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What you learn'd playing mario

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We all know that almost any day we learn something,like not putting ketchup with peanut butter or not stepping on lego,but what did this red plumber teach you?
mario taught me that if you get a shell from a turtle and throw it at a ghost the ghost will die and give you 200 points,
he also taught me that pokey's are very slow,
but something i will never forget is that you shooting fire underwater kills white squids! i would never notice it without him!
Nobody will understand my pure hate for the redrawn tilesets.

Mario taught me that it's okay to sacrifice your friends for your own survival.
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All you need to do to prevent a ghost from hurting you is looking at them. Mario taught me that all of them are very shy.
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Mario taught me that money can save my life.


... Mario also taught me that I can destroy bricks using heads.
Mario also taught me that I can walk over the rainbow.
He taught me that mushrooms are good for me.
I no longer have interest in SMW Hacking as I did when I first started several years ago.
He taught me that saving princesses is useless: they just continue being kidnapped! #w{x(}

He taught me that flashing stars make you invincible!

He taught me that turtles are evil.

He taught me how to work with pipes.

He taught me how to shoot fireballs.

(Meh, lots of stuff u_u )
I learned that:
-no matter how difficult the trials I get thru just to save my love interest, I'm never getting laid
-no matter how many animals you torture, you get off Scot free. No PETA, no ASPCA, no police!
-No matter how close you get to lava, as long as you don't actually touch it, you're okay. Also known as convection shmonvection for those of you who prefer to speak TvTropes-ese.
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Taught me that we can breathe in space. Without any equipment. I'm going to swim up to Uranus now.

Mario taught me that for every 100 pennies I collect, I get an extra life! At this rate, I'll live forever! :D

Mario has also taught me that I can jump from tall ledges and land safely on the ground below, as long as I can see the bottom. But if I do jump off that type of ledge, I just lose one of the millions of lives I already collected...I'm haven't tested this theory yet, but now is a good of a time than any.

brb, I'll edit my post with my results once I'm done.
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Mario taught me that I can do somersaults if I touch a star.

Mario taught me that I can escape or counter any kind of attack just by jumping and swinging a hammer.

Mario taught me that it's safe to bring babies along in dangerous adventures.

Mario taught me that it's possible to walk on clouds or even spikes.

Oh my... so much useful things this plumber has to share with us...
Mario has taught me that no matter how many times your loved one gets taken away by some big evil mutated turtle, you never give up trying to get her back, no matter what you have to go through to save her, because you know in the end, it might just be worth it..
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I learned that mushrooms are dangerous, koopas are your friends and Yoshi is your worst enemy ever.
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I learned that plumbers are good at breaking into fortresses and castles filled with lava and spikes.

mario taught me that if your holding a turtle shell when a bullet is flying towards you that there's no possible way that the bullet will kill you.
I learned that princesses never put out.
I learned that bowser kiddnappess the princesses a little to much.
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I learned that pipes are larger inside than they seem. @[email protected]
Originally posted by Koopster
I learned that pipes are larger inside than they seem. @[email protected]

Same deal with houses.
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I learned that big fat Italian men are bad for our society as they steal our princesses.
* I've learned that dinosaurs haven't gone extinct, and that some can be ridden like horses.
* I've learned that dinosaur eggs are lethal weapons.
* I've learned that every time the news talks about suicide bombers, they're talking about Bob-Ombs.
* I've learned that Coin Blocks can appear out of nowhere and knock you into a bottomless death pit.
* I've learned that cutting a certain type of tape makes you double in size, and that if you're killed after cutting it, you'll respawn at the point where you cut the tape.
* I've learned that there's another type of tape that will turn everyone around you into money and make you walk forward uncontrollably.
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