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Sicari - Released
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Got linked here from the Hack Removal Thread (not sure if the demo is working now), and I must say this is one of the most amazing hacks I've seen in a long time. I really like your graphical style! Personally when I make cutscenes, I use the VWF Cutscene Patch, as there's only so many available levels. However, if you're able to manage, the way you're doing it is just fine as well. Also, if it weren't for the requests section of the site still being down, I'd suggest you try making a request to see if you could get a custom sprite for Jerry the Jester (heck, I'd do it for you myself if I weren't too busy screwing around with random ASM for a custom character and figuring out Kirby's Dreamland level info for no reason whatsoever...), but I guess the Mouser boss is a good pick if you're going to use an existing custom boss. I personally think its overused though (mostly due to how easy it is to customize). I'll be sure to check if the demo passed sometime soon, and good luck finishing!

Eh, sure. Why not? Kaizo hacking doesn't seem too ha-aaaaaaand I broke the ROM.
Hi everyone, I have some updates and questions.

Firstly, I'll announce that the second demo was rejected. I'm planning to just scrap demo 2 and start working towards the final demo. However, the demo already on here is lacking compared to what I have now, as it has no custom music or sprites and contains some of the glitches I've recently fixed. I don't really see a point in repeatedly re-submitting demo 2, whilst I could be using my time to work on levels. Besides, as I've applied some more patches, another glitch has popped up.

This. It only happens when the Jetpack Joe castle is completed and I have no idea how to fix it. As you can see, the save menu is glitched and the black background is in the corner.

Here are some more updates in the meantime.

It's a bit hard to see here, but Sicari can now wall jump and ground pound. I think the wall jump at least, can give me a lot more variety as far as level design is concerned.

So what do you guys think I should do about demo 2? Please let me know.
I personally think that you should just wait and submit a better and more modern demo (unless the rejection was because of a broken patch or something). As for the walljump and ground pound, its really up to you. If you have creative ideas for them in your level design, then by all means go ahead and keep them. Just make sure you don't add anything that doesn't serve a purpose. I really like the way this is progressing BTW!

Eh, sure. Why not? Kaizo hacking doesn't seem too ha-aaaaaaand I broke the ROM.
Thank you for the feedback #w{=D}, I do agree. I don't want to release about 50 demos, as it will spoil the feel for the full hack. I will wait and release 1 more! Also, the ground pound patch came with some special blocks, which will come in handy! As for wall jumping, it can make for excellent access to secret areas! #w{=D}
The glitch is bad but looking around it and looking at the other stuff the other stuff looks good nice work. #smw{:TUP:}
RMG Productions
Hi guys, new updates! #w{=3}

The overworld is a tad less flat around the castle. Also, I added mist to ONE MISTY EVENING and will soon add snow to EARLY WINTER. The worlds may now start to have themes, as now that I think about it, world 2 has 3 levels based off seasons (Winter, Autumn and Summer) and I may continue this as a trend.

Speaking of worlds, World 3 is finally in progress as I've started constructing the first level (Where you meet the main antagonist and his assistant)

World 3-1 introduces the Rex replacements, these funny looking snake-dinosaurs. There will also be Banzai Bills as well.

This is the (first) boss fight with Nancy. Nancy is the antagonist's assistant, who will pop up several times during the hack to fight Sicari. I used the Bowser Jr. sprite for this one and I think it works for a pretty nice boss fight. Nancy also owns the 6th castle and will be fought for the last time there, before retreating.

That's all for today, give me opinions and/or feedback! #w{=)}
Those snakes look funky,expecially when you see that they have arms and cat ears! though i think it would be better if you changed those hills,not just in pallete,it is great that you are making level's making sence with the overworld,i see the 3 world being some tecnoligy based world,i cross my finger's for the boss to be some robot!also there is cutoff in the rex snake

Nobody will understand my pure hate for the redrawn tilesets.

Hi guys, sorry I can't show off some more screenshots today, I only have internet access on my phone. I am, however, desgining the factory levels for world 3, so stay tuned!
Hi everyone, yet another update!

Introducing the new factory levels I'm working on. The gimmick here is the conveyor belts throughout the factories. So far, they are very slow and barely affect the level.

Here, you can see electric beams. They won't instantly kill Sicari like spikes, but they will hurt her and prevent access to certain rooms.

These are robotic like enemies. They are obviously immune to the electric and may walk across it.

I WILL change the pallet of this water, but if you look to the right, you will see an electrical beam up the wall, where a careful walljump must be executed.

Aside from new levels, I've also been improving the old ones.

I've added hills to some of the levels, as I don't like the idea of making every level blocky and square, it gets boring and repetitive, I'm sure some will agree.

That's all for today! Please leave a comment and opinion! #w{=D}
What marvilous enemy is that thing?8>,the factory looks awsome! the backround is the best part!

Nobody will understand my pure hate for the redrawn tilesets.

The levels look really good nice work.
RMG Productions

Does anybody have any tips on how to make water segments like this less bare? I can't have any Sapphires or blocks here, as they'd cause major cutoff. If I spam enemies, I'm just stupid.#w{=(}
Intead of the water section being on the main level,a sub-level,and when stopped,goes back to the main one,and other parts are continuations of the same sub-level.

Nobody will understand my pure hate for the redrawn tilesets.

You are using sapphires as graphical replacements for coins, right? If so, you could perhaps use a coin block which turns into the next Map16 block when collected (in this case, a water tile), which would avoid cutoff completely. Here's the zip file in which this block is included, if you are interested.

Alternatively, maybe some tiles that act like munchers (spikes, in a more generic definition) could do the job, too?
Thanks Broozer, I'll be sure to use that. I'll give it a try! #w{=)}

MBY, if I used a sublevel, the level wouldn't play the same and I don't think it would feel right. But thanks for the tip anyway! #w{=)}
I'm still working on the factory levels, but in the meantime, I've updated a few of Sicari's graphics, mainly making the animations look better. For one, her hair and cape now move when she's running! I can't really show the animations via picture unfortunately. I've also updated the squirrel tail and created a "looking up" frame.

And the looking up frame below...

Wasn't much today, but tell me what you think! Do they look any better than before?
This looks cool I like the screenshot way to go.
RMG Productions
Looking very nice so far, great work!

Celarix | [email protected] | Avatar by Uhrix
Thanks guys, I appreciate all feedback. I couldn't make this hack without the motivation you're giving me! #w{=3}
Wow, all is looking so cool! I like the screenshots you're posting!

EDIT: Yay! 100 posts!
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