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[Sprite] Bonus NPC - PikBube3
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Name: Bonus NPC
Author & Submitted By: PikBube3

Uses extra bit: YES

A NPC which will onyl appear after x number of exits have been gotten.
After displaying a message, it will give either give you a set number of lives, or it will set your live counter to a set number of lives (depending on the extra bit)
Similar to Yoshi from Super Mario 64
Can easily be customized.
For further information, read the readme and the ASM file.
Requested by Coolmario

When adding lives, it is possible to increase the life counter beyond 99, resulting in hexadecimal values. Please fix and re-submit, this sprite will be accepted once this is fixed.
Also, your spelling is very bad, I would highly recommend getting somebody to help fix the spelling errors in the description, readme, and ASM file.
(It's been a while since you submitted this file. If you don't have the original files, I can send them to you.)
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Forum Index - Valley of Bowser - Moderation Questions - Sprites - [Sprite] Bonus NPC - PikBube3