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Dark Side of the Kingdom ~ Team Hack | Looks like it died?!


Thanks all you guys for the kind comments. The level is coming out nicely. Here are the first 7 screens.

E: Oops, table stretch begone (ha, I'm talking like ycz :D)
You've got some cutoff at the bottom of screen 5. The top pixel of that tile row is visible in all emulators except ZSNES, and will look rather weird.
<blm> zsnes users are the flatearthers of emulation
Other than what Alcaro mentioned, it looks great! I love the sense of being closed in by the leaves.
Thanks Alcaro for mentioning the cutoff and Egadd for your comment!

Here are screen 7 to D (Midway is at B)

Table stretch preventer:
This level seems like it would be a lot more efficient tileset wise if you used layer 3, but it can't be edited sadly. There's cutoff in the water at screen 0D, other than that it looks fine. I'm really digging your level design and aesthetics here, good job!
Hey guys, I should give an update. There is no progress. Xx
Because of my professional work for school I dont have the time for working on this level. But next tuesday it is done so... I will finish it! ^^ There are already 5 of 10 pages done (without the sources and so on)! I work hard on this, guys. Until next tuesday! ^^
Here's the IPS for the level 16, which is finished! Inspiration flow FTW!

Level 16!

Also, I did not claim the subevel or secondary exit, both are 4A.

*Known bug
In sublevel 4a, some dirt tiles are still solid.
The level was good! I couldn't find anything majorly wrong with it, nothing was really unfun or bland, so I'll call this one complete. A couple things:

That just looks weird (the Monty Mole).

Unless making Map16 doesn't work out, I think that log bridge could look a little better.

Other than that, follow these steps and send me the resources! I'll add them in a baserom update as soon a couple more things are added.
Fixed the errors Egadd mentioned, thanks!
Here's the ZIP.
Oh Hell No I like the look of your level.
RMG Productions
I'm going to drop my composition for now, except one problem, I still have a full MIDI of it. If anyone wants to take the time to change it into a working, looped txt file, I would be eternally grateful.

Anyway, claiming 00A.
There I am.
Forgot to mention that I'm away. *facepalm*
Great levels you guys have made! :)
Now, updating the first post.
Claming level 125. I'm thinking i'm just gonna make a pretty normal fire Level.
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We need a person to draw Graphics for Burnett. Please post in this thread or PM me or MetalJo to talk about it.

Sorry for the big letters, but this is urgent.

Also added.
I don't know how to do graphics from scratch so presenting badly made burnett:

using vannila graphics...yeah! he is angered,you can easilyuse the platform skull's as peacefull burnett!i know it is bad,i just did it...
Nobody will understand my pure hate for the redrawn tilesets.

The head actually looks good... but the body doesn't look that good.
My YT channel
erm MBY...uh...

Tahixham has offered to do it for us, so he'll be covering that for us. Thanks, Tahixham!
yeah,i knew it was bad#w{=D}taxiham is a good guy when it comes to these tipe of stuff,my userbar was made by him#w{=D}
Nobody will understand my pure hate for the redrawn tilesets.

Scratch that, spoke too soon. Sadly, Tahixham can't do it.

So yeah, still open.
Ok guys,meet burnett v.MBY 2.0:

it is totally diferent exept the head,again,he is angered,when peaceful put skull platform,i saw the cutscene!I know what to expect!
Nobody will understand my pure hate for the redrawn tilesets.