen long level 256 times" or "Desert Bus". Oh, and Kaizo, but you could already have guessed by that I'm not Kaizo Tester. Puzzle levels should be fine however (provided they aren't sort of stuff I disallowed before, like Kaizo).

So, well. Enjoy. I don't have many requirements, and almost anything (except for Kaizo and intentionally boring hacks) goes. If you want me to test your hack or you have question to me, just send a PM.

Legacy ports zip (now that those went down because Dropbox)
Profile for Oh Hell No

Currently Testing:


Already Tested:

- Master Hand's Doomsday: Grey Strikes Back :: Roberto Zampari :: 90 exits*
- SMWCP W9-Final Phase 5 (Anger) :: Punk Sarcophagus :: 1 level
- Super Mario 2D Land :: Alex No :: 87 exits
- P-Switch... :: Daizo Dee Von :: 5 levels
- SMWMighty 0.5 :: Roberto Zampari :: 3 levels
- Collab :: Various users :: 11 exits

* I did not completely finish this review because the author completely ignored my critism and just wanted to hear the things he wanted to hear, something I do NOT like.

Status: Hiatus until further notice

Available: Send a PM and I will test your hack!
Testing: Currently I'm testing a hack, you can always PM me, but I may let you wait until I'm done with the other.
Busy: Because of school or personal reasons I'm not able to test your hack right now. Or maybe I have just tested a hack and I'm not in the mood for another one as it takes a lot of time. PM's will be answered with a no.

That was Q-Bee's idea, give credits to him ;D

Type of Tester: Bug and play tester
Max amount of levels/worlds N/A

- First of all, I would like to say I am a perfectionist. I will test your level on all things I can imagine, even if I have to play a level twice. Bugs, graphical errors, level design and originality are high in my list, but I will also give my opinions about musical choices and graphical clashes.
- I will review your hack in a notebook file. I will not include screenshots, as it is too complicated to proper read the review. Instead, please keep your hack unlocked, so I can point the critiques out in screen numbers.
- All hacks are played savestateless unless I have to and will be tested in ZMZ.
- Kaizo Hacks will not be accepted. Puzzle Hacks may or may not be, because I usually do not like them that much.
- As English is not my native language, do not expect perfect english from me.
- The only thing I expect from you is to carefully read my review and reply to it. If I have substantial proof, I'll quit reviewing your hack (which has happened before).
- At last, please respect my review. Sometimes I may sound a bit harsh, but it is my own opinion, not yours. Some people will look different at it. You can always go in discussion with me or completely ignore some points.

E1(12/18/12): Added content in point 1 and 4
E2(12/22/12): Edited point 2
E3(12/25/12): Added link
E4(12/29/12): Added new point
E5(2/25/13): Added new point, improved language and removed link.
E6(7/22/13): Changed emulator in point 3
E7(2/16/16): The 3 year update
I updated my bio to note me officially as a Proofreader.
Updated as needed:

- Egadd's profile
- Austin to Koopster
I'd like to ask to remove my name from the playtesting list. I'm no longer willing to give feedback and helpful advices to hackers. Reason: personal.


Currently Testing: Nothing
Type of Tester: Kaizo Tester
Max. Amount of Levels/Worlds: N/A

I am Looking for a challenge. i will look if the levels are difficult enough for me (not too difficult and i will look at the creatifity of the levels.
Updated as needed.

Also finally got done fixing the post after accidentally replacing it >.<
Profile for ChileLIMO54321

Currently Testing: Nothing
Type of Tester: Kaizo Tester
Max. Amount of Levels/Worlds: 1 Level; 1 World

I'm a Kaizo Tester, however I know what Kaizo is, I will see if there are any breaks and will accept them or not depending of the break using, if no breaks, accpeted, but if theres breaks, un-accepted, by the way I only test 1 level Kaizo Hacks

Mario's Return to Home progress:
Overworld: 100%
Levels: 53%

Its a 4 level hack (not counting Mario's house)
Fixed non-matching 3rd level from OW
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