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FANFIC: Ersanio Pokes the Pokey feat. MVS (NSFW)
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Our story begins with Ersanio yet again passionately making love to his teacher. As Ersanio finished, the teacher endearingly stared at him, her body sticky and sweaty. "I get so much forbidden fruit from you, Ersan," she remarked, "We should open an orchard together". Ersan stared at her, grabbing some cloth to wipe off his slowing softening penis. "What do you mean?" he asked. "Oh Ersan, you're so naive, I want to have a baby with you!" she laughed. "I have to go to work" he said as he left his teacher's spunk-filled body lying on the table.

Ersanio decided to walk the long way to SMWC Tower. He was in deep thought. This relationship had turned from fuck buddies to something a lot more serious. Ersanio was not ready for this. He decided it was time to find someone else. He sat at his desk and logged into an IM with Kieran to discuss the results of staff applications.

<Kieran> So how are you doing? Have you assigned those four forum moderators I asked you to pick?
<Ersanio> Uh yeah, I got a list here. It has GenericUser, BadUser, UserThatShouldHaveMadeStaffYearsAgo, and MVS.
<Kieran> Those are all great choices! Especially BadUser and MVS! I actually had MVS on my list too. He'd make a great crony.

Ersanio hesitated as an idea hit him.

<Ersanio> Actually, forget MVS!
<Kieran> What? Why?
<Ersanio> Ummm... He doesn't like tea and he's British?
<Kieran> WHAT!? A British person who doesn't like tea? What a horrible person! He's off my list!
<Kieran> Anyway I'm off to play Civilization V instead of doing admin stuff like I should be doing such as setting up that Let's Play forum that was promised to be implemented around Summer last year.
*Kieran is now offline*

Ersanio took a sigh of relief. A week passed and Ersanio decided it was time to make his move. He got in the lift of SMWC tower and headed to floor 4000. He walked up to door 27 and stared at it.

MVS's Office
A.K.A. Saint Pokey the Redeemer

If the room is swayin' I'm prayin'

Ersan took a deep breath and walked in. "Oh hey Ersan!" Remarked MVS. "What can I help you with?". "Come down to my office in 30 minutes" Ersan replied. "Ok?" MVS said, confused. Half an hour later, MVS came down and sat in front of Ersan. Ersanio stood up and walked behind MVS, putting his hand on his shoulder. MVS reacted suddenly and stood up, back towards the desk (you can tell where this is going, eh?) and looked at Ersanio. Ersan's eyes filling with passion. "Oh MVS, unfortunately you will not be making the staff team" His voice continuously getting more breathy "however I have a personal spot you can fill. Don't worry if you're nervous, I can fill it for you if you want." Ersan proceeded to rip his clothes of (literally rip, and this wasn't some cheap shit, tagged and everything. His shirt is worth at least £100, and now it's fucking ripped. He can't get that shit refunded either) and proceeded to do the same with MVS's. He flung MVS legs over his shoulders and proceeded to penetrate his anus with his throbbing cock. MVS moaned heavily, Ersan's cock thrusting in and out of him. Thank god Ersan's office was soundproofed (admins get all the perks).

Suddenly, Ersan's teacher came barging in to his office. Her eyes full of tears. "You fuck me and leave me there for one week and this is where I find you? Fucking that guy who can turn into a cactus!?" she screamed. Ersanio sighed and decided to come clean. "Look, I just don't want to have a kid with you. I couldn't face seeing you upset when I said no so I left."

Ersan's teacher started to laugh hysterically. "You should really know the difference between sexual banter and seriousness." she said. Her laughing became more seductive as she ripped off her clothes. "I'll give you a lesson in it after you, me, and cactus man over there finish this threesome..."

And that's how MVS found out he had an incredibly fucked up mind.
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I'm dying

Also relevant:
[21:03:57] <%MVS> NOOOO
[21:03:59] <%MVS> ERSAN
[21:04:01] <%MVS> COME BACK
[21:04:02] <%MVS> I LOVE YOU
[21:04:12] <Ersanio> I'm gonna work on a report you know
[21:04:12] <Ersanio> D:
[21:04:27] <%MVS> Well I didn't get my mod powers
[21:04:34] <%MVS> So you owe me
[21:04:44] * Ersanio gives the report the title "How MVS broke Ersanio's heart"
[21:04:45] * Ersanio is shot.
[21:05:00] <%MVS> I feel another Ersanio fanfic
[21:05:04] <%MVS> Featuring me
[21:05:04] <Ersanio> ^
[21:05:10] <Ersanio> dear lord please don't let it happen

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Well, nothing crazy, fucked up and psychologically questionable here...
Just a normal day in WoI.

Though that explains how the staff apps went.
what the fuck
welcum hom

What-A-Blast has been cancelled...
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Da fuck did i just read? #w{:<}

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what teh hell am i even reading
That first paragraph was enough to make me feel uncomfortable.
Still a better love story than Twilight. *shot*
Bahaha, brilliant, love it. Can't wait for the movie--oh dear...
Layout by Mirann <3

Legião Urbana - A Tempestade (1996)
Is there a sequel?
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I read this in a very casual manner, not even pausing to say "what the fuck am I reading" once.

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Originally posted by MVS
MVS legs

MVS has legs?#smw{o_O?}

Nobody will understand my pure hate for the redrawn tilesets.

Originally posted by FlamingRok
Still a better love story than Twilight. *shot*


...on a side note, interesting "story"... and now I can't get the imagery out of my head. Thanks, fuckass. (As a side note, hovering over text is a great thing. You should try it sometime.)

Originally posted by Mr.Blue Yoshi
Originally posted by MVS
MVS legs

MVS has legs?#smw{o_O?}

Did you not read the line about him being a guy who can turn into a cactus? :P
Want to see some of my cool swords? Well, too bad, right now you only get to see one of them, and it's my avatar. Might set up some kind of gallery/portfolio at some point, though.
So does he buttsex the cactus or the man?

Egadd gets a New Ability! Cactus Fetish!
Oh fuck... I'm going to have a dream about this now. I can just tell.

My sins I'll claim, give you back shed pain
Go find a place for your shame
So you can deal with this thing unreal
No one made you feel any hurt, yeah
That whole thing was disturbing.

There's no way you can be part of the staff if you're British and don't like tea, MVS, you should be thankful Kieran didn't permaban you for that.
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