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Dark Side of the Kingdom - Team Hack [Base and Level List updates at 29/12 - 26/120 exits done]

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(disabled layout for better readability.)

Hello world! Welcome to SMWCentral The Volcano Lotus Collab Dark Side of the Kingdom's work in progress thread! For the third time!

This project is a big one - it uses the maximum amount of levels and exits that the original SMW can give. This means: 94 levels, 120 exits. This's also a Choconilla hack that, while uses a little amount of custom/external resources, aims to keep the SMW feel at most. And the most relevant of all: This is an open team hack, meaning that you can join us! So, of course, I want you to join us - no matter your skill level. You shall have a big help from us all, as well as you shall be helpful.

Getting started:

Here's a set of guidelines you may follow in order to help on this project, especially if you want to make levels, submaps or music. If there's anything that's not clearly mentioned or you wish to add, just post here and the leaders may answer everything.

And you can chat about the project on IRC, as well. #dsotk is the channel's name, and you'll pretty much see Egadd lurking around there. I've never been to IRC ever, but yeah, you may want to join the conversation if you want to discuss about levels, updates and whatever else which's related to this team hack.

As said previously, you can take part in levels, submaps or music for this hack in special. But other minor contributions such as graphics, playtesting and feedback are also really appreciated and wanted by part of all members. With that said, here we go with the claiming lists:

Level and Overworld Signups
< not really relevant for claims, but important on our Base tracking for the future.
Boss List < not really a claim list, but we're in need of ideas for the Boss Creation phase.

And here's the Base ROM.

Level and OW list updated at: 2012/12/29
Compositions List updated at: 2012/12/22
Boss List uploaded at: 2012/12/20 (2)
Base ROM updated at: 2012/12/29
(text color changes when something is updated)


Q-bee: Me Main leader and Main Base ROM host. Makes most of the updates on Signup Lists and the Base itself, as well as a few changes to all the work sent for the project. When active, pretty much gives feedback on everything that comes out, and updates this thread title and first post when due.
mrdeppelman: Secondary leader. He coordinates the project in the meantime I'm offline, giving comments, as well as designing levels and submaps.
Egadd: Main feedback maker/playtester and the one responsible by the storyline. Also responsible for updating Levels/Sublevels/Compositions lists, but mainly focusing on reviewing every work that's submitted for the project. He's also the main OP who lurks around the IRC channel #dsotk. This is probably the guy you'll see here and there anytime to answer your questions and whatnot.
Buried Alive: Creator of the project. Mainly helps on level designing and in giving concept storyline ideas as well as with occasional level ideas.
MetalJo: The reclusive leader. He's less absent during my absences and Deppel's absences. Gives feedback always when possible, and can accept few ASM request tasks when he find possible and interesting.
All leaders have the power to accept/reject levels in consent, as well as the power to edit/update the Base and lists. But updating the thread is my main function anyways...


Oh, yeah. I didn't mention the main storyline of the hack. Egadd's still working on the complete version, but you can read the Intro here. Anyway, any ideas from you are welcome.

Now, one of the nicest parts:

The Screenies/Videos/SPCs section!
(some kinda outdated but eh)


Mushroom Kingdom Submap
Honey Forest Submap
Smash Mountain Submap
Heaven/Hell Valleys Map
Mushroom Kingdom 1
Mushroom Castle
Cheep-Cheep River 2
Carrot Creek (Cheep-Cheep River 6)
Honey Forest 1
Sweet Pit (Honey Secret 1)
Honey Fortress
Plants vs. Honey (Honey Forest 3)
Honey Forest 5
Divine Acropolis (Heaven Fortress)


Mushroom Kingdom 1
Cheep-Cheep River 2
Carrot Creek (Cheep-Cheep River 6)
Sweet Pit (Honey Secret 1)
Bee Porcu-Puffer (Honey Fortress Boss)
Plants vs. Honey (Honey Forest 3)
Smash Mountain 8
Hostile Heavens (Heaven Valley 1)
Heaven Valley 3


Intro Cutscene
Generic Athletic Theme
Water Theme
Ice Caves Theme
Hell-Fire Caves Theme
Spirit' Lair Caves Theme
Mushroom Kingdom Submap
Cheep-Cheep River Submap
Smash Mountain Submap
Post-Evil Spirit Battle Cutscene

Feedback is also a great help, so much appreciated here. Thanks for coming, and enjoy your stay!

Remember the Choconilla style!
Hello new members! As Q-bee already mentioned, I'm Egadd. I'm head of the storywriting team (which consists of just me #ab{:P}), the owner of the IRC channel, and also the official feedback person. Feel free to send me new ideas for story through PM or on IRC, as I would love to hear them! And as Q-bee also mentioned, I'm usually here a LOT. Feel free to ask questions and welcome to the project!

Excellent. And I'll just repost this for SMWK2K to see:

Originally posted by Egadd
Time for the rundown on SMWK2K's level.

This looks a little weird to me compared to the rest of the scenery. You could also consider using a different palette for the walk-through blocks.

Jumping to here was a instant hit. Remove some spikes.

Go a little easier on the spikes. The main problem with this level, however, is that it has no main concept. It just throws every possible Castle thing at you. Give it some consistency. I would also suggest changing up the palettes a bit. The level seemed to bright to me imo. The difficulty was spot-on though, something we've been having trouble with.

I would like to discuss another thing, IRC. An IRC channel might be a good way for new people to get familiar with the people in the project, for Leaders to discuss issues without the restraints of a forum system, and for people already on the IRC commonly to check us out. I would be perfectly happy to op it for you guys, as I'm on the IRC pretty often.
Originally posted by kebabchilla
All in all the best organized Teamhack on SMWC.

That's awesome to hear, thanks! Looks like the hour I spent writing that post was really worthy. #ab{:D}


And the IRC channel is an awesome idea. I'd like to participate on chats there and stuff about the hack, but unfortunately, I'm kinda unable to do so. Restrictions of my job and stuff.
A quick problem, I just did some math and we've done 20 exits. You might want to change that.

And I'll PM Kieran about the channel. I guess we'll call it #dsotk? I would suggest you only IRC at home if you do it at all #ab{;)}.
Woa, awesome Q! The new thread is beautiful!
Well, now I'm going to test the new things like irc and so on...
EDIT: Domain seems to work. I like it ;)
The new thread seems awesome Q-bee :3

And also, when I back to home, I'll try to finish the Submap I claimed before (the second map), and maybe I'll try to do a level of the Hell Valley (W6, not W5) because in a moment I feel inspiration... anyway, let's work.
The IRC channel #dsotk is officially up and running. Leaders should get on so I can op them, and everyone else should get on just because it's cool we have a channel.
Awesome news about the new IRC channel. I'm changing the title and adding this to the first post.
You might also want to add to my leader bio that I head up the channel.
Woo, new thread! No progress from me except the "bonus room" (BC). I´ll just save the link of the new thread now.
I'll enter in IRC tomorrow guys... and finish the submap too.
As some of you might know, I'm going to Pennsylvania from Thurs - Sat. I most likely won't be on the IRC much (if at all) so just, um, manage yourselves. mrdeppelman is a confirmed op, so he can keep order.
Playtested Buried's honey level.

It's been already tested by Egadd and Deppel, if I'm not wrong, but very aside from nitpicks, the randomly designed Turn Block Bridge section, hidden Bees and Piranha Plants on the canopy, I do think it has its potential to be inserted with several design and aesthetical edits I can do. I'll make those improvements, make a video and show it to you guys later on. Hopefully we'll have another level inserted.


Also playtested SMW King 2000's Castle level.

Pretty cool, though a bit claustrophobic. Spikes come to mind. Well, aside from this, I've gotten a bit weirded about the POW indication for where to press it, and if you miss this section either by losing the POW or missing the timing itself, there's no way to reset.
Other thing about this section is that, after passing by the initial row of Used Blocks, the coins in the path ahead block my way until the POW timer goes up. It's a bit boring to have to wait in order to press on.
And aestheticaly, I've once mentioned that we could make use to this tileset to get rid of possible solid/non-solid Castle Blocks confusion.


Base ROM update, and Sublevel List update. The Base has nothing new aside from Deppel's Smash Mountain Submap, inserted with a few little fixes and improved aesthetics. Also, edited first post, adding this Boss List. For now it just contains boss name/concept ideas, but descriptions are yet to come. I actually have ideas for a possible Fire Snake for Hell Fortress and Nevaeh for Hell Castle. Once I get time I might post them here, as well, with some concept art.
Yours! List updated already.

Man, I love that subdomain. You can edit TXT files on the fly with no need to reupload it! That's awesome and handy! K3fka, I love you #ab{^_^}
I have an idea for the Boss of the Fortress (W2), maybe can be the Dark Star (from M&L: Bowser's Inside Story), just a suggestion... I have other if that seems bad, can be a Elite Koopa (ok, that's bad too).

If one of these seems good...
Um, did I patch it false or is that an old baserom you uploaded there...
EDIT: Yeah, it is a false one.
I was afraid of that. Seems like my apparent update was forgotten at home or was simply overwritten...

Dammit. That's what happens when your mother forces you to go to bed early.

I'll fix it tomorrow.


Originally posted by ShadowPhoenix
I have an idea for the Boss of the Fortress (W2), maybe can be the Dark Star (from M&L: Bowser's Inside Story), just a suggestion...

Added to the list as an idea. Better than nothing, eh.
Also, I suggest a cutscene before the boss battle, for some explanation for "What Dark Star is doing here?" or something, eh.

E: Again, this image is better than this image, because the new seems better a lot.


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