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Here's a topic that's been stuck in my head for a while - I've always had a funny interest with the entire psychology of "curse" words and why it is that some people are disturbed by them. I'm curious as to what you guys think about swearing.

Personally, I used to swear a good deal both on the internet and in real life (always to myself, though - I wouldn't want to upset anyone, and it's easy for me not to swear out loud). However, in mid-2012 I made a resolution to stop completely, a task I achieved with very little trouble. I'm glad to be free of the habit, since unless maybe you want to deliver a point strongly, there's really not much good it does for you (as far as I can see). I don't think it's evil by any means, but it is, for the most part, unnecessary and a bit rude.

Another point - I can't count how many times I've felt a little annoyed on the inside after hearing people decorate their every sentence with use of the word "fuck" in one variation or another. I don't care if someone throws it in every once and a while, but I've met some people who can't pronounce a noun without placing the adverb "fucking" behind it.

So, how do you feel about swearing?
I swear because it will help me become a famous v-blogger.

...Although I do swear for comedic purposes. It isn't often, and I try to avoid swearing in most situations. Especially on social media sites. I've even found myself correcting friends that I catch swearing excessively. It doesn't bother me, so I don't even know why I do it.

Also to each their own.

I generally limit myself to swearing solely when I am hanging out with my friends. I type out profane words on the internet every once in a while, though, but most of the time I don't have bad intentions in doing so and just do it because I find it fitting/and or appropriate to the given situation.

Although, frankly, I have no problems with swearing at all, especially given how stressful life can be sometimes.
In real life where things are actually of significant importance, I either don't swear at all or rarely.

On the internet and as a Let's Player, it's a different story. I do it very often when I'm angry because face it, there's so much swearing on the internet that it's not even funny. Even young children (8 or 9?) swear these days on the internet, so it doesn't matter to me whether I keep it clean or not.
I swear in real life and on the internet, more so in real life where my language is usually utterly repulsive. On the internet I try not to go much farther then a fucking for emphasis, mostly because there's actually time to think about the stuff you're about to say before you say it. Though, I do feel that there's a point where, on the internet or not, it just gets kind of ridiculous (here's a good example), but as long as you stay at a reasonable level it really doesn't matter to me.

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I do not swear in public. Now, when I'm alone I will often think aloud to myself, and when I'm talking to friends I occasionally swear. If I get mad, it sometimes comes out as well.

The way I see it is that they're just words, so I don't see how they are offensive. However, since people do get offended, I avoid swearing in public situations.
I went from not swearing at all, to having a filthy mouth last year (just at school), to cursing occasionally now. I realized how rude and immature I sounded when I swore, so I'm trying to cut back on it seriously.

This one goth girl at my school (goth is a loose term here, I'm probably more goth than the goth scene at my school) scolded me for not going out with her friend. We're both in our lower teens, and she said fucking every single sentence. I shut her up by loudly exclaiming to my friend that I could explain it in her words, and saying a laconic version of the story inserting fucking twice every other word. She shut up after that. Even kids my age are a little embarrassed at how much they curse.
I admittedly am not the best in terms of cursing. I usually only use swear words as a bit of emphasis (though never IRL), and actually as a hilarious note despite them being the strongest words in my vocabulary, I don't actually use them as derogatory titles- at least not truly powerful ones. I actually used to swear a lot more, but it's kinda gone down recently.

I personally am with k3fka though- I've never understood why swear words are so offensive. I mean, they're words.
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I don't swear IRL (speaking), while all my friends do (not offensively), but I can get along with them (swearings won't bother me so easily). I never said anything above crap. Low-level swearings are enough for me.

Internet wise (writing), I only swear in English, never in Portuguese (because swearings sounds harsher in my mother language). Most of the times it's not because I'm rage but just when it would be fun/makes sense to spell them (ok I already swore because I was rage one time or two >_>).

Fuck and shit are the profanities I use the most, although I try not to use them more than necessary. I tend to use curse words playfully rather than maliciously, even though I'm often tempted to when people piss me off.
I don't entirely understand why equivalent euphemisms are any more acceptable than the expletive they're intended to replace if they have the same/similar meaning. Profanity doesn't usually bother me. I often swear casually but when I'm angry I sometimes take it up a few notches, considerably so if I'm talking about copyright trolls, Google, or any other political related thing that bothers me intensely. I think censored cursing bothers me more than the cursing itself, altho sometimes it can be kinda hilarious how innocent words get mangled in profanity filters.
I guess part of it may be my firm believe in free speech, which I think has strengthened since the SOPA thing.
I don't really like that some message boards have profanity filters. It's not just because they're intended to cut down on foul language, but also because they don't really make sense. They can easily be cir***vented with a bit of creativity, so I could have avoided the above censorship by saying "circvmvented" or "cirkumvented." You might get "poopty" instead of "
" and "female dogging" instead of "
". If someone really wanted to cuss, they would say 5hitty or b1tching. I don't think preventing foul language is worth having URL's break because of the S****horpe Problem. That's one of the things that bothers me about profanity filters. They don't take context into account, so they often censor strings of letters within words. I'm thankful this site doesn't have a profanity filter.
I also don't like it when people use "dick" as a profanity, not because I find it offensive but because it's an actual name. "Cock" is a rooster too, you know. Now a few innocent words have been forever ruined because some trolls decided to use them in derogatory ways.

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Originally posted by Sokobansolver
I don't entirely understand why equivalent euphemisms are any more acceptable than the expletive they're intended to replace if they have the same/similar meaning. Profanity doesn't usually bother me.


I curse often, not as much as i used to, but still pretty often. I dont think its rude as long as you dont go overboard, and even when you do i dont think its "rude", just a bit extreme, which is why i cut down on it i suppose.

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I usually do not swear much, but if I do, I can either be really stressed or playful at all. On the school, I was afraid that swearing would get me out, even in break time, and I said a curse word, but nobody did anything at all, so I was safe. On the internet, I do not curse as much, though if necessary, I can do so.

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I don't really swear that much at all. Occasionally however, I'll use the f-word on IRC for comedic purposes like when I accidentally press the enter key on my keyboard or something like that.

I also do a bit of swearing to myself when I'm incredibly frustrated, but if it just makes me angrier, I usually stop.

I haven't really been in a situation where I could use profanity as an emphasis point so, meh.

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What I dont like is when people say its unoriginal. "I hate my damn phone" What would you rather me say "I hate my poopy phone"? I'll get right on that.

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Yeah, so what if I haven't shoveled out my signature yet, I'll get to it later.
While I tend to have a bit of a foul mouth in IRC, in reality I usually just use them under my breath and as a way to get out some frustration. At least it's better than going on a murderous rampage like I usually do.
I could rant quite a while on euphemisms and dysphemisms. Basically, "swear words" are silly concepts.

However, since this is such an insignificant matter, I feel that avoiding these words solely to avoid offense/argument with the silly people who are offended by them to be reason enough. I can oblige some people's silliness if it's so unimportant.
I think is a bit useful, I feel a little used up in real life, many phrases that say bad words should be in the middle (not the most offensive, the common), it is not strange to me, since I got used to saying and hearing bad words.

But on the Internet, things are different, as not always have "restrictions" on the internet, some words come to be very offensive, that's something I try to avoid doing enough, because how can offend me, you offend others, it's weird, Maybe a big problem.

Is what I think.
I never curse out loud; only in my head. I guess because my parents/family pretty much drilled in the idea that saying bad words is... bad. Also, one time my mom saw something between my brother's teeth and she said those things appear when you say bad words. Coincidentally, he did say a bad word beforehand. That pretty much scarred me for life.
i almost never swear in person, or get mad really. i swear a lot online though. it's not truly because it's the only place i can express myself. i just feel like i should. there's something silly about swearing or the idea that some words are 'bad'. it fits with my whole 'you should have fun while on the internet' ideology.

i never swore around my father since he would have probably beat me for it, but i learned everything i know from my mother. i use to chuckle at school or whatever when a teacher would ask 'you kiss your mother with that mouth'. i've lived with my dad since i was two so it just feel awkward and irregular for me to do. even 'less bad' words like 'bitch', 'ass', 'dick' and 'damn'.


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