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null, I'm tired of all the "shit series" comments anyways. Don't PM me or talk to me about it.
Glad people will finally be able to play these great hacks if they want to. I've always been a fan of your work, so I hope that you get the feedback that you are wanting.

As usual, can't wait for The Fourth Sector. I have a feeling that it will be one of your best hacks so far.

Vanilla Twist!
Wow finally and I hope that this thread will have updates for my favourite story-line (and in general) hacks of all time! Can't wait for the fourth sector too! Each episode better and better ( a little bit long for an episode but meh ok) .

I remember playing the episode 3-the crater! What will be episode 1 and 2? I think something Manga/Racter one episode 1 and other (or both this time) episode 2!

Good luck and can't wait for more!
Awesome to see these finally being released (and also there being a main thread again).
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Glad you guys decided to release these after all as I've always found this series quite interesting. (Maybe I'll do some run through of these hacks or something.) Plan to start playing probably after Christmas.

Things You as the Player NEED to Know
• These hacks are story driven. There is a whole lot of story, and cut scenes are everywhere.

• For those who only want to play the game: Press the "START Button" and you'll skip a majority of cut scenes in the games. Do know that not all cut scenes can be skipped. (primarily ENTER, but it's what ever you have Start addressed to on your emulator)

You've got to let me borrow this.
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Thanks for the positive feedback, and yes, we do plan to update things regularly instead of making you wait for a demo.
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Here's to a Merry Christmas and all a good night!!!

Now, onto some progress updates.

I don't think I have shown any kind of pictures on my current project, Hunter's Revenge 2 RECHARGED. I'm keeping the title at that, it seems long enough as is. This is Episode 5 of the Devious Four Chronicles. So, here are some screenies.

This is the title screen. I know, it is sorta bland, but I am making some text to put at the top.

This is the first submap to the game, complete with my own Graphics. The only thing it is missing is Peach's Castle, but... I can do without for now.

First shot of Level 1. Being Level 1, it should be easy, but pleasing! Everything you see in this screen is drawn by me (EXCEPT THAT FLOWER).

Still level 1, but just showing the new ?-blocks, with Hunter's own insignia imprinted on them.

There are bonus rooms in every level, so be sure to look for them! (Background is not by me btw)

Final shot of level 1. Watch out for those venus traps, they'll burn you alive.

Level 2. Trying to add a lot of variaty to the levels of the hack, so I used Nep-Enuts mushroom GFX, but the koopas, or now, Gelloes, are by me. Plus, Sonic is in the story now! YAY!

Back on land now...

Here is level 3. Mario is back in action!


So, please leave some comments, your feedback is extremely appreciated.
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Those graphics look awesome! I hope the graphics stay mostly original, there was a bit too much Yoshi's Island stuff in HR1.

So is Sonic a Luigi swap or is there some ASM involved?
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Mario ExGFX patch.
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A little update progress on a level in a later world (world 6 probably)

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@metalgearhunter That looks really nice.

Out of interest, who is the character on the right? I don't think I've seen them before.

Vanilla Twist!
A special guest in the Devious Four Chronicles.
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In terms of graphics looks nice that level! And that mysterious character....

Huners revenge 2 rocks!

Keep up the devious chronicles!

Why don't you do a Devious four chronicles usebar? I would support your hacks it!
This is a DISCLAIMER post.

The girl in the picture is not an original Character of the Devious Four Chronicles, she is from a game called RosenKruezStillete Freudenstachel, her name is Eifer Skute.

In other news, she does serve significant plot importance and will be a main character in the Chronicles.

What can I say, I love RKS. #ab{:LOL:}
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Really promising screenshots over all I must say. The level design looks great of course but I'm really adoring the graphics in this levels shown. They really help bring out the levels more.

Looking forward to seeing more.
My Youtube Channel for Hacking and Gaming.
Another update for Hunter's Revenge 2 Recharged. This time, it's level 7. Please comment.

Bonus Room

Here is some progress on the main OW. I'm making it as I go along so I don't run into any problems...

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So, it has been AWHILE since I last updated this page with my progres on Hunter's Revenge 2 Recharged. I've been on a hiatus for a long time now, but I've recently got my vibe back and got to work! I have a couple of levels I wish to show off and I hope to get some feedback!

Level 6 - 1

Level 6 - 2

And two other levels


I also took the time to implement Ladida's epic OW status patch, to help you keep track of your progress and know what world you are in.

I do plan on changing the GFX and everything of it, but this will be good for now, I'd have to figure out what I'd wish to do and what kind of color scheme I should go for, it'd have to be something faded.

And a problem I'm having is:

The green Pirhana Plants hide behind the BG when a Layer 3 is used, is there any way to fix this?

Also, if you wish to support the series, you can post this userbar into your profile or sig, which ever you prefer.

SilverScarlet helped me with the userbar, so show some love to 'em.
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Level design looks really good, and I also really liked the backgrounds too.

As for that last picture, is that menu based off of the one in the GBA version of Super Mario World? I didn't know that putting that menu in SMW hacks was possible, but it sure fits well here.

Vanilla Twist!
Originally posted by metalgearhunter
The green Pirhana Plants hide behind the BG when a Layer 3 is used, is there any way to fix this?

Yes. I'm guessing you're using the TRASM Piranha Plants? Try this one instead; its graphics routine is designed in such a way that it can go behind pipes without needing to change its layer priority setting. It does require that you have a completely square 16x16 tile in your graphics somewhere, though; the default is the message box tile.

And the screenshots look good. Your style of GFX is very similar to your brother's. I especially like the ocean background and the Layer 3 water. (And speaking of Layer 3, is that green stuff in the background of the first four screenshots a Layer 3 background?) The underwater background seems rather empty, though. The level design seems solid as well. And are you already on World 6 in this, or are you making the levels out of order? What's the theme of World 6 anyway...something related to water?


I'm working on a hack! Check it out here. Progress: 64/95 levels.
Oh, wow, thanks Imamelia! This green piranha plant will definitely help.

As much as I'd love to take credit for the Ocean BG, it is actually ripped, but it fit the style of the GFX I am making for this hack, so I used it.

The green flora in the bg is actually a layer3 I made, so yeah.

The background on the underwater level is pretty empty, but because I am not good at making backgrounds to begin with, and that I don't normally design water levels, I just kind of... had to use it, I guess. If you have a suggestion for a good background, then please feel free to post one here. As for the theme of World 6, yeah, it is practically water based, but the "castle" I should say is anything but water. I'll be posting screenshots of that later when I work on it today, but I'm thinking of making a red mountain BG for SMWCPII soon, so I may hinder my progress on this hack a little.

And I am making the levels in order, but I'm skipping some certain levels every now and then.

And in advance, thanks so much for your feedback! It makes me smile.#thp{=D}
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