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The great list of pokémon names
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Sorry in advance for the lack of proper capitalization.
bayleef = bay leaf
meganium = mega + geranium
cyndaquil = cinder + quill
quilava = quill + lava
typhlosion = typhoon + explosion
totodile = tot + crocodile
croconaw = crocodile + gnaw
chikorita = chicory + ita (the feminine form of the spanish suffix for something small or young).
ampharos = amp + pharos (greek for lighthouse)
ledyba = corrupted ladybug
ledian = corruption of redian (japanese name)
spinarak = spinneret + arachnid
ariados = ariadne (greek mythological character) + dos (spanish for two)
chinchou = corrupted chōchin (japanese for lantern)
togepi = toge (japanese for spike) + piyopiyo (onomatopoeia for a bird chirping)
togetic = toge + chick
togekiss = toge + kiss
natu = native + atu (first man of samoan mythology)
xatu = x/exotic + atu
mareep = anagram of ampere
flaaffy = fluffy + baa (sheep noise)
bellossom = belle (french for pretty) + blossom
marill = marine + rill
azumarill = azure + marine + rill
*hoppip = hop + pip
*skiploom = skip + bloom
*jumpluff = jump + fluff
aipom = ape + palm
ambipom = ambi (prefix for both) + palm
sunkern = sun + kernel
yanma = yanma (japanese word for a large dragonfly)
yanmega = yanma + mega
wooper = wooper looper (japanese term for the larval stages of the axolotl, a species of salamander)
quagsire = quagmire + sire
espeon = ESP + eon
umbreon = umbra (latin for shadow/ghost) + eon
murkrow = murky + crow
honchkrow = honcho + crow
misdreavus = corrupted mischievous
mismagius = mischief + magus
magnemite = magnet + magnetite

*These three are also representative of the common phrase "a hop, skip and a jump".

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I'll help with this. Some are just my opinion, but others sound obvious. Sorry that some are out of order. :S

| Bear in latin is Ursus
Ursaring /
Cranidos: Cranium + ?
Rampardos: Rampage + ?
Dustox: Dust + Toxic
Pelipper: Pelican + Deliver(?)
Aron: Corruption of Iron?
Aggron: Aggressive + Iron?
Cyndaquil: Cinder + Quil
Quilava: Quil + Lava
Typhlosion: Typhoon(?) + Explosion
Mew: corruption of New? (Pokédex says it's a New Species Pokémon)
Ariados: Arachnid + ?
Ampharos: Amber(?) + Pharos (it means lighthouse)
Skiploom: Skip + Bloom(?)
Jumpluff: Jump + Fluff(?)
Yanma: I'm pretty sure the word Yanma is related to dragonfly. Saying that because there's a digimon called Yanmamon which is a dragonfly too.
Quagsire: Quagmire + ?
Granbull: Grand(?) + Bulldog -> makes more sense than just Bull
Remoraid: Remora + Raid
Smoochum: Smooch + ?
Pupitar: Pupa + ?
Tyranitar: Tyrant + ?
Swellow: corruption of Swallow? (Read the second definition: it's bird related)
Carvanha: ? + Piranha
Sharpedo: Shark + Torpedo
Spinda: Spin (eyes) + ?
Trapinch: Trap + ?
Vibrava: Vibration + ?
Cacturne: Cactus + Nocturne (dark type)
Seviper: Serpent(?) + Viper
Banette: ? + Marionette
Dusclops: Dusk + Cyclops
Tropius: Tropical + ?
Chimecho: Chime + ?
Deoxys: From Deoxiribonucleic Acid a.k.a. DNA
Chingling: swinging bell onomatopoeia?
Bronzong: Bronze + Gong
Rhyperior: Rhynoceros + Superior
Cresselia: Crescent + ?
Liepard: Lie + Leopard
Pidove: Pidgeon(?) + Dove
Tranquill: Tranquil + Quill
Gigalith: Giga + Litho (stone in latin)
Conkeldurr: From concrete (material)?
Tympole: Tiny(?) + Pole (from tadpole)
Palpitoad: Palpitation(?) + Toad
Seismitoad: Seismic + Toad
Scolipede: Scoliosis + Centipede
Whimsicott: Whimsy(?) + Cotton
Lilligant: Lily + Elegant
Ferroseed \
|Ferro (curiosity: ferro in portuguese means iron)
Cryogonal: Cryo + Octogonal(?) -> the shape of a single crystal of ice/snow
Rufflet: corruption of Ruffled?
Braviary: Brave + Aviary
Cobalion: Cobalt + ?
Genesect: Gene + Insect

Ninja'd by X-cniS. As a result, some are equal.
Few more that I've thought/remembered of.

Snubbule: Snob+Bull
Mantine: Mantis+?
Stantler: ?+Antler
Smoochum: Smooch+Chum
Entei: Eternal+?
Marshtomp: Marsh+Stomp
Poochyena: Pooch (dog)+Hyena
Zigzagoon: Zig-zag+Racoon
Trapinch: Trap+Pinch
Carvanha: Carnivore+Piranha
Swablu: ?+Blue
Feebas: ?+Bass
Tropius: Tropic+?
Gorebyss: Gorgeous+Abyss
Empoleon: Emperor+?
Bidoof and Bibarel: Beaver+?. Though Bibarel could refer to barrel.
Chingling: The sounds of bells.
Bronzong: Bronze+Gong
Probopass: Prototype+Compass
Electrivire: Electric+Wire (you missed this part?)
Regigigas: ?+Giga
Cresselia: Crescent+?
Lillipup: Little+Puppy
Tranquill: Transport+Quill?
Gigalith: Gigantic+Monolith
Leavanny: Leaf+Nanny
Golett amd Golurk: Golem+?
Pawniard: Pawn+?
Vullaby: Vulture+Lullaby?
Durant: Durable+Ant
Deino: Dino+Ein
Zekrom: Zeus+?

Some are repeats because Gloomy Star ninja'd me. D:
Zangoose - ? + Mongoose
Pansage - ? + Sage (type of grass)
Simisage - Simian (monkey) + Sage
Simisear - Simian + Sear
Simipour - Simian + Pour
Seismitoad - Seismic + Toad
Accelgor - Accelerate + ?
001 Bulbasaur Bulb + Dinosaur
Portmanteau Not necessairly saur. It's actually just the Greek word "saur"
002 Ivysaur Ivy + Dinosaur
003 Venusaur Venus + Dinosaur (as in vinus firetrap thing)
Venus firetrap? From Mario? It's the Venus Fly Trap.

010 Caterpie Caterpillar + ?
No plus, just a corruption of the word "caterpillar", basicall take out the "llar"
011 Metapod Metal + Pod (?)
Nope. It's metamophosis plus pod.
012 Butterfree Butterfly + Free
Note, free refers to being "free from the land"

013 Weedle Weed + (?)'s likely a portmanteau of "worm" and "needle", and may also be a corruption of "weevil"
014 Kakuna Cocoon
You gotta understand that not all pokemon names are "THIS AND THIS", this is simply a corruption of "cocoon"

016 Pidgey Pigeon + ?
Is either simply a corruption of "pigeon", or pigeon + pudgy referring to its physique.
017 Pidgeotto Pigeon + ?
A corruption of "pigeon", plus possibly a reference to aviator Otto Lilienthal.
018 Pidgeot Pigeon + ?
Combination of "pigeon" and "jet"

019 Rattata Rat + ?
Likely a combo of "Rat" and "attack" (since apparently it's prototype name is "rattatack"). Plus the onomatopoeia "rat-a-tat" (a gun sound)
020 Raticate Rat + ?
EIther rat, plus "eradicate" (to destroy/exterminate) or "masticate" (to chew)

025 Pikachu Japanese thunder sound + mouse
Not necessarily. Pikapika is the onomotopoeia for "sparkle", and chuchu is the sound mice make (in Japan)
026 Raichu Rai is a style of Algerian popular music played on an electric guitar. + Japanese word for mouse
NOPE. Rai means "thunder" in japan. Plus "chuchu"

029 Nidoran♀ ?
Possibly derived from "needle", or cnidocyte (a type of poisonous sting). Or just "ni" (two) or "nido" (two times/two degrees) plus ran, the Japanese word for orchid, which has two shades of color: blue and purple, with blue being female and purple being a male orchid. And ♀ is the sign for female. So possible combinations are "needle orchid" or "two degrees of orchid" or "sting orchid"
030 Nidorina ?
Ditto, add with "a", which is in some languages show "female gender" like in Spanish.
031 Nidoqueen ? + Queen
Ditto, and queen
032 Nidoran♂ ?
Ditto, and ♂ is the sign for males.
033 Nidorino ?
Ditto, add with "o", which in some languages show "male gender" like in Spanish.
034 Nidoking ? + King
Ditto, plus king.

035 Clefairy ? + Fairy
"Clef", French of (musical) key, and Fairy
036 Clefable ? + Fable
Clef, plus Fable

037 Vulpix Vulpine (fox)+Six
Usually Pokemon names include a lot of Latin and Greek words, this may be also the case. Though, anything goes: "vulpes" is the Latin word for fox, which is where the word "vulpine" was derived from. And Vulcan (where the place Vulcana is derived, in which Volcano is derived) is the God of Fire.
038 Ninetales Pun on nine tails. Based on japanese (?) legends/myths
Me being precise: That's not a pun on ninetails. In any case, just simply based on its Nine-Tailed Fox origins.

039 Jigglypuff ?
Jiggle and puff
040 Wigglytuff ?
Wiggle and tough

041 Zubat ? + Bat
Now THIS is a pun: bat, and a pun on "zubatto", a peircing sound possibly referring to its fangs or the sounds bats make.
042 Golbat ? + Bat
Either "ghoul" and "bat"

043 Oddish Odd + Dish
Dish makes no sense whatsoever. Contrary to popular belief, pokemon names aren't THAT simple. In any case, "odd" plus "radish", and a pun on "oddish", being odd. Which refers to the fact that Oddish, contrary to popular belief, is based on the mandrake (you know those screaming bulb plants in that one Harry Potter movie? Yeah - those are Oddish's cousin) which has MANY many myths and tales connected to it due to its odd features.

046 Paras Shortened "Parasite"?
Yes, a shortening of "parasite"
047 Parasect Shortened "Parasite" (?) + Insect
Parasite plus Insect

048 Venonat Venom + ?
Venom plus gnat
049 Venomoth Venom + Moth

050 Diglett Dig + ?
Dig, plus the "diminuitive suffix" -let. It's basically to "cutify" or "small" the word dig - like how people add a "-y" to some names as a pet nickname - like Frank and Franky or Mark and Marky

052 Meowth Meow.
Note, Meowth's Japanese name is Nyarth, and nya is also a cat sound. -th must just be borrowed from Nyarth

054 Psyduck Psychic + Duck
055 Golduck Gold (?) + Duck
Yes, it's gold. In the Pokemon series, gold usually represents Psychics. The Gold Gummi the gummi that psychics like, and the Marsh Badge (Sabrina's Badge) Japanese name is "Gold Badge".

056 Mankey Man + Monkey (?)
Some simply suggest "man plus monkey", but seriously, man doesn't make sense. I rather am leaning on "mad" plus monkey, and throw in with a pun on "mankey", a slang (and sometimes derogatory) word for dirty, inferiorness, and worthlessness.
057 Primeape Prime + Ape
My god, if anyone who mentioned this did not mention that it's a pun on "Primate"...

058 Growlithe Growl + ?
Growl blue "lithe" (limber/flexible)
059 Arcanine Arcane + Canine (?)
Yes, arcane plus canine.

060 Poliwag (pole from tadpole?) + Wag
It's a corruption of the outdated term for tadpoles, "polliwog" (which litterally means "head-wiggle") Wag refers to its tale
061 Poliwhirl (pole from tadpole?) + Whirl
Pollowog plus whirl
062 Poliwrath (pole from tadpole?) + Wrath
Polliwog plus wrath

063 Abra \
064 Kadabra | Abra - Kadabra - Alakazam "magic spell"
065 Alakazam /
Not necessarily. It's "abracadabra". And Alakazam. Both words are used in "state magic" (bla bla bla healing amulet coins of wonder)

069 Bellsprout Bell + Sprout
I want to say more about this: bell refers to it's bell shapeness (though, in reality it's based on pitcher plants", and it's relative youngess with sprout.
070 Weepinbell Weeping + Bell
I also want to actually SAY the meaning of the name rather than "THIS AND THIS". A weeping plant is a plant that droops, which Weepinbell is specifically based on.
071 Victreebel ? + Bell
A corruption of victory and tree, plus bell

074 Geodude Geo + Dude
Geo is the prefix for "earth", and geode is a type of rock. Plus dude.

075 Graveler Gravel + (?)
Either simply a corruption of gravel, or a corruption with "groveler" (someone who bows at the feet of a superior)
076 Golem Golem.
God, people actually need to say the origin of the name rather than "THIS WORD AND THAT WORD AND WOOOHOOO!!!!" . The golem is a monster of medieval and Hebrew legends.

077 Ponyta Pony + ?
Could simply be a shorteninng of "ponytail". Or a corruption of bonita (which means nice and beautiful in some languages)

079 Slowpoke Slow + ? or just the insult to slow people.
One, yes, it's just simply slowpoke. To, slowpoke in no form ever is an insult but rather has a positive connotation (and is usally a loving pet name)

081 Magnemite Magnet + ?
Probably a play on "magnetite"
082 Magneton Magnet + ?
Simply (either) magneton (a unit of magnetic movement) a magnetron (that thing that happens in your microwave)

083 Farfetch'd This name is kinda far-fetched. Idunno.
Farfetched? I think that's too farfetched. Probably based on something a little more belivable!
In seriousness, farfetched means "unbelievable", which refers to the origins of farfetched the lenghts it went to help those in need (and still got advantaged despite his niceness)

088 Grimer Grimy (?)
Nope, just grime. Er. Grim-er? Grimer. (On an unrelated not grimer actually looks cute)

090 Shellder Shell + ?
A pun on "shelter" with shell, since shellder is rather the pokemon inside, and is only living inside that shell.

091 Cloyster Clam / Clamp + Oyster
A combination of Clam and Oyster to create a pun on the word "cloister" (to seclude/shelter).

092 Gastly Ghastly
Actually, a puno on ghastly. Because "gas" which refer to it as, well, being a will-o-wisp of poisonous gas.
093 Haunter Haunts
Well, one that haunts. I'll let this slide.
094 Gengar Genocide (?) + ?
Genocide? What? Gengar (and it's japanese name, Gangar) comes from doppleganger, referring to the fact that it is a shadow pokemon. Or [conspiracytheory]being clefable's dead self[/conspiracytheory]

097 Hypno Shortened hypnosis?
Yes, shortened hypnosis

099 Kingler ?
King and Fiddler are a species of (large) crab, so it could possible be a a combo of those. Then again, it could be based on king and "angler". I lean on the former.

101 Electrode Electric + ?
...are you serious? I'm sorry. Electrode. Look it up. It's an actual thing. It may also be a smart pun on "electric", "explode", and "node"

102 Exeggcute Execute (?)
Eggs plus execute. Or a pun on "eggs are cute".






103 Exeggutor Executor (?)
Eggs plus executor. Or a pun on "eggs are cuter"






104 Cubone Cub + Bone
Cub plus bone, or cute plus bone, or a pun on "cue ball" (a reference to it's white head)
105 Marowak ?
(Bone) marrow plus whack

106 Hitmonlee ? + Lee (bruce lee)
Hit-Monster-Bruce Lee

107 Hitmonchan ? + Chan (jackie chan)
Hit-Monster-Jackie Chan

110 Weezing Weezing (?)
Wheezing, if you want the correct spelling

111 Rhyhorn ? + Horn
Are you serious? (Pardon me)
But I digress, Rhy can also be a pun on the igneous rock "rhyolite" (which may refer to its rock/ground typing)
112 Rhydon ?
Ditto, but don comes from "lord".

113 Chansey Chance + ?
Basically that. Being "chancy". Referring to it's god annoying catch rate and meet rate in the Safari Zone

Fucking Chancey.

114 Tangela Tangle + (?)
Tangle and Medusa, the snake headed woman from the legends

115 Kangaskhan ?
Kangaroo...and funnily enough, Genghis Khan. Don't know what they were thinking, but Kangaskhan is said to be very, very, very, very, very protective of it's child and will go to violent lengths to protect it.

116 Horsea Horse + Sea
If you haven't realized this basically Seahorse flipped then what.

118 Goldeen Gold + ?
Gold + queen

120 Staryu Star + ?
Yu possibly comes from "you", and yu is Chinese for "fish"
121 Starmie Star + ?
Mie possibly comes from "me". Mi also means gem/jewel in japanese.

122 Mr. Mime Male mime. (wat)
Yes, literally Mister Mime. This is understandable, as gender in pokemon was introduced later on.

123 Scyther Scythe + ?
Just scythe.

124 Jynx Based on Jinx.
Just jinx. Though, I don't get how it relates to ice viking princess opera singer who also represents an old trend in japan.

125 Electabuzz Electa (from electronic) + buzz
Electric plus buzz. Get it right!!!11111

126 Magmar Magma + ?
Magmar plus mar (to destroy), since Magmar actually incinerates it environment to suit it.

127 Pinsir Pinch + ?
Pincer. Look it up. It's an actual thing.

129 Magikarp Magic + Carp
Note, magic comes from the fact it turns from carp to dragon (from the its origins)
130 Gyarados ?
"Gyarados may derive from 虐殺 gyakusatsu (massacre/slaughter) or 逆境 gyakkyō (hardship/adversity)—both words relate to the creature's violent nature and the hardship it experienced before evolving. In addition, 逆 gyaku means "reverse" or "contrary", possibly referencing on how it evolves from a pathetically weak Pokémon to one capable of destroying entire cities and how in legend that the carp goes against the flow of the waterfall in order to reach the top. It may also involve 嵐 arashi (storm) or 争い arasoi (conflict, referencing on how it appeared during wars). The last part may be from ドス dosu (onomatopoeia for the piercing of flesh, again owing to Gyarados' violent nature). Alternatively, dos may indicate that it is the second in its evolutionary line."

131 Lapras ?
Corruption of "laplace". Possibly reference to Pierre-Simon Laplace, a guy who studied tides and oceans. Al "la place" means seat in French, referencing it as willing to put passengers on its back.

132 Ditto English word similar to "repeating"
Ditto, except not really. More like "the same" than "repeating".

133 Eevee ?
Seriously? If you can't think of it yourself I'm going to cry.

In anycase, evolution refers to it's many evolutions. And no, we don't need any more eeveelutions.
134 Vaporeon Vaporize + ?
Just vapor plus eon. Eon is a lengthy time, referring to how long an evolution process happens. Plus Eevee's prototype name is "eon".
135 Jolteon Jolt + ?
Plus eon
136 Flareon Flare + ?
Plus eon.

138 Omanyte ?
In fancy words, "the phonetic anagram" of ammonite, an extinct celaphod (basically squid) that has a shell that Omanyte/star is based on.
139 Omastar ?
Ammonite plus star

140 Kabuto ?
Kabuto means "helmet" in Japanese (not beetle). Also "kabutonagi", or horseshoe crab, which Kabuto is party based on. (Look it up - they LOOK like a living fossil)
141 Kabutops ?
Ditto, plus tops (which prolly refers to the fact its shell doesn't protect it's whole body now)

147 Dratini Dragon + tiny (?)
Yes, Dragon plus tiny. Could also be the Italian suffix "ini", which means small and endearing. (Despite pupular belief, Dratini is actually relatively big)
148 Dragonair Dragon + ?
Dragon + air or Dragon + lair, the home of dragons
149 Dragonite Dragon + ?
Dragon plus either knight (like it's majestic) or ignite (it learns a SHITTON of fire moves). Also a pun on the "draconite", which is said to be what makes up a dragon's horn.

150 Mewtwo Second version of Mew
151 Mew ?
Mew is is the sound that cats make. MEW MEW MEW MEW MEW/

I'll start the other Gens tomorrow. But for now, here's gen 1 and these guys:

605 Elgyem ?
L.G.M, or "Little Green Monster"
606 Beheeyem ?
B.E.M, or "Bug Eyed Monster"

Because these two's name origins are awesome.
its 3am and i had nothing better to do

020 raticate = rat + erraticate
048 venonat = venom + gnat
105 marowak = bone marrow + whack
111 rhyhorn = rhinocerous + horn
115 kangaskhan = kangaroo + genghis khan
127 pinsir = pincer
155 cyndaquil = cinder + quill
156 quilava = quill + lava
195 quagsire = coagulate + mire
197 umbreon = umber
211 qwilfish = quill + fish
214 heracross = heracules beetle + cross
215 sneasel = sneeze + weasel
216 teddiursa = teddy bear + ursidae
217 ursaring = ursidae + ring
238 smoochum = smooch(kiss) them
243 raikou = rai based off thunder in japanese
244 entei = en based of fire in japanese
245 suicune = sui based of water in japanese
266 silcoon = silk + cocoon
268 cascoon = cast + cocoon
309 electrike = electric + tike
319 sharpedo = shark + torpedo
321 wailord = whale + lord
327 spinda = spin + panda
344 claydol = clay doll
353 shuppet = shadow + puppet
354 banette = bane + marionette
356 dusclops = dusk + cyclops
360 wynaut = why not
358 chimecho = chime + echo
369 relicanth = relic + coelacanth
398 staraptor = star + raptor
404 luxio = lux + leo
423 gastrodon = gastropod
430 honchkrow = head honcho + crow
453 croagunk = croak + gunk
461 weavile = weasel + vile/evil
494 victini = victory + tiny
498 tepig = tepid + pig
521 unfezant = unpleasant + pheasant
527 woobat = woo + bat
537 seimitoad = seimic + toad
553 krookodile = crook + crocodile
558 crustle = crust + castle
562 yamask = yami(dark in japanese) + mask
574 gothita = gothic + lolita
595 joltik = jolt + tick
607 litwick = a lit wick
615 cryogonal = cryonics + polygonal
624 pawniard = pawn(chess) + shard
625 bisharp = bishop(chess) + sharp
632 durant = durible + ant
649 genesect = genetic + insect


Originally posted by Ixtab
649 genesect = genetic + insect

Actually, Genesect would be Gene(referring to a cellular structure) + Insect, as it clearly says it's "genes" were modified by Team Plasma when they brought it back to life, as they also added a canon to it's back, or something like that. Also in the new Pokemon movie they pronounce it "Genesect" or "Genesect".

- ignore the watermarks, working on a fix for those
Man, you guys.
I could probably fill out 80% of the list on my own, but I kinda can't type a lot on this, so I'm just gonna pick a random range of numbers.

574 Gothita Gothic + Lolita
575 Gothorita Gothic + prolly Lolita too, just longer
576 Gothitelle Gothic + idk looks like just some random female-ish suffix
577 Solosis Solo + Osmosis or some similar genetics-related word
578 Duosion Duo + I could imagine fusion but there likely is a much better, more related word
579 Reuniclus Reunion (?) + Nucleus
589 Escavalier Escort + Cavalier

Also Joltik is a tick.

Your layout has been removed.
Originally posted by me
Ampharos: Amber(?) + Pharos (it means lighthouse)

Auto-correction: actually it's probably Ampere (unit of electric current) + Pharos.
Terrakion = probably Terra (latin for Earth) + ?
Axew = Axe + idunno
Archen = from archaeological possibly
Archeops = same + ?
Maractus = ? + cactus
Azurill = azure blue + ?
Azumarill = same + marine something
Lombre = lotus + hombre (spanish for man) because lolmexican.spc
Lotad = lotus as well I'd guess + ?
also for Ferroseed and Ferrothorn, ferrum is latin for iron (ferrum ferri ferro ferrum ferrum ferro etc) and ferro (which comes from that) is valid in italian and portuguese.
Axew = Axe and hew ('hew' meaning to chop a material with use of a tool)
Fraxure = Fracture and axe combination
Haxorus = Hacksaw combined with axe and suffix is referencing saurus, the Greek word for lizard.
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chu is not the word for mouse in japanese btw; it's the noise it makes


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