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Super Paper Mario: Favorite Song

Gosh, SPM has a great soundtrack. Plus, you can download all of the tracks! So what's your favorite song?

This has got to be my favorite. Seriously, it's really catchy.
That's probably my favorite, followed by Sammer's Kingdom.
EDIT: Ok, I'm back on PC mode.
now that I can copy and paste, I'll post the list of my favorite songs in Super Paper Mario.
- Super Dementio Battle.
- The Tile Pool.
- Sammer's Kingdom.
- Pit of 100 trails.
- Lineland road.
- Gloam Valley.
- Floro Sapiens Cavern.
- Brobot L-type battle.
- Castle Bleck.
- A Powerful enemy emerges.
- Big Blooper appears. (SMB3, water level)
- An Unriveled battle.

There ya go.
Sammer's Kingdom for ya!
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The color compliments my layout. XD
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Yeah, I think Sammer's Kingdom is a lot of peoples' favorite song, including mine. Too bad you only hear it twice in that section of 100 >_>

Castle Bleck is pretty awesome too, since it combines a whole bunch of music used throughout the game plus more into one huge compilation.
Castle bleck is so Pokemon Gold/Silver-ish. Isn't it? :P

And yeah, intead of hearing the duel of 100, I'd like to hear it everytime you defeat a Sammer Guy. D:
Well, I just went to Sammer's Kingdom and King Sammer said that all the sammer guys are in vacation. :O

Anyways, I think I'm liking the Flopside song...
I never realy got to listen to the music while I was plying (stupid TV) so I can't realy decide my favorite.
I liked Tilt Island and An Unrivaled Battle.
lawl i downloaded them all, but yeah ultimate showdown and sammers kingdom are my favorites