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24hosmw The Fourth: Submissions

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I'm not hoping to win, just to place.

Edit of Yoshi's Island 1 btw.
nut Plains 4 (Update)

Well this was harder then I thought.

EDIT: UPDATED! Download this update instead!
Want progress on 100 Rooms of Enemies: The Nightmare Edition? Go here to see.

(rip my other userbars momentarily)

I didn't got much.

I had lack of time because of the GFX request, so... I don't hope a good place. I left it like it's. A blatant edit of Level 15. Not so much edited.

(Donut plains 1).

EDIT: I fixed something.
That's the best I could come up with

Due to the level's theme, I'm really hungry right now.
This level is Valley of Bowser 1 (116).
It's Almost Exactly 11E

It's Forest of Illusion 1.

Here we go....:O
Just glad I finished in time, lol.
Vanilla Secret 2

There's some minor glitches/bugs. Hopefully they don't affect my score.
I got something done... Amazing!

The level I used is Cookie Mountain (010).

Updated link. Please redownload.

Again ^

And again.
Download Link Here

I used Level 010 (Cookie Mountain) for this contest.
Reposting, because I've updated my entry.

Forest of Illusion 4. Now with new graphics, awesome gradients, but no custom music... ouch.
Frozen Castle

The base level is Chocolate Castle (1B and EF). I designed the foreground specifically for the contest, the first part simulates the translucent effect. I may submit it to the graphics section later.
I had to remove Mode 7 from the Reznor battle in order to make it editable, so the bridge works but doesn't disappear. That's the best I can do without altering the actual fight.
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Link Thread Closed