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need pc building recomandation, please

I've been using the same PC since 2008, now i need something a bit more powerful.

I'm considering building it, I never try this before, is this a good idea, I mean is it too difficult for me ? I watched a couple of video about it and it doesn't seem too bad.

budget : 500$, maybe more, but probably less.... depend how it goes..
I know it's not a lot, but i'm just a poor student

My need : I'm trying to make a mix of gaming pc and school pc, I'm a college student in "multimedia" I'm making website, illustration work, video editing, ect.

- need to run video editing software(adobe premiere CS5, mostly)
- most of the adobe product(Photoshop, Illustrator)
- I'm coding HTML, css and all that crap
- play some game, no need to be on ultra setting, just medium will do the trick

What I think : I did a bit of research and I come up with this, can you tell me what you think, I didn't have much computer hardware knowledge, but I tried something :

- CPU :
about the cpu, what should I take AMD or intel... I heard that intel are better, but...
- price : 115 $

- motherboard :
is this good ?
- price : 100 $ - 20$ mail rebate

- case : I'm going to use the same one, is it going to fit... it's a old case from 2008, but it look really nice, and i don't want to get rid of it...

- Ram :
- price : 35 $

- HDD :
1 tb is enough
- price : 80 $

I have a 120gb hardrive for back up

- optical drive :
fuck this, i'm not really needing that
- price : 20 $

- power supply :
- price : 35 $

- graphics card : I going to buy it later... I'll be using the on board graphic for a while...

- os : windows 7(fuk win 8), let's say I found it on the sidewalk...

So, is that any good, it come around 480 $ shipping and all. (it need to be shipped in Québec)
Looking at your items, I say half of them you want is not worth the time or money for purchasing.

Grand Total price is 385.99

Look at your items again mainly the psu, mobo and ram/
Do not buy oem based psu, because you dont know who made it or if it may have a mechanical issue that 3 people pointed out.

The parts I listed is more than enough than what your asking from Intel build.
Also about your os, make sure that os you found on the sidewalk can be validated and genuine by ms all the time, otherwise look into linux distros.