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Scorpion's Laboratory
Late Game Level

Scorpion's Laboratory is one of the late game levels, and if anybody has played "The Crater" or "The Fourth Sector", you'd know his laboratories are no joke. This laboratory in particular is very complex due to all the experiments he's doing in the Orbitor. Note the green fluid and the lasers that will kill you on contact. He's even made platforms! He does not want you here, beware of turrets and the elite drones that will patrol this level. This level, while not as difficult as most late game stages in the game, will be just as confusing as the Tower Laboratory briefly seen in the Fourth Sector.
oh god, this level looks brutal, especially since you mentioned insta death is here. Not too much I can say - I've always adored the way you've handled mechanical tilesets, and I love everything about this one from how futuristic and sci-fi the whole place looks right down to the contrasting red in the otherwise grey palette. Scorpion doesn't mess around!

Good job :3
Looks really cool, and extremely detailed too compared to similar mechanical sets you've done in the past. I'm guessing those are the exploding platforms again judging from the way they are shaped and positioned?

Also, I think the hexagon ledges could use some more contrast with the background in that third screenshot, I almost mistook them for background elements.
Originally posted by Eevee
oh god, this level looks brutal, especially since you mentioned insta death is here.

You'll be happy to know that it's only the lasers and the "green liquid" that are insta-kill; the lasers only (momentarily) blocking off certain parts of the lab until you turn them off. The green liquid is a little less prevalent than lava is too. Your biggest worry about the laboratory is going to be figuring out what direction leads where, as the level is a bit MetroidVania styled. Some areas you can go back and forth, others... you're dedicated to that path.
Wow, Scorpion's Labratory looks REALLY trippy and complex, and I love it! The only complaint I have is that the foreground and background colors a little too dark, and blend in with each other to make it really hard to see what is the foreground and what isn't. You might wanna brighten the foreground palette and/or darken the background palette a bit.

Other than that, it sounds like this level is intense! Great job, Scorpion. :)
Feeling aimless, going under therapy to recover from trauma.

Just some images of an underwater level I worked on... and finished. #tb{:DD}
That looks quite good, but I think the yellow should be toned down. It stands out too much in my opinion.
where's td1c
the first hack
Originally posted by Woutersmits
where's td1c
the first hack

Undone. They're not done in order.
And it would NOT be "TD1C" it would still be TD4C Chapter 1
Originally posted by Berkay
That looks quite good, but I think the yellow should be toned down. It stands out too much in my opinion.

Berkay's right. I can't wait to play another TD4C episode if it goes to 100 %! Bwahahahahaha!
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Lands of the Moon
Area Unknown

An area unknown to our heroes, this place is riddled with pitfalls that will bring them doom. The only way to cross this trap filled place is the use of the Timed Lifts, but who exactly left them there???
What a great job, one of the best hacks series of SMW. I began the Crater recently (for me Racter's Tower was a great challenge and a very good level).

By the way, is Hunter's Revenge Recharged down? The link on first page says "File not found".
Yes, since the hack pretty much doesn't meet design standards, I should go and update that link to say it doesn't work.
Your layout has been removed.
@Skewer: This Lands of the Moon level looks pretty good! I played and finished episode 3 of TD4C The Crater! Levels were pretty good!
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Area Unknown

Something's not right about this.


In the most recent turn of events, as you can see by the screenshots above ::: Revelations has successfully implemented the power-ups made by LX5! Expect lots of hammer suits, boomerang suits and other new power-ups hidden everywhere! Some are more powerful than the vanilla Fire Flower, so while not as rare as Capes are, which will remain the most overpowered-up item in the game, you can expect these new power-ups like the Tanooki Suit to be very well hidden, they will be your rewards for exploring the ever expanding layout of the levels in this hack. Of course, there are times when these power-ups will just be "handed out".

If you've played any D4 Hack, you know they start out simple, but quickly escalate to complex layout design, and the level in Revelation are no exception. I'm doing my best to make sure the levels are not only challenging, but also encourage exploration.
Very great work, Skewer! I like this level!
Who is your favourite player?

"Cristo Ronaldo, Suey!" - iShowSpeed
Oh god that tanooki suit is so cute o.o

The foregrounds look quite nice as usual, and I love the "snowmen" in the underground section lol. However, I think it would look nicer in general if you spiffied up the backgrounds a little. For the underground section, try darkening it a little to create more contrast between the two layers. As for above the ground it's looking a bit empty, but I'm sure you're already working on that

Keep it up ^^
@Eevee: I'm pretty sure those are not snowmen. No, they are definitely something much more ominous, knowing this series.

Not much to say about the level. If this is anything like the other "artifact tomb" levels and such in the series, I'm expecting this to be a puzzle level with very few enemies--which I will admit, definitely gives these places a much creepier atmosphere than when they are crawling with machines.

I also noticed Eifer in that cutscene--now I'm very curious as to what she's up to this time around?

Hunter's Revenge ReVised
Unknown Area

I necessarily didn't want to show off something as secretive as this, but I also want to post this as a way of saying HRRV isn't dead. This, however, will be the last update posted for HRRV. What this area is supposed to be, you'll find out when you play; just know it's an area corrupted by the energy of a certain pocket dimension seen before!
Those of you who played Fourth Sector... this dimension is not area you're thinking of.

So yes, Hunter's Revenge ReVised is not dead, it is being finished; but I will not be sharing anymore information about it unless you specifically PM me wanting to know such information.
Damn, that's the first time I've seen someone blend together Super Metroid graphics with original ones--and it looks very impressive too. I can see why you'd want to keep something like this hush-hush because it looks like a very important place.

(And you can tell how sinister this place is just by looking at that face of coins.)


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