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Dark Mario In Boss Battles (demo 1.0) - by Dark Mario Bros

A new, full version has been submitted, so keeping the demo isn't necessary.
[download zip]

Sorry, but I think we can't qualify your hack as a "real" hack. There are absolutely no problems like cutoff, bad palettes or anything, but it's just bosses and... that's it. I guess this would be more like an ASM show-off hack, though you're not showing off your own bosses, but actually the most overused ones on SMWC.

Not to mention, the last level was the original Funky level itself.

Another note: the music crashed in all more accurate emulators (bsnes, snes9x 1.52+). Next time you submit a hack, you should use at least Addmusic 4.05 (or a better choice, AddmusicK) on your hack and redownload the music files from the music section. It's not a real removal reason, but we highly recommend to do that.
aw... okay ... i'll try again someday#smw{:peace:}
Actually also the grammar could use some work, because he written this on the 7th boss (or was it 6th):
He throw bombs
when its supposed to be this
He throws bombs

Also the last boss was extremely hard, I just wanted to quit the game after finding too much difficult
Watch out! This is extremeeeeeeeee!
Tennis + Football = Footnnis
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To alleviate the grammar, feel free to hire a proofreader from here. All of them know fluent English.