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Tests And YOU: The Resource for Everything You Need in Terms of Testing
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Player 1's Profile

Currently Testing:
Type of Tester: Bug, proofread
Max. Amount of Levels/Worlds: N/A

Description: An average person who does average stuff. Though, I have been deeply involved in the development of SNN's Mario's Keytastrophe, providing him bugtesting, level name suggestions and one-on-one support on level design issues.

No Kaizo, please. I'll play your hack top-to-bottom until completion.

I am not ideal for finding level-breaking exploits, but I do suggest you cover the tops of levels to prevent cape abuse. :P

I prefer IRC for contact. If you are a registered user, leave me your username and I will reply via PM if I happen to not see you online. Leave me a link to your hack on IRC and I'll gladly do it, or send a message (though it is not guaranteed to be read and responded to in a timely fashion).
Slightly well-versed on everything LinuxI'll beta-test your hack. Find me here!
Added Player 1 for the list.

I need people to test SMWCP2's last phase of the last level again! Please, it's urgent that I get people to test this!

Click here to download it.

Now, for the past times I did this, people PM about how they wanted to test. You do not need to do this. No need for formalities. Just download and play the level (which is in .bps form by the way - because hell SMWCP2 is freaking huge) and post your thoughts in the thread.

Also, you do not have to be a tester in this thread to test. The more people who play it, the merrier!

This is urgent! This is the last part of the last level, and I do not want it to end up as "That One Level" like what happened because I had no testers.

So yeah.

Also I'm planning to add some stuff to the first post~

Currently Testing: None
Type of testing: Bug and Play Testing
Max. Ammount of Levels/Worlds: None! (as long as they are playable!)
Already Tested:
Creative Mario World
Mario's Vacation
Yoster's Quest
Brutal Mario World

I am good at finding severe bugs, or things as little as cutoff on blocks. I am kind, and I love fun yet slightly challenging hacks!

I barely have time to myself anymore, so I won't be very active on here anymore. I'm sorry.
Added johnsmith41 for the list... oh well, I have nothing more to say.
Gamergod521's Profile

Currently Testing: Nothing as of yet
Type of Tester: Play tester / Bug tester
Max. Amount of Levels/Worlds: Flexible

Testing a levels design is what I can do, this includes testing for bugs at the same time, if they happen naturally or by prodding. I will be honest with what I see and give productive, constructive, criticism. I've played every Mario game there is, especially smw and smb3, and many more platformers. I have an excellent idea of game flow/feel and could be useful for bettering ones hack. I will complete any level at first without Save States for the full feel effect, but if necessary I'll save state perhaps to replicate a bug or something. I'll comment on the Overworld, music anything really that catches my attention, or not. You can contact me by PM ir AOL instant messenger, s/n will be given by pm if hired. DO NOT SEND ME KAIZO, PUZZLE, or otherwise ridiculous to beat or tedious hacks please. Also I really do care about helping to improve a hack in any way I can, I definitely want to contribute something to this wonderful community, I've been here since 2009..although I visited earlier than that.
Game Tester [Last Updated: 10/10/2016]


Currently Testing:______________none
Type of Tester:__________________Bug
Max. Amount of Levels________unlimited

Games Bug Tested: 4
Ratings by Users: 8/10 9/10 10/10 9/10

Hacks waiting to be tested: 0

Availiability: PM me

Bug Tester:________________________
As a bug tester, I will examine and find each of the imperfections composed into your hack in regards to any glitches and any encountered imperfections.

Side Notes:________________________

My game test videos average about 2 minutes. I cover each of the bugs in your hack, as well as visual step by step solutions on how to fix them. I'll always put in my effort to the fullest of my ability to have an accurate, constructive response in which I am content and ready to confront you with.

My youtube:
My twitch:

Currently Testing: Nothing
Type of Tester: Play Tester, & Proofreader
Max. Amount of Levels/Worlds: All of them.

My job is to do the following to the best of my ability:

- Test all levels with all possible power-ups and Yoshis.

- Search relentlessly for glitches and report every one.

- Look for grammar and spelling errors.

Mistakes in grammar and spelling make you look lazy.

- Check for cutoff and other possible turnoffs.

- Review your hack.

Please note that my method of reviewing is unusual, but effective.

I am quite active on SMW Central, so don't hesitate to PM me.

I can and will test several hacks at once.

Your hack is my priority!

Try my Kaizo hack!

I am a Bug Tester, Play Tester, and Proofreader.

Will accept other hacks.

Currently Testing: Nothing!

PM me if you want your hack tested.

Currently Testing:Mario and the quest to find Luigi
Type of Tester: Proofreader, Bug Tester and Play Tester
Max. Amount of Levels/Worlds:50 levels out of a maximum of 3 hacks.

So, I've played a lot of hacks, and seen some of the hack removal logs, so i have an idea of what to lookout for while play/bug testing. Also, my grammar is quite good, so spotting grammatical errors shouldn't be a problem.

As a Proofreader, my job is to lookout for ANY grammatical mistakes in text boxes, cutscenes, etc.

As a Play/Bug Tester, my job is to test all levels with all forms of Mario/Yoshi, and if there is, Luigi. I will do my best to spot errors in level design, such as cutoff, annoying jumps,etc. I will also try to be very careful to spot any bugs/problems.

Edit: If I see any kaizo, I will immediately stop, so be warned. Also, I am better at bug testing than play testing.


Layout base code by Tahixham
pm me if you want to know what my location stands for.
No of users who have asked me: 3
currently testing: none.
type: playtester, bug tester, and proofreader.
max: 20 levels.
profile: i am very good at proofreading, bugtesting, and playtesting. i have read many threads about rejected hacks and i have a good idea of what to show when i beta test a rom hack. PLEASE, NO KAIZO!!!
status: available!

Currently: Starting college!
User: Hinalyte / ID: 1553 ~ loading kotori.css
Just posting here to say that I've updated the thread.
Akireyano's Profile

Currently Testing: Nothing, Wanting to test
Type of Tester: Kaizo Tester
Max. Amount of Levels/Worlds: Usually Kaizo hacks with no more than 3 worlds

Hi there~! I'm Akireyano. I've known this community since (2009) but registered in (2012) But i've made progress throughout my stay here. I don't plan on leaving.
edit: yeah, nah


Currently Testing: None
Type of Tester: Bug/Play/Proofreading, NOT Kaizo
Max. Amount of Levels/Worlds: Any


I am good at play testing but I should be able to find many of the bugs. Kaizo is too hard for me so I won't test it. I prefer puzzle levels but will test everything. I might use save states occasionally on the harder levels but not much. Linear levels are not my style, but I'll test them anyway.
User: Hinalyte / ID: 1553 ~ loading kotori.css
Update update. Posting for notification purposes for those who aren't aware of the updates.

Currently Testing: None
Type of Tester: Play Tester/Kaizo Tester
Max. Amount of Levels/Worlds: N/A


I am more than willing to do any kind of hack whether it’s just a simple one level puzzle or an entire Kaizo hack. Here is how my testing works. I will play through your hack and commentate while playing it. I will then upload the videos of myself playing your hack to my YouTube Channel. This way, you can actually see how a normal player would play through your level and get to see the mind process behind it. Also, if I find something wrong with your hack then I will point it out and sometimes recommend how to fix it.

The way I do my reviews/play tests will benefit both parties by publicizing your hack as well as giving my viewers something to watch. Also, depending on the length of the hack depends on how soon I can get to it. If your hack is 8 worlds long then it may take me awhile.
Gamer. Filmmaker. Dragon Slayer.


Subscribe to my YouTube Channel: Here
Subscribe to my Versus Channel with Qwoll: Here
Like me on Facebook: Here
Follow me on Twitter: Here

Currently Playing: Pokemon Sun

MercuryPenny's Profile

Type of Tester: Play/Bug Tester
Max. Amount of Levels/Worlds: 4 worlds, 30 exits

Description: While I might not be entirely reliable, I'll still test your hack and try to PM you a review (or post in your thread, if you have one). I'll accept anything, and I'm fairly finicky about grammar and spelling. Go ahead and PM me if you want me to test your hack, but BE WARNED I'm not very good at kaizo, and you'll need to warn me and I'll probably give up fairly quickly if it's too hard. If it is, you'll need to find someone else.
Drafree's Profile

Currently Testing: Nothing
Type of Tester: Play Tester/Proofreader
Max. Amount of Levels/Worlds:2/3 worlds
Description:I am a Play Tester and Proofreader, sometimes i will find a cut-off in sprites, im professional to ProofReading.

I dont support Kaizo.

Private Hack Tester. mainly grammar checker(just like grammar nazi), sometimes level design and gameplay(i dont check overworld until if someone send me a special request)
NEX and GBX's Profile

Currently Testing: My own hack, but other than that nothing
Type of Tester: Anything
No limit for the number of levels
Status: Open for testing

Description: I just test Hacks of any kind. Hopefully I can help your hack with bugs, etc.
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