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"SMB4" World - by xilith117

[download zip]

Not a bad little vanilla hack! Unfortunately, there are some crucial problems that should be totally fixed before we can approve your hack.

First of all, you should submit some more screenshots next time, one single one won't show much of your hack. E.g. take a screenshot of the Title Screen, the OW, some different levels etc.

Bad Entrance FG/BG position. This diagram should help.

Not a real removal reason, but the word wrapping in this message box could be much better. Also, it seems some words got lost after "may".

Rather just a suggestion: your hack doesn't use layer 2 events at all, so Mario walks on "unlocked" paths.

You shouldn't put Yoshi Coins on Sub-screen Boundaries (press F2 in Lunar Magic to see them).

Those "?" blocks in the wall create a bit of cutoffness, and actually, why are they there?

Mario's starting position should be a bit higher, so he will actually come out of the pipe when the level starts.

Actually, there's one layer 2 event on your overworld, but it totally glitches out. Don't forget to press Ctrl+U in the Overworld editor after saving your Title Screen movements, it should fix the problem.

And for some reason, a Green Switch Palace appeared in the middle of nowhere after beating this level.
The whole level actually isn't a blatant edit that much...but that part looks similar, indeed.
The OW also has copy-paste from some parts of the SMW's original OW. I can see the mountain with Ludwig's castle here. (not really a probem, but meh) The turnblocks and mucher palettes also are pretty strange.

This part also looks like a level 15 blatant edit, only the info box is different here.
I also found another problem, when I take the secret exit on Ocean 2, Mario goes forward but then I am trapped on a endless loop because the creator didn't use the red bridge from Layer 1 Event 16x16, maybe he could put a pipe that leads to obviously another pipe
Watch out! This is extremeeeeeeeee!
Tennis + Football = Footnnis
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